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Spring 2018
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Monday, March 11, 2013

egg gathering

Don't gather all your eggs in one basket.

Spread them around your home....

in a vintage glass jar

in an aqua canning bottle

in a pretty Minton china bowl

scattered on an old platter

in pretty egg cups

any where you please.

Are you gathering your eggs for spring and Easter?

Wishing you a blessed week.



  1. Pamela
    Good advice!
    I like your varied egg vignettes, especially with the sweet bunny.
    I just can't get into the Spring spirit yet.
    I'm hoping to keep so busy that one day I'll look out the window and be surprised that it's here. Ha!
    Have a Great Monday!

  2. You have a cute assortment of eggs - I don't have anything Easter out yet either!!

  3. I have been wondering if it was too early to hang my "egg" wreath on the front door, but maybe it isn't. After all, Easter does fall in March this year. I love your Minton bowl, Pamela, and your egg displays are fun!

  4. I'm such a birds nest, and egg kind of girl...have them all over the place. My drafting desk is full of paper flowers, and eggs both projects half finished.


  5. Lovely Pamela...............reminds me to get up in the attic and drag out the Easter storage box where my delightful white rabbits are waiting to see daylight after being cooped up for a year!!!!

    Workmen back this morning.................ugh and ugh again!!!!!

    Mary X

  6. Pamela, great egg gatherings. Eggs always look charming and homey no matter how you put them..Happy Monday..Judy

  7. Wise words to live by; how many times have we put all our eggs in one basket?
    I've got smaller eggs around the house in faux birds nests.

  8. What a beautiful collection! Hope you get to eat some of them!?

  9. What a lovely variety of eggs! I did put out a few...I prefer malt ones, but the ones I have are safer for the diet. I'm hoping that by Easter the outside world will begin to catch up with the indoor one.

  10. Cute post! I actually broke one of my egg cups--Canadian friends bought them for me up there when you couldn't find them here (years ago)... how sad but I think I can glue it together! I love using them for what I call a "european breakfast" and also for decorating for Easter! Your displays are pretty!

  11. Your home is looking very Spring-ish! All of your eggs look wonderful!
    I love the little turquoise eggs that I have, I should get them out, I think.

  12. Lovely gathering of pretty eggs...love them in the old jars, Francine.

  13. Many different eggs all over the house I only have some in the fridge.

  14. I like your "don't have all your eggs in one basket.". You have a large collection . . . Interesting to see what the chickens are producing in Canada!

  15. time is passing by ...i feel this Easter season has flown by so quickly. i like to celebrate the Irish in my family 1st & then Easter ... so quick. so quick. i love your glass looking eggs & that little bunny. so cute!! i have shut-ins i love to send cards too & feel i am falling behind. usually i am so quick & way ahead of the schedule. not this year. nuts!

    enjoy your week. ( :

  16. hihi, you have a lot of eggs. :) Gave me some idéas. :)

  17. Hello Pamela, My Grandpa was always saying "don't put all your eggs in one basket" when he was trying to teach me about money!!!!! You made me think of him and that was really pleasant. What a collection of eggs you have. They all look very pretty. Your pictures are so delightful for Easter.


  18. Lovely pics of your collection of eggs, Pam.. You put a lot of work into your posts. So nice..
    Rain on the way, eh?

  19. I haven't started gathering... or scattering eggs yet. But I have some egg cups and that looks like a fun place to start. I love Spring decor but I'm a little behind this year. lol

  20. Lovely...
    How did I miss all your other posts???
    I have a few St. Patty's decorations[gnomes] in my hallway...
    Nothing Easter yet...perhaps next week...
    Love those ones that look like sparkly glass...

    Linda :o)

  21. Now I know 'eggactly' what I'm going to do for spring! Lol
    Thanks for your lovely comment today.
    See you again soon.
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  22. Hi Dear Pamela! Oh, this is just the sweetest post! Love your eggs and how you've 'gathered' them! ;) I think I have a little bunny like yours! Thanks so much for popping in to see me and I hope it's warming up a bit in your area.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  23. Hi Pamela,
    On my ride home I thought about the eggs about my garden one year. Then I got here and found 3 feet of snow still about. Glad to see your pic's, and thanks for the advice.

  24. What lovely egg vignettes you've created, Pamela. So sweet. I haven't put out much for Easter decor yet. Pulled a few things out last night and will play a bit today. It's a good day for being indoors - dark skies raining down.

  25. How pretty these all are! I am just now getting around to setting out some spring decorations. And I'm listening for the birds... always so excited to hear the birds return. :)
    Hope you have a lovely day!

  26. I love how you have displayed your eggs in various containers around the house.

  27. So so pretty! I can't wait to start decorating with eggs!

  28. Hi Pamela,
    Lovely...the aqua canning jar is so unique, the colours of the eggs are a little diluted by the texture of the old glass. Very nice! Your egg cups are so sweet!
    All the Best,


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