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Thursday, January 3, 2013

watching and waiting

Amaryllis bud

I bought an Amaryllis bulb kit before Christmas and planted it in the provided pot of coir dirt.  
It was placed in front of the dining room window where I knew it would get lots of afternoon sunlight.

For the first 3 weeks it didn't do a thing.  It just 'sat' there.
I thought I had bought a dud.

All of a sudden it started to grow up taller and taller until almost 2 feet high.  The bud was forming and getting fuller.

You can just see it to the right in this photo taken on Sunday.

These plants are so amazing to watch.  Once they start growing you can almost see them opening up.  Almost.

Then the miracle happens....

Can you see the sparkle on the petals?

The bud head starts to separate and you can see the colour showing through.  This bud opened on New Year's Day.

Glorious red.

This is as good as my macro setting on my camera will do.

more sparkle

This is the first of 4 blooms.

There are 3 more buds.

I took this one this morning.

The miracle of something so beautiful, blooming in the dead of winter when everything in nature here is 'sleeping', makes my heart happy.

Do you grow Amaryllis at Christmas time?

I also had some paper white bulbs planted but they didn't do well for some reason.  They grew tall and formed buds but only one of the four opened up.  I think I may have watered them too much.

However, I am being rewarded by this beautiful amaryllis now.
Every few hours I can see new growth.

I'm watching and waiting.

I'll post a photo when all four are opened.

Have a beautiful day!




  1. gorgeous bloom. wow!! that color is so pretty. amazing. ( :

  2. Hello Pamela
    A beautiful specimen and I like the colour. I don't grow amaryllis anymore, with going away in the winter I'm keeping house plants to a minimum.

  3. So gorgeous! Nannie has had one every year for as long as I can remember. So fun to watch!! Enjoy it!

  4. Oh Pamela yours is such a beautiful red!!
    I know they take awhile to take off, but when
    they do, what a show they put on!!
    Mine has started a new sprout so I'm going to keep a close watch
    and see what happens.
    I heard that we can plant them in the garden come spring and then dig them back up
    in the fall, Then start the process all over again...
    Enjoy you week!!

  5. And who says a watched pot never boils?! heheheee
    Your amaryllis is gorgeous, love the sparkle & the shape... It's FANTABULOUS! =)

  6. Your amaryllis is a beauty. I am sure you talked to it so that was going to grow.
    Happy new year

  7. How beautiful! I've tried them over the years off and on but never got one that would bloom on Christmas. Then I decided why not buy them half price and get myself a treat in February. Because they are beautiful no matter when they bloom.

  8. Oh I do see the sparkle on the petals...how lovely! Not sure that I'd ever noticed before. The one time we tried to grow one, the cat took a shine to it. Drat that cat! (Though she is a love lying beside me all cozy and warm just now.)

    Yes, I can see how such a plant would bring a great deal of cheer on cold winter days. We're supposed to have a warming trend next week. Hope that it doesn't translate to a ton of snow.

  9. Beautiful, stunning, and I love the irridescence in the petals.

    I make sure to plant them to bloom in January, or Feb, because that's when I need to see something, anything growing.


  10. Glorious...like a gift from Heaven! They are such a treat this time of year. And so easy to grow. Mine is still in full open bloom with 4 pure white blooms. Can't wait to see yours in full bloom. The pictures are fabulous...... really enjoyed them.

  11. Great photos. I too am trying to grasp the workings of my new camera to get good macro shots. You did good. I love the amaryllis. I did have Paperwhites and they put on quite a show. They will soon begin to fade and I hope I can get them in the ground soon. Happy New Year to you and yours. Blessings

  12. I did see the sparkle!!! I love the anticipation that grows along with them.

    And I love macro photography!

  13. Your amaryllis is beautiful! I love your photography!
    Have a lovely day.
    Hugs, Cindy

  14. Hi Pamela,
    your photos are so gorgeous. I love the sparkle on the petals of Amaryllis. And the color is like red silk with gold. Really wonderful! Thank you for sharing this amazing flower.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  15. I do enjoy watching an amaryllis blossom...but not this year. Your photos are excellent!

  16. It's beautiful, Pamela. I just brought my bulb in from the garage a couple days ago. I have had it for 3 years. It bloomed beautifully last year, so I'm hoping it will again. Mine is red and white!

  17. If you need a pick me up . . . an Amaryillis will do the trick . . . the burst of color in the midst of non growing is romantic and glorious, all in one!

  18. Awesome Pam...
    Nothing like a beautiful flower to brighten ones day...
    Thanks for sharing..

    Linda :o)

  19. Wow! It's stunning! Great photos of it and I do see the sparkle! I bought some white hydrangeas for the table for Christmas, and will be moving them outside soon. I have always loved hydrangeas. They don't do well over the summer here, but I can move them back inside when it gets too hot because I am keeping them in pots.

  20. The amaryllis is so beautiful! You captured it perfectly.

  21. How perfect is that that it opened on New Year's Day. Love that. It's going to be a good year! Beautiful images!

  22. Yes Pam, I see the brilliance! And so, on your photos I love this plant. Unfortunately I am allergic to the pollen and my son cut them out. But ... then the plant suddenly is less beautiful. I enjoy your photos and wait for number four opens.

  23. Pretty gorgeous at your place inside and out! No bulbs this year, but amazing the one time I did. Such gorgeous color! We had three feet of snow one year here when we were living in the country about fifty miles from here. Amazingly beautiful, but it seems like we lived with mud for six months afterward! I like your beautiful pictures instead! Happy New Year dear!

  24. Aren't they amazing? I think I've only had one. My uncle used to be a sort of expert on these gorgeous flowers he had a greenhouse full of them.. Love the color!

  25. I love amaryllis. This year I had two white ones tipped with pink and they were beautiful. I bought two red ones on sale just before Christmas and they have been growing in a vase which seems to have prolonged their life somehow. I was having issues with them falling over but I am preferring them in the vase with the exposed bulb.

  26. So gorgeous - I bought one and didn't plant it :( I wonder if it's too late?

    We finally have our winter here on the Island - it was hitting all around and skipping us! Hope you're staying warm!!

  27. Beautiful Pamela! They are such an amazing plant, aren't they? SO wonderful to see that dazzling RED with all the white we have around us... LOVE your new header photos too...

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