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Monday, April 15, 2013

they are becoming a nuisance

last week

The deer are becoming a nuisance that is.

They are sleeping in the field behind our house most nights and visiting our yard throughout the day, usually in the morning or evening.  There are over a dozen of them hanging around.

Saturday morning after a fresh snowfall.

You see.  They have found some luscious cedar trees to dine on.
You may notice the nicely 'trimmed' cedar above.

They haven't found the 3 right beside the deck not 10 feet from where this one is standing....yet.  

This is the damage they do.  Eating the green as far as they can reach all around the tree. This tree is about 15 feet high.

Imagine what they'll do to my hostas and other plants when 
they start growing!!

The guy on the bottom right was having supper on the cedar behind him.  I opened the back door and snapped some pictures and he looked at me.  Finally I said "Git outta here!" and he and his 3 friends high tailed it out of there.  I'm not sure if they are male or female.  I don't see antlers so most likely they're all gals.

I'm going to borrow my son's dog to leave his scent around the yard and on the trees to see if that will deter them.  I might brush old Marshall and bring some of his hair up to spread around too.  
We haven't had any deer in our yard in 36 years of living here.
I don't know why they like it so much now.   Last fall was the first time I saw evidence they had been in the yard when I found one Hosta half gone.   

Do you have a deer problem in your yard?  How do you cope with it.  I know there are products one can buy to spray on trees, shrubs and plants but I'll wait to see if they move on first before I try that.

In the meantime, if I happen to see them in our yard or near it I will go out and holler at them "Git outta here!!".

Have a great day!



  1. They might respond much better to that command than anything. I have an entire neighborhood of cats who are very wary of me! =D

    I have heard that you can clean hairbrushes and place human hair where they might feed, too. Good way to recycle! Ha!

  2. I think that chasing them away does help somewhat but when you have an over abundance of them they have a harder time finding food, and now that they have discovered your yard it could be an interesting situation. Our neighbor had a young fruit tree orchard and finally in desperation he put up a high fence to save his trees. Hoping you find a solution, Pamela. Perhaps when everything greens up they will find other food sources.

  3. i think that is why we don't have much of a yard. our neighborhood has issues with deer. not sure if they ever did something about it not? they hated to shoot them. i understand that some find it not cool. but when they get out of hand & become more deer to humans - something needs to be done immediately.

    we have found that deer will & do eat anything. we were once told they don't eat azaleas hostas - that's not true. the enjoyed our azaleas very much so. we had pansies on the front porch i heard this click & clacking & realized the deer sort of came up on the porch to get them. all gone. never will i planted them ... now i plant where they can not get to them. so important.

    silly creatures. not like the Disney Bambis you see on tv. but they do keep the hubby within a job - so that is nice - a positive side. ha. ha!!! ( :

  4. Well, you know we own a hair shop and people ask for the hair to put around their gardens and such...and most have no luck with it! We have many deer here. My husband used to love watching them out in our field out back (which is surrounded by woods). But now, hubby has to go out and put stakes and wire around our shrubs out in front of our house or they will clean the green growth right off. All our neighbors have the same problem. The deer come right up into our yard all night long. They love the berries off all the crabapple trees we have. I don't know what to do to get rid of them. So far, they have never bothered all of my flowers or hostas each year. I FEEL LUCKY ABOUT THAT. We have a lot of flowers and hostas. I think by flower time the deer are more apt to find food in the woods. Sorry, Pamela. I know how you feel.

  5. I've tried all the "tricks" - soap in the bushes - nope. Human or dog hair - nope. Urine - nope, and that one is funny anyway. Finally - Liquid Fence - YUP - it is organic and won't hurt the plants - you have to spray after rain, and right after spraying it has a strong scent to humans - but it is gone in a few minutes, but the deer can still smell it - and it has saved my hydangeas, sweet peas, honeysuckle, pansies, hollyhocks - and all those were eaten before. It doesn't harm wildlife either - but sure keeps the deer away. Sometimes I have to spray every few days - but it just takes a minute - I have a small yard, but lots and lots of deer.

