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Thursday, April 4, 2013

now that's a herd of deer!

Living in the country has it's advantages.

One is seeing sights like these especially in springtime.
{photos taken March 28, 2013}

This is half of the herd that was on the hill that day.
{behind our house}

How many can you count?

This is the other half.
And there were probably more on the other side of the hill too!
{there are over 30 all together}

I took these next photos on Easter Sunday
at sunrise.

the orange rays of the early morning sun light up the brown grass and the deer

the waning full moon

just waking up

Yep.  They're that close!  (my neighbour's yard)

Look carefully.  How many do you see?

Do we have a deer problem?

This was just behind our house.

There are more in the area's fields and woods too.

I hope they don't stick around to eat my hostas and other plants.

I hope you have a great day!

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  1. Wow, that is a lot of deer Pamela. You'd never see that many together at once here - maybe 2 in a field. I guess that's because of the hunting season and loss of habitat.
    Lovely photos.

  2. That is a herd! We counted as much as 10 deer at once in the woods in back of us. You better protect your hostas because it is a favorite snack of theirs, LOL.

  3. Pamela
    The deer are such beautiful, graceful creatures.
    You really got so many nice shots of them and the
    waning moon!
    I hope they don't get your plants either...

  4. They're brave to be laying out in the open like that... aren't they beautiful! =)

  5. That IS a lot of deer! Love the wide angle views of those first photos! That's a case where being close isn't necessarily the best way to go.

  6. Hello Pamela, I needed inspiration today so borrowed your blog title. Hope you don't mind. You do have a lot of deer visiting your fields. We haven't seen too many this winter because it's difficult for them to make their way across the hardened snow. I imagine that there will be a lot of hungry deer emerging as the snow melts though. Great to see the small traces of white in your fields. Spring is on it's way and before you know it you'll be sitting on your lovely deck surrounded by pots of flowers!

  7. That is a lot of deer! I love the ones taken in the early morning light.

  8. Great pics, Pamela. We have many deer here, too...but I don't think we have as many as you. I worry every year about our hostas (and we have quite a few), flowers and veggie garden. I hope they leave my "fun stuff" alone.

    Have a wonderful day!

  9. Great photos Pamela. I counted different numbers of deer in each photo. I read in a new book I just purchased, fine Foliage, Wormwood, Scabious, Elderberry, Coral Bells and Barberry planted in containers and/or in gardens are helpful as a deer resistant. Excellent little book by Chapman and Salwitz.

  10. You are so lucky! Such gentle, beautiful creatures...but I do hope they leave your plants alone! Take care. Chel x

  11. They appear to have wintered well. Bet they're glad for the ease of moving without all the snow. I know that they should move on, though. They are beautiful pests. ☺

  12. Oh my!! Pamela you have a big family there. Hostas are probably a favourite spring salad?? Do you think? I am sorry to say but it is really quite a lovely sight.

  13. Always the way...the deer are always plentiful when the season is over!...:)JP

  14. They are beautiful, but pests! We have elk here mowing the grass & shrubs and sleeping in the bushes. When we used to live at a mountain lake it was the deer. Everything our local ag extension said they wouldn't eat...they did! But we still loved to see them and watch them!

  15. I was going to say I wondered how many were on the other side of that hill...that is a lot of deer!

  16. Those deer are beautiful! We have lots of deer here in KY too! Whitetail hunting is very popular here. The pics are great! Country living is the best!

  17. Beautiful photos Pam. We have lots of deer here too. They come so close. Definately not shy. I love watching them. Just wish they didn't have to eat. lol!

  18. Those deer look very content there, nibbling on the grass. What a lot of them there are. We had deer problems in our other home up in Parksville. We finally fenced off a portion of the yard so that I could have a bit of a garden. They ate EVERYTHING, even the things that were supposed to be deer proof. I hope they stay away from your plants.

  19. Hi Pamela! Oh, the deer are so beautiful! We just have any on our little island. I know they can be boogers. I suppose the building of new neighborhoods sometimes force them out of their areas and they just have to find something to eat.
    Hope your week is going well.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  20. What a sight - that's beautiful and to be so close!!

  21. "Oh deer" - they are lovely but will eat most plants in a heartbeat! Hope they decide your garden is not for them and stay off in the woodland!


  22. These are wonderful images, Pamela! They give me peace and inspiration; Nature always does...

  23. Wow, that is a lot of deer, Pamela! My son woke up to one just outside his bedroom window a couple of morning ago. : )


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