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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

the coldest day this winter?

Taken from the living room window - inside where it's warm.  ;)

This morning's sunrise.
I have noticed that it has moved farther east from the south which is a good sign.

The promise of a beautiful day.
It is -25 Celsius right now at about 8:35 am.

And this is what the highs are for today in the Atlantic Provinces of Canada.

The -19 C. is below zero F.
The -35 is the windchill factor.

The pink shows where there is an extreme windchill warning.  That would be the provinces of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and a wee bit of Nova Scotia.
{The green land with the sun to the left of New Brunswick is the state of Maine and I know they are in this deep freeze too}

Schools in some districts to the north and west of Fredericton are closed today.
{Fredericton is actually situated at about where the "i" is in Fredericton}

So, who wants to go out today?

Not me.

Thankfully I don't have to go anywhere but, I sure feel sorry for anyone who does have to go out.

I'm staying in to wrap Christmas presents.

Yes, we are doing another Christmas with our daughter's family in Alberta in February.
{where it's the same temperature as it is here}
No southern vacation destinations for us.

I am so excited to see our grandsons as it's been almost 6 months since I was last out.
And Hubby is coming too.  It will be his first time to meet the baby who turns 6 months old on January 31st.   I know we'll have lots of fun entertaining and being entertained and lots of snuggles with our dear little grandsons.

So, that is what I'm doing today ~ wrapping gifts and trying to keep warm.
I'd better sign off for now and wish you all a good day.  I hope you are warm and cozy and don't have to go out in the bitter cold.

Oh.  I'd like to say "Welcome" to my new followers and to thank you for visiting and your kinds comments.  




  1. Hi Pamela
    The same freezing cold here in Ontario and I'm not going out either. Hubs has a lunch date with some fellow retired firefighters so while he's gone I'll be making soup and baking.
    For a minute I thought you had a senior's moment when you said you were wrapping Christmas presents. :-) I'm excited for you to be travelling to see your family next month!

  2. Oh it is sooooooo cold here. I am not going to go for my daily walk today. The fire is roaring but that does not seem to be enough. Keep warm Pamela.

  3. This cold snap seems to be effecting just about everyone! We are supposed to reach the 20s today which will be welcome. Stay warm, Pam!

  4. another Christmas ... that sounds fun. enjoy that wrapping!! are you playing Christmas tunes? it is so cold here .. i wonder about the coming snow? i'm wearing so many layers. trying to keep out the cold. ( :

  5. Ah, it's a tad bit colder there than it was here. I woke up to -29C and I thought that was cold enough. :) How lovely to see the sunrise out your window!

  6. Morning Pamela, well, we have you beat in the temperature department, right now, feels like -36 with the wind chill....oh ya, good day to snuggle in.........What fun you will have visiting the Grandbabes.......enjoy yourselves......Blessings Francine.

  7. Frigid here too Pamela. We were going out for breakfast but when we saw the temperature decided to put it off for a few days. Predictions for next week are +4 Celsius!!!

  8. The perfect day to be wrapping Christmas gifts. What fun! Another Christmas with your daughter and her family. I know that you must be eager to gather up those grandbabies. Stay warm! I even have on a little electric heater to take off the chill around my feet today. Using that is very rare.

  9. Maybe after your second Christmas it can warm up...wow, that's cold...

    Keep warm, and drink hot chockies.


  10. So cold your way. We are to be in the 30s this week and we think we are in bad shape. Guess that seems like the tropics to folks your way...have fun wrapping presents and thinking of the wonderful time you are going to have with those grand babies....

  11. That is cold, Pamela! We are back to rain and 1 C. We have Grand kids in Alberta as well but I think we will wait until it warms up before we visit them. : )

  12. I hope hope that you will have a wonderful second Christmas with your daughter and her family. The best gift for you will be the sight of your newest grandchild and the hugs from big brother! Have a safe trip and keep warm!

  13. Not as cold as you, but we've been hovering around 15 degrees F for the past couple of days. Christmas in February? I'm sure my daughter would love a second Christmas! haha! Glad you'll get to see your grandkids!

  14. Lovely sunrise photo but it does look cold! We have been having the same kind of weather here too. But it is starting to warm up a bit now.
    Stay warm!

  15. Brrrr . . . very cold! Stay cuddled and warm. Cold here in Western Michigan on the lakeshore. ZERO F last night at midnight.

  16. It's very cold!! I'm glad I can stay in too. I'm busy keeping the wood to the stove. We have 2 of them going - one in the kitchen and one in the family room in the basement. We still haven't turned on the furnace (a point of pride for my dh :)

  17. Oh, yes, it is definitely an "at home in front of the fire" day here, too.

    We've been in your area a great deal by ship in summer months - years ago on a different ship. Beautiful, beautiful area.

  18. Oh Pam....you are colder than us...-15c when I went to fitness at 10am...
    So glad the sun is moving...you know what that means?!
    I know your visit will be fabulous...even in the cold...you wee grandsons will give big warm hugs!!!

    Enjoy the rest of your brrrr day!!!

    Linda :o)

  19. That is so cold I can’t even imagine it. Another Christmas ~ joy! We have not had new babies in the family for years. We are making summer vacation plans for incoming visitors. I’m making lists and you are wrapping presents. Two women so far apart enjoying the day. Bliss.

  20. Yikes! And I thought it was cold here in Massachusetts at 11 degrees F. I should be grateful!

  21. It's unusually cold here in Northern Virginia as well. Hope you have a wonderful time with your family celebrating Christmas.
    Mary Alice

  22. Stay warm Pamela and Merry 2nd Christmas with your family!

  23. Hello Pamela! Let's hope this cold weather is over with soon. And I hope you have a wonderful time with your family!

  24. Hello Pamela.

    My goodness it is cold in your part of the world!

    It was -5 here yesterday and I was frozen,
    if I lived in your locality I would be dead!!!!

    Stay warm and safe.

    x Fiona

    ps your photos are magical, simply wonderful. xx


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