  6. No matter how pretty they are it is a nuisance to have them right in your yard. They are way up the back fields and haven't ventured close to the gardens. Hope you can find a solution to getting rid of them.

  7. I had to laugh because I don't open the door to holler at the deer, I holler at the dang squirrels. It's frustrating, isn't it! The squirrels have been digging up my veggie seeds and they have had a party with my freshly planted strawberry plants which are no more. During Christmas, they chewed through the wires on my lights I put up outdoors. I don't know what to do, but I wish you luck with getting rid of your deer problems.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  8. I'm another one who doesn't like the deer. Most people look at me as if I'd said I didn't like their child. But they do such a lot of damage and we really do have a lot of them. I'm a little more fortunate than you are; they're just eating my tulips, hosta, hydrangea, etc. And I spray some "Skoot" around to keep them from eating them. But you'd need a lot of "Skoot" to keep them from your trees! Good luck.

  9. Oh, Pamela, I feel for you. There's little you can do to keep the deer away. The Liquid Fence is an option, but needs repeat applications that can get tiresome, and expensive.

    I wonder if there are so many deer right now because of the late spring and they are foraging for food where they know it's available? We had deer at our other home, and nothing deterred them until we built a high fence. I'm all for deer culls, but I'm in the minority in our area. Still, something needs to be done. Farmers are complaining and stopping to grow crops because they lose so much to the marauders.

    No solutions here, just sympathy.

  10. They come out in the Spring the deer and many. Hard to believe as the deer at my place are like 5 feet from the surroundings of forests.

    Then big popa bear and Momma bear come out and around with the younging Spring. They sort of disapper when the leaves in the bush come out fully and the growth in the
    forest floors with wild flowers they seem to stay in there.

    Perhaps what I mention will be a ease off for your trees and property. I hope for your sake.

    We had a garden years ago we put Marigolds in the garden. They never touched the veggies. They walked in it but never ate a thing and Garlic they hate.

  11. OMG, my friend! Look at the deer in your back yard eating all the hosta!! Great idea to use your son's dog for the scent..I'm sure they won't come back and hate the strange smell there! Hope you have better luck. Have a great week.

  12. Pam, I know they are eating everything but perhaps it is because it's been such a long, long winter for them that they need anything for browse....:)JP

  13. There must be a reason they're forced to raid home gardens - their food source must be scarce or they've lost their habitat. I did a talk about animals in the garden a couple of years ago and one lady said to put a deer salt lick out (some can be mounted on trees) and they left her garden alone. The farm where I buy my butter and eggs sells the lick blocks.

  14. "Git outta here!" I think bringing the dogs and spreading the dog hair might help a bit. I wish I had some ideas to help . . .

  15. Wow! I thought you were having a bird problem of some kind. Or maybe squirrels. Didn't expect it to be deer. We've never had that problem. At least it makes for good photo op's!

  16. My problem was rabbits. It went from cute to overrun with them and the veggie garden was decimated. My daughter asked me to take in her old, apartment raised tomcat. Turns out that cat loves nothing better than a rabbit dinner. It was totally gross to see him with a rabbit in his mouth but the problem was solved!

  17. I am such a NYC girl that I love seeing deer and rabbits where I live now, Pamela. To me it is exciting. I guess I would be upset if they all destroyed my shrubs and trees. I already know I can't plant a flower or vegetable garden as it would be hopeless. I know many people here have dogs and the dogs chase the deer away quite well. Good luck

  18. My mom has the same problem -- the deer always find her oriental lilies each spring. I gave her some spray I made with hot peppers and that seems to have helped.

  19. Hi Pamela,
    the deer look so nice in your garden but the damage is serious. I can understand that you want them to stay out. Here the people hang old CD-discs in the fence, which reflects. I don't know if that helps.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  20. Our deer-- listen to me call them "our" are becoming way too friendly. They seem to visit our yard every morning on their way somewhere. They don't even flinch now when I try to shoo them unless I come close. I try to get our hair clippings when we get our hair cut as I've heard spreading human hair around helps.

  21. Hi Pamela! Thank you for popping in to see Edra. She's a happy camper now! I have always wondered where she really should go.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)


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