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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

the windmills of Mars Hill, Maine

I think that's a dirt smudge on the window in the sky.  :)

Saturday past was a beautiful, bright, sunny day.
But, it was cold!  It was only 0C (32F) with a strong NW wind.
We decided to go for a long drive upriver.  

You can see the river is still frozen but the darker ice is pretty thin.

This is the Pokiok Stream rushing towards the St. John River.
There was a famous falls here at one time until the river valley
was flooded for the Mactaquac Dam in the 1960's.

We drove to the next county - Carleton County - and hit the back roads through some beautiful countryside.  This was higher ground and there was still a lot of snow on the fields and in the woods.
This is potato farming country as well as grain crops.

Do you see the hill in the background? 
That is Mars Hill in Maine, USA.

Do you see the towers on the hill? 
They are windmills.

Here we are a little closer.
The windmills were all spinning in the strong winds that day ~
producing energy for the nearby town of Mars Hill.

There are 28 windmills on this Mars Hill site.
It was amazing to see and you can see these windmills for miles around from a great distance.

The beautiful farm fields and rolling hills of Carleton County.
We hope to return in another month or two when things are looking a lot greener.

Rural New Brunswick.  I'm thinking with all those hardwood trees on the hills that this would be a gorgeous drive in the fall too.

We stopped at a bakery/restaurant in Centerville and bought a 
blueberry pie.  We had supper at another restaurant along the Trans Canada Highway near Woodstock so had dessert when we got home.

a la mode

I'll be back with more pictures of a pretty lake we found on the back roads.   
Do you have the opportunity to drive back roads near where you live?  Do you enjoy getting out and seeing the rural scenery?
You just never know what you're going to see.

Have a great day!




  1. Very cool! Typically, the windmills here are out west. I've never seen any in this part of the country. I like how you're looking into the States, although I wouldn't know unless you said so. It looks like you still have a bit of winter hanging around.

  2. Thank you for letting me tag along on your road trip. I love seeing other parts of the country. I agree, those hills will be amazing in the fall. You will have to take that trip again, and show us the same scenery only in a different season :)
    That blueberry pie looks might good, too, LOL . . .it's my favorite pie:)
    Have a lovely week.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  3. I love your country drive through the back roads. This is my favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon...well any day, any time is fine by me...and so true...you never know what you're going to see. These photos are so beautiful and the windmills are definitely a sight to see. There was a lot of controversy over those windmills from the the people in Mars Hill and surrounding communities. They did not want them and there was a lot of negative advertising on our television news networks. This is such a beautiful part of rural Maine and you are a woman after my own heart. I love road trips to these out of the way places ... we share a common thread. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. I'll leave that scene for you. I'm not a fan of those ugly things. Oops. Did I say that? Ha! Now the PiE is beautiful!

    In times when the gas prices are not so high, we do enjoy a Sunday drive. Wish that everyone did, but we usually find that everyone is in a hurry and so it sort of takes the appeal out of it for us. We are slower than molasses running uphill in January.

  5. We love the long drives through the back hills here in Finger Lakes Country of NY state. It is beautiful. We have been too busy to go this year yet but soon and we will be trying out our new camera. Your pictures are glorious. I hope we have as good luck as you have with your beautiful pictures. The windmills do appear on one of the hills about 25 miles from here....lots of upset over that...glad it is not here where we live....someone said the energy is sent to other places not where is pumped out of. I don't know how true that is. We call it "going on an adventure" when we take a road trip! Your post just promted me that it is time to go soon. Have a sweet day, Pamela!


  6. Hi, what a lovely blog you have, thanks for visiting mine and leaving a comment. Here in Britain those wind turbines are a subject of controversy, as we seem to need them but no one wants them in their area. I must admit I can’t find anything lovely about them, not on a distance and not up-close. But you live in a lovely area! It reminds me of Norway, where I am from originally, I have lived in London for almost 14 years and city life couldn’t be more different than living just outside the little village of 4000 people where I came from. The photos from Mars Hill in Maine and Rural New Brunswick looked very similar, not a tower block in sight :-)
    I will be back for a closer look of your blog later on, I think we have a few things in common, have a great day!

  7. Oh yes all the time when we go touring with the old vehicles.
    Can't wait till May and all the salt is off the roads then they come out to play.
    That is the 49 ford p/u.

