Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

winter scenes indoors

Just today I put away the items in the old cutlery tray.  They speak of winter and a bit of Christmas and since it's mid-January the Christmas had to go.

This half-moon milk glass plate has a sweet winter scene painted on it with a pretty sunset or sunrise sky on the horizon.  I don't know anything about this sweet plate other than it was my mother's.
It could have been a fancy tray to put fish bones on that had outlived it's purpose and became a work of art.

Whatever it's prior use, I think it is very pretty with it's pierced edge.  There are no markings on the back.

This is an oil painting that I have hanging in the dining room.  When the afternoon sunshines in this painting just glows in all it's winter beauty.

And, guess what?

It's snowing again today.  

I'm not going to complain as we haven't had any snow since December 29.  It's been cold but sunny the past 2 weeks or so except for the January thaw that we had last weekend when it was mild and foggy.  It was +8 celsius on Monday!

Poor Frosty lost so much weight (from the fog and warmer air) that his hat and scarf were just hanging on him!  The basket hat was just nicely sitting on his head and the ribbon scarf was tight around his neck.  If only I could lose weight that fast!

So it's winter again here which is good for our winter tourism for the snowmobilers and skiers.  These outdoor recreation sports draw a lot of visitors to our province in winter.

There are also a few winter festivals coming up that will appreciate the fresh snow.

I want to thank you all for your kind comments on my recent posts.  I appreciate each one of you.




  1. Pamela
    I wish I could lose weight that fast too!
    It's wonderful you have your Mother's plate to cherish. It's unusual and the winter scene is so pretty.
    I like you winter painting too. I am hoping for some real winter weather here also.
    Poor Tim has hardly been able to use his plow truck at all this winter:(

  2. Oh yes it would be nice to melt away as easily as the snowman. Your winter plate is so pretty and unique. We have not reached mid-winter until February so I am working at embracing winter yet.

  3. I am a big fan of milk glass....always on the look out for that. I grew up with my mother having pieces around the house that I always associate it with my childhood!

  4. Cold weather is setting in here too, though no snow yet. I've still got some winter things out, they usually last till February.
    It sure would be nice to shed those holiday pounds like your snowman.

  5. I like your winter scenes, both on the plate and in the painting. As for Frosty, I wish he'd share his secret!

  6. Hello Pamela, Your half moon plate is unusual. I really like it. I have my maternal grandmother's (well, I guess they were her mother's) set of china. It has 12 small half plates that Grandma said they were used for chicken bones. I have used the china but never used the half moon little dishes. Thanks for writing about your gorgeous plate.....I love to hear about all of your dishes. Very interesting.

  7. Your plate is so pretty! Supposedly we are under a winter weather advisory. Supposedly it's going to snow in Atlanta tomorrow - we'll see. It was 70 over the weekend.

  8. Wouldn't it be great if we could lose weight as fast and easy as Frosty!
    I love the winter scenes on both the plate and the oil painting. We could use a little fresh snow around here.

  9. Snow is beautiful! Love the painting.

  10. I love the snow photos in your header. The snow painting and your moms milk glass plate are beautiful.
    I think it is wonderful you are being recognized for your lovely blog.
    Happy snowfall and winter festivals.

  11. That oil painting is gorgeous! I'd hang that in my house for sure!

  12. Hi Pamela, I wish my weight would melt like the snowmans!!!Once Christmas is over my decorations are away and I think of the New Year and Spring. I like to buy daffodils and hyacinths to brighten the house. I am looking so far ahead I have even arranged to have our bedroom decorated when we are away on our Summer holiday in July!!
    Have a good day, Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  13. I've always admired milk glass and own a few pieces .. but not a plate...( Ha ha)... Winter paintings are always so special and add a feeling of " Home" in the house.... just as the snowman adds warmth to the cold outside.. ha ha ...Love your photography...Enjoy your day !!! Hugs

  14. What a lovely old plate! That is quite a treasure. We're supposed to finally get some snow today. It will be a nice change from the 7 inches of rain we've gotten this week! Oh, I may regret those words...

  15. Winter ends in mid March if I recall my calendar right. The rush to decorate for Christmas trims back autumn by several weeks, adding winter decoration before its time and so winter emotionally lasts so much longer that way.

    I do hope your snow will present you with lovely snowflakes that catch your eye and camera focus!

  16. I am awed with your half plate, what a treasure to have of your mother's....u have to put fish bones somewhere, why not in a nice place, LOL.

    We have had our ity bity Christmas stuff put away for a few days now, no snow where we are so I'll have to enjoy yours. I think your snowman is lovely even though his hat has gotten a little big, winter thaw, hum, already.

  17. Love the plate, and that adorable snowman!

  18. Ohhhh....I love that wee plate...I have never seen anything like that, Pam..
    A real treasure for sure...
    I am a sucker for paintings as well...
    have a great day...

    Linda :o)

  19. I can understand why you want winter. We need it here to. I fear Ontario's ice fishing industry may lose a ton of money for the second year in a row, and the ski hill operators too.

    I love the old plate that once belonged to your mother. It's a treasure.

  20. Hi Pam.. love your plate.. Me and plates.. oh dear..
    Our temps are really going down this evening..
    Take care my friend..

  21. Hello Pamela
    The half moon plate is unusual, and pretty. I also like the oil painting, makes winter look at its best.

  22. Lovely winter decor...including Frosty! I'm most enjoying our winter over here this year...lots of clear skies and sunshine and not too cold. We have ice...but no snowmen.

  23. O, I like your pics. Here also winter and snow.


  24. The half moon plate is interesting. And the image on it is lovely. As usual you have done a great job with photography!

  25. Hi Pamela!
    Love the images that you have posted this and last post. Here also the snow has melted and we've have gorgeous weather with "blue" skies this past week!
    It will change this weekend said the weather reports..snow is coming. I chose NOT to go to Arizona this year and what a mild winter I'm having here in my world!

    BTW I also have had problems with posting photos on blog and for some reason
    "Google Chrome" appeared on my PC?? I have been clicking on Google Chrome to download my image for my post. Don't know if I've opened up to something I'll regret but this is the only way I can download photos to my blog???
    I'm not techy and get very frustrated when faced with blogger problems.
    Spam comments another frustration. I turned verifacation off and every day I have the task of going into layout and deleteing those pesky spam commnets that just come in to advertise or link to my blog. I am thinking of turning verifacation back on!
    I see that you have one of those pesky ones 2 comments above mine..!Delete delte delete.


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