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Thursday, January 10, 2013

vintage kitchen tools

The other day, blogger Jann Olson, of the blog Have A Daily Cup From Mrs. Olson, shared some photos {here} of a few of her vintage wooden handled kitchen tools.  I left her a comment that I had quite  a few of them myself and she said she'd love to see them sometime.

Well, that sometime is now and I'd like to share them with her and all of you.

The red handled rolling pin was a purchase I made a couple years ago but the rest of these tools and the old crock came from my mother-in-law's house.  The little red chair is part of a children's table and chairs that my hubby and his sisters used as well as our own kids.  It was always in the middle of the kitchen floor where they could colour, play and have tea parties where I could keep an eye on them.  We still have the set.

The long pointy stick kind of hidden behind the glass rolling pin is a donut turner, so I'm told.
I wouldn't know as I have never made donuts!

This old yellow ware bowl stores the vintage tools that were so common in every kitchen in the 'olden' days of the last century.  :)
They are all chippy and some are rusty so I don't used them today.  They all came from my mother-in-law's house.  This bowl is on the display shelf over our kitchen window.

There are lots of tools in here.  I'm sure they were used daily for many kitchen duties.  No plastic here.  All metal and wood.  I love the chippy paint.

This is the teapot that I had filled with greenery at Christmas.
I love the pink and red flowers on the canister.

This is an old bread box and a jar full of trinkets.

Do you recognize any of these things?
A home made donut cutter, scoop, tart tin,
hand carved top, measuring spoons, a nutmeg or ginger rasp, a bottle opener.

Milk bottle stoppers, hand carved toys and axe, and a bottle cap that we found under the old kitchen cupboard when we renovated a couple of years ago.  (it would be 40 years old)

More milk bottle tops, aluminum measuring spoons and a bottle opener.

Children's scissors and a very worn spoon that was my mother-in-law's mother's according to the note she attached to it.  ;)

This next photo is of some of the hand carved items I found.

A toy top that really spins, a ball in a cage carved from one piece of wood, a basket made from a peach pit and a tiny axe.

Aren't these amazing?

I forgot about the carved wrench in the left foreground.

These are some of the great vintage things I found.

I hope you enjoyed seeing them and that they brought back some memories for you.

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  1. wow, so cool. that's fun to see. the hubby & i go to antique stores all the time so i have seen some of these items there. my mom has similar ones as well. it is amazing how far we have moved away from these ...sort of wonder why we messed it up there? they seem so long lasting & made with better quality. also love to think of all the hours those ladies worked over those stoves to make such great food to eat. ( :

  2. How wonderful that these treasures of the kitchen have been saved! Also so admire the documenting with the little note attached. I have quite a few of these sorts of treasures, but not the carved bits nor all the milk caps. Oh and I am envious of the donut turner, which would be the perfect tool for the task. You have never made doughnuts? Now That would be a lovely adventure.

  3. Pamela, these are all wonderful. You have a really great collection. My sister used to collect green handled kitchen gadgets but then she changed her style to more modern. I don't know what she did with her collection but she should've given it to me. :) Love your treasures!!

  4. Great collections. I like how you have them displayed, especially in the bowl above the kitchen window.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  5. I love your vintage collection of kitchen appliances, dear Pamela. I only have the little cute nutmeg thing. The bowl on top of the kitchen window is adorable too. Thank you for your sweet comment, lovely lady.

  6. Such a wonderful collection, Pamela. I have a few yellow ware bowls. The tag on the spoon is as much a treasure as the spoon itself! Thanks for sharing.

  7. What a great collection. I recognize and remember most of these. I'm especially fond of the old "paper" milk bottle toppers. When I was a child we got our fresh raw milk in bottles from the farm up the road; he delivered on his way home, past our house. Of course the milk and cream bottles were topped with these. I can still remember how we had to stir the cream into the milk before drinking. My Mum had a donut turner- used to flip the donuts while they were cooking in the hot oil.

  8. That's a lot of vintage stuff, love it all, esp the rolling pin, I have one just like it... lovin the '1' old crock! =)

  9. It's funny to see so many familiar pieces...and I woke up this morning determined to find a hand mixer with a wooden handle...and here you have one.

    Great collection that you have.


  10. Wonderful collection Pamela, lovely post. I have a few of those red handle rolling pins myself, and very well used! From your last post, I too have been noticing the days are getting longer and the sun is staying with us a bit longer.....love it, nothing worse than getting in your car at 5:00 in the evening and it is pitch dark! Diane

  11. Wow... lots of fun items! The carved toys are so sweet! :)

  12. Fun post!! I remember most of these kitchen goodies. Some of them I bought new when we married 54 years ago, and I still use them. My mother-in-law had a dowel stick that she used for turning donuts. Every once in awhile, she would have us all over on Sunday night for donuts -- and that would be supper -- the best meal all week! Sally

  13. It is great to see so many old items all together. I've got quite a few old things too and I'm still not that fond of electrical gadgets.

  14. Hi Pamela, Oh my goodness that spoon has sure seen some mixing and stirring back in the day, love the little note too! What a great collection!
    I grew up at a little table too! Always is the middle of the kitchen...I have a little set that my own daughters used to sit at for hours, waiting for the next generation to sit at ;0) (someday)
    All the Best,

  15. Hi Pam.. Love all of your vintage goodies.. My Gram had a spoon like that which she used to mix her bread.. So sweet...

  16. Look at all of your fun goodies, Pamela! I love vintage utensils, too...and your stoneware bowl is beautiful! So nice to have special family pieces, too! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  17. I love the green and red paint on the wooden utensils..
    I have a few of the same things that were left, when we purchased the cottage...
    Great seeing these...

    Linda :o)

  18. The peach pit carving is amazing. Love your collection.

  19. You have a lovely collection and I especially like the crock on the red children's chair. I added to my rolling pin collection this month, for a total of four. The coolest vintage piece I have is from my brother-in-law, a wall grinder from his great grandmother.

  20. Oh my gosh Pamela, I am drooling over here girl. Love, love it all! One thing I don't have is a crock. Would love to find one for a decent price someday. So many of yours are so special because they came from your MIL. I love them on the sweet red chair and in the old bowl. The small items you showed are amazing also. Thanks so much for sharing them. I will be featuring you for sure sweetie!

  21. Forgot to say, thanks for the shout out also!

  22. Wonderful treasures! What a collection! Love it. . .They'd fit right in with our farmhouse, if you ever want to part with them!

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