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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

first day of spring ~ last day of winter?

This is what we woke up to on the first day of spring in most of the Maritime provinces (and Maine and Quebec too!).

This is what it looked like yesterday afternoon.
The storm started about 10:00 last night and ended about 3:00 this afternoon.  With strong east winds there was a lot of drifting out here in the country but I'm sure we got more than 20 cm of snow, which is almost a foot.  Edit:  We got over 40 cm of snow which translates to about 18 inches.  That's the biggest snowfall of the winter!

There's a lot of this going on today.

It was very quiet on our usually busy rural road this morning as schools were closed and some businesses were late in opening.

The deck was totally bare yesterday.  There was about 2 feet of snow on the table and deck.

And....this is the bbq!

I cleaned the steps and part of the deck off then the Piano man finished the deep stuff.  
My back is paying for the bit that I did shovel.  
When will I ever learn?

So, here's hoping that this is the last major storm of the winter/spring here in the Maritimes.  
One year ago today it was 27 degrees Celsius (about 72 F),
which is not normal at all, but it was so nice.

As I write this post the sun is sort of shining.
The snow is blowing in the strong wind.
The driveway is cleared and the deck is cleaned,
the roads are bare and wet.
That was the last day of winter and hopefully the last of the winter weather too.
Bring on spring!

I'm forcing dogwood sticks on the window sill.  There are tiny green leaves near the bottom.
The long green leaves are the amaryllis plant from Christmas.

We're all ready for it.

I hope you are seeing signs of spring on this first day of the new season.  Or maybe, you're wading through snow like we are.

Thank you for all your visits and sweet comments.  It's been fun joining linky parties the past 3 days but so busy keeping up with them all.   

Blessings for a wonderful spring season!



  1. Yikes....where is Spring???? At least here the sun is shining....Spring Blessings Francine.

  2. that makes me laugh. calling for snow tonight around here. so i can't wait to see what happens. i miss spring & it is not even here yet.

    i have been resting from blog land for a bit ... it can be overwhelming at times. taking breaks sometimes is important. can't wait to get to my yard ... so much to be done ... where are my warm temps. please show up soon. please. ( :

  3. I love knowing I have a "snow sister" a bit north of me.

    Happy First Day of Spring, last day of winter!

  4. Oh wow Pamela, you got more than we did. It was about 12 cm for us and then perhaps 1 or 2 cm this morning.
    Even though we moan about the snow it sure does give us some lovely photo opportunities. I'm trying to stay positive here but I'm so fed up with snow and cold.

  5. Pamela, ours hit the night before and according to the Weather Channel, another storm my hit us the beginning of next week! Like you, I help shovel then suffer afterwards, which I hate! Ever since we had a few days in the 50's, is cold, snowy snap is really starting to get to me even though I love snow!...:)JP

  6. It all looks painfully familiar. Wonder how long it will take to go?

  7. That's a lot of snow. I'm going to wish you a happy spring no matter what the weather.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  8. Oh my, that doesn't look like Spring at all. March can be an unpredictable month for sure.
    If I were you I'd keep my eye on the dogwood blooms.

  9. That is awful, I am so sick of winter!

  10. That's unbelievable - March is being very cruel this year in your neck of the woods!
    Be careful of your back Pamela - hope it warms up soon and melting occurs. Does look pretty through your window though.

    Warm hugs - Mary

  11. That is quite the dump of snow, Pamela, and I hear Central Alberta has a snow warning as well. We had a very blustery and showery day for the first day of spring, but the forecast is looking better! : ) Hope all your snow melts soon.

  12. Hi Pamela. You really got it, didn't you. We had very little snow this year, but it may not be over yet, but we did have rain on the first day of spring, but that's OK I think it may just be good for the flowers to come..Happy Thursday..Judy

  13. All that snow is simply amazing. Well your garden should thrive, right? And the grass will be green! Whenever that snow melts.

  14. Oh my goodness...your yard looks just like our yard. Looks like when the storm left our neck of the woods it decided to visit you too. It was so high here it was taller than the snowblower. Your photos are beautiful but just like you I hope this is the end of the snow for us all until next winter. The sun came out yesterday though and I bet it's melted a good 5 inches of it already thank goodness. Looking out this morning it looks like diamonds across the front yard...more blue skies and bright sun today so that means more melting today too. Hope you have a beautiful day Pamela.

  15. I can see a few daffodils and irises poking thru...but that is about the extent of Spring here in Ontario....off to the cottage tomorrow....wondering what is going on out there!!!

    Enjoy your day, Pam..

    Linda :o)

  16. It looks much the same here in New Hampshire...we got a foot from the same storm. This is the second snowiest winter recorded in our area. I'm so looking forward to the warmth of spring and our orchard in bloom.

  17. You really get a work out with all of that snow! Stay warm this week....stay inside! HUGS!

  18. I pray to God that this is the last of the Winter storms and there will be NO spring storms, at least none that bring snow. You must have gotten the tail end of our storm, only it picked up momentum and precipitation before it got to you. I thought six inches was bad, oh my goodness! Eighteen inches! That's TOO much.
    Here's to spring bringing balmy winds and lots of warm sunshine!

  19. I need to bring some more pussy willows in -- do you know if regular willows will root? I guess I'll have to try, won't I? :)

  20. You guys got quite a bit more than us, but we are expecting more tonight which I think you are going to escape! Spring will come eventually...won't it? ;)

  21. We may get a snowfall like this thei weekend. I know that Colorado is suffering from drought and needs the snow but I hope this will be the last storm. I hope your back is feeling better, Pamela. Shoveling is the worse part of snow.

  22. Wow that snow is just lovely! Don't take it for granted. We have nothing like that here in Tassie. It's Autumn now and am only just starting to wear jackets!

  23. That little machine to clear a path through the snow, is handy instead of the tiresome snow snow shoveling!


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