  8. I love to go exploring up country roads and I know that I should do it more often. Enjoyed your tour through the country, Pamela. : )

  9. Beautiful country scenes! Yes, I love to get out and drive around on country roads. I'm glad we don't have the windmills in our area. They are an eyesore, I think. Yum, the pie looks so good I wish I had a slice right now!

  10. I sure do like the look of that blueberry pie!!

  11. We love our back and rural roads. So much to see, including huge windmills in the Shelburne area of Ontario.

  12. What gorgeous country you enjoyed, Pamela! That blueberry pie is making me hungry!!
    Mary Alice

  13. I love to drive the back roads of Manitoba, but I haven't been able to for a long time now. My hubby works or sleeps in the day time seven days a week now, there is no time for fun...I am in bad need of a road trip though. I am wanting to see wide open fields with the snow nearly gone.
    I loved seeing your photos, NB looks like a beautiful spot to enjoy road trips. You mentioned Woodstock and I remembered that our best friends son and dil live there and pastor the UPC church in Woodstock. Small world!

  14. My husband got a book for his birthday once on backroad tours of our state. Fascinating. Yes we love a back road whenever possible, rather than a main road. Amazing sight--all those windmills. And I can see your snow is melting!

  15. We quite enjoy the backroads...and exploring...and Sunday afternoon drives! Your drive looked most interesting...though rather wintery still. That pie...yum!

  16. I enjoy the hills and your lovely river. I'm sure you are ready for spring weather! Your pie looks quite tasty and thanks for visiting me from Mosaic Monday.

  17. I was enjoying the coolness of the scenes you shared here. And then suddenly I found myself imagining the layering of greens that would emerge creating a green floor under a blue sky. Then those same greens would make a last grasp at life and turn brilliant reds, oranges, yellows and purples, expelling all of its life until it finally fell away into winter again.

  18. We too take drives on the back roads, there's so much to see. That is a lot of windmills on the hill, eerie looking.

  19. Nice road trip! Yes, I love going for drives down country roads. There's always so much to see, as your photos prove.

  20. Pamela
    I enjoyed the ride! It would be pretty when it's all green again or in the fall.
    We have a lot of windmills around here on our high hills too. They say the cost
    of them is what has driven our electric bills so high!
    I do love driving back country roads-you never know what you will discover.
    Maybe a homemade blueberry pie....

  21. i love rural outings. so fun!! great pics. & places to see. ( :
    those windmills are huge in person. so amazing. i love potatoes. so yummy.

  22. Really beautiful, Pamela. I love driving the back roads. You always see such pretty and different scenery than you are used to. We have stretches of highways in California that have the windmills. It is always mesmerizing to me driving through them..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  23. Could you hear the windmills? I've heard so many complaints about them, noise pollution, visual pollution...

    Gorgeous countryside.


  24. I love backroads, they're always soo interesting and different even. I specially love the ones by a beach town, or something. These are awesome images you shared, sweet Pam. I love to drive buy the country too, unfortunately we have no windmills around here, but did see them in Germany, Spain and Austria! Thanks for visiting me, darling. Big hugs,

  25. I sure would have enjoyed being on this drive.

    Some people hate the windmills...I am absolutely fascinated by them. There are a LOT of them about an hour north of us. I never tire of seeing them.

  26. Oh...we absolutely do love driving along rural roads...
    That was certainly a lovely way to spend a cold, windy day...
    When we drive to Florida, we drive along the 401 Hwy...and just past London Ontario there is a huge wind farm...miles and miles of windmills...so fun to look at..
    We have a few out at the cottage, and we can see them from our place...

    Hope you don't get iced in!

    Linda :o)

  27. I so enjoyed the country drive - didn't realize you are that close to Maine, one of my favorite places and visited often when I lived in NH and MA. When in the UK I always see so many windmills on the hillsides - sad how they mar the beautiful landscape - I often wonder if they really do help the people with their power bills!

    Great shots Pamela - keep 'em coming, love to see your area - hope to get back there some day when we have time to travel domestically - next year maybe!
    Mary X

  28. We live in a city of 100,000 people and try to get out in the country every chance we can - and do prefer the back roads. Fortunately we found a wonderful wooded area in town to live - seems like we are in the country.

  29. Beautiful scenery! And I am positively drooling over that pie! Argh!!!


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