Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

winter whites in the sunshine

In winter the sun is lower in the sky but I have already noticed a bit of change the past week ~
for the better.

I love how the sun caught the glass and the new cut glass candle holders my sister sent me at Christmas, making little prisms on the dishes.

Isn't this pretty?

I still have a few Christmas things out that look wintery.  

A snowflake bowl with a few favourite treats. 

I found the black lantern at Winners the other day. It has a battery operated candle in it which is nice ~ and safe.

Pine and pine cones.

My little tree now has snowflakes, a vintage snowshoe and a little red bird.
{I'm still watching for the elusive Cardinals that have been spotted in our area}

Just a few winter whites that I am enjoying in my dining room.

{and a little splash of red}

And a lot of afternoon sun.

Have you noticed the wee bit of difference in the length of the days yet?
Or is it just wishful thinking?
It's only January 9th after all.

Enjoy the day my friends.

I have edited this to say I am joining Sandi for
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  1. Hi Pamela,
    Yes, I have noticed that the days are longer already. In fact one of my walking buddies mentioned the same thing yesterday as we were walking.
    I love your Winter Whites and I think it's wonderful that you have kept some of the winter decor up. I don't think I have ever seen a cardinal here, they are my favourite bird, so beautiful!
    Have a wonderful day, my friend, and btw, thanks for friending me on FB, I already feel like I know you so much better.
    Hugs, Cindy

  2. It's lovely to have sunshine isn't it Pamela - it's bright and beautiful here this morning. I'm wishing I could get out in the garden rather than here finishing up the packing, ugh!!! This coming weekend will be in the mid-70's and I'll miss it - but no matter, the adventure ahead will hopefully be worth the cold temps., and I like cold (well cool!) weather anyway!!

    Love that new lantern and the safe battery operated candles are the best.

    Thanks dear for all your kind wishes for my journey - I so appreciate your friendship and caring.
    Back before you know it!!!!
    Love, Mary

  3. I have noticed and haven't dared to say...thank you for affirming that it is true. =D Love your winter tree...what a beautiful idea. I should really do something similar since I miss the tree so much. I should hold on until I am ready to let go. Beautiful, comforting pictures of your lovely home...

  4. Beautiful! I especially love your sweet red bird. :)

  5. Beautiful winter whites in the sunlight! We've been missing the sunshine this it's hard to tell if the days are lengthening.

  6. I've noticed...I need every bit of sunshine I can soak in! Nice and pretty photos as always!
    Farmhouse hugs,

  7. You have sun! I would have no idea where our sun would shine. We've been deluged here the last few days.
    I have vintage crocheted snowflakes too. I have half of them on my tree each Christmas and half of them hang from dental floss in my kitchen window...where they flutter.

  8. Hi Pamela,
    no I have not noticed a difference yet. But I am waiting patiently. I love when the days get longer. Its like a promise that spring will come once. So nice to see your white decoration. Thats great for winter time, isnt it? Love the colored light prisms of the new candleholder. Your decoration is truely lovely. Thank you for sharing and for your visit with the sweet comment on my blogpost.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  9. Love your Winter Whites, cut glass and crystal and with the sun shining! So lovely.

    I do think I am seeing a teeny, tiny, little bit of change in the lightness and darkness in the day.
    The key here is "teeny, tiny, little bit" . . .

  10. Nice eye with the prisms! Those are beautiful! You don't get many cardinals?

  11. Pamela, I am like you... I just love the way winter light hangs low and falls through windows onto things in the house. It looks so so beautiful. Your camera caught this perfectly. Beautiful images!!!

  12. Lovely calm, peaceful shots, Pamela...
    We have lots of sun today...but 50kms/hr winds!!!
    Took a few shots of one of my Violets basking in the sun..

    Enjoy your day...

  13. The whites are gorgeous, Pamela, and I think the days are noticeably longer too. I love the quality of winter sunshine.

  14. You have some nice crystal things. I love crystal. :)

  15. I have noticed a difference in the length of the days and it was so beautiful in the warmer sunshine today.I still have a couple of little trees up too-it looks too bare without them just yet.
    Lovely whites!


  16. Beautiful pictures, Pamela. I do love the look of the sun sparkling through cut glass; magical! Love your little snowflake tree too. I still have most of my Christmas up yet as I haven't gotten around to taking it down. Being filled with the cold kind of put the dampers on doing much of anything at the moment. The trimmings don't bother me too much anyway. Love the lights. Thank you for sharing at my HOME and enjoy the rest of your week.


  17. I see the sunshine, and I am loving it!

    And I see the days slowly lengthening...isn't it wonderful?

    Love your shots.


  18. Winter light is certainly beautiful as you have captured it here, Pamela. Very lovely images!

    I am hoping to see an improvement in the days but just this week was thinking January is seeming darker than December. We do tend to have a lot of cloud at this time of year, though.

    Sending wishes for a truly special and happy year ahead for you!



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