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Monday, May 20, 2013

blue and white tea time

It all started with finding the pretty blue banded teacup at the thrift store recently.  I saw it there a few weeks ago and left it behind but when I saw it again a week later I decided to buy it.

I checked it all over for cracks or chips, especially around the rim and brought it home.  Guess what?  It has a chip that I didn't notice.  No wonder it was there for 3 weeks without anyone taking it home.  The chip is just below the handle on the pedestal and is difficult to see at first (and second and third) glance.   :)

None the less, I love it for it's beautiful periwinkle blue rim and the gorgeous bouquet inside.  The saucer is the same.  Isn't it pretty?
It is Made in England by Queen Anne.

We just had the Victoria Day holiday weekend in honour of the then longest reigning monarch in England, Queen Victoria.
Her husband was Prince Albert.  Our current queen, Elizabeth II, has also reigned for 60 years. The above teacup is Royal Albert china's Forget-me-not pattern.

And the Forget-me-not are in bloom right now too.

These are from my garden.  This little pitcher/creamer is very old and one of my favourites in blue and white.

This is a pretty lace edged vintage hand towel and the periwinkle blue is a perfect match don't you think?

Come along with me to Sandi's Rose Chintz Cottage for

And to Ruth's Antiques and Teacups for

Please note that Ruth's new address for her blog has changed to www.antiquesandteacups.info

I hope my Canadian readers are enjoying their Victoria Day holiday.  It is raining and cool here so we're staying inside where it's cozy.  We went for a little Sunday drive and I had my camera along so I'll be sharing photos of that soon.




  1. Hope that you come up with a replacement plan that will make the day special. I hate rainy holidays! =D I would suggest visiting the flea markets and thrift stores as that's what we do on rainy days, but I see that you've already been there. I think it's a lovely tea cup with beautiful colors and a fine bouquet. I doubt that the little boo-boo will be any problem whatsoever. I'm one of the cracked ones who buys cracked dishes (if they're cheap enough) to place in my flower baskets and beds for a little added color.

    1. NOT that you should do that with your piece. No, no, it's not at that level of cracked yet. Ha!

  2. Blue and white is my favorite! I love your teacups. I would have definitely brought your new one home as well., I have several with tiny chips from the base, but I love them anyway! Thanks for noting my blog address change. I hope you have a wonderful Victoria Day...rain or shine! Your photos are always so beautiful!

  3. Hi Pamela, I love your soft blue teacups and your pretty towel. The forget-me-knots are displayed so prettily. I don't think I'd care about the small chip as the tea cup is so gorgeous.

  4. Lovely blue and white photos. Sunday was overcast and a bit cool here, but today is lovely and sunny and warm. Rain heading in tonight though. Thanks for the update on the url for Antiques and Teacups.

  5. What a lovely post, Pam! I love your blues. Your new teacup is so very pretty and I love forget-me-nots! We are having a sunny day at the moment but rain is coming shortly. I'm glad Hubby got the grass cut in time and one bed weeded. This Victoria Day weekend is sur a change from last year when it was so warm. Thank you for joining me for tea today. It's always a pleasure to have you. Happy Victoria Day, my friend!


  6. The blues are heavenly - I love the collages.

  7. Hi Pamela! Love your pretties and what a beautiful vignette.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Lovely tea things! I think I have a very similar teacup and saucer in yellow. I need to go check to see if it has the gold rim. At least if you couldn't see the chip easily, no one else will. Besides, a story to tell!

  9. Hi Pamela
    Your blue and white tea vignette is soft in colour and very pretty. I always enjoy the blue and white posts from my tea friends, makes me want to look for a few pieces myself.
    Happy Victoria Day.

  10. Oh so pretty, Pamela. I'm a fan of blue and white and your pieces are so lovely.

  11. Loving your gorgeous blue and white setting, Pamela! Have a sweet week.

  12. That cup and saucer is adorable, Pam...good choice...
    Your pictures are lovely..as always...

    We had a beautiful weekend...it is still gorgeous here!!
    Supposed to get rain as soon as tonight...good for the garden!!

    Linda :o)

  13. Pamela
    Your teacups are so pretty.
    Periwinkle is such a dainty and sweet flower.
    Happy Victoria Day!

  14. Very elegant and romantic setting. Those blue and white are pretty.
    Beautiful shots too!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

    Greetings from Singapore...

  15. What a lovely tea setting you have created this week. Your blue and white china is lovely! I like the pretty blue rim of your Queen Anne cup and saucer and the forget me not set. Enjoy tea in one of the sweet cups.


  16. That's like me buying the ornaments and not seeing the chips, nobody will notice but us!!

    My china pattern is the one with the little blue flowers, i've never heard it called forget me not, to me, it's Memory Lane.

  17. Blue and white is a favourite combination. My sister's china pattern is the forget-me-not, so I always think of her when I see a cup. I believe Jill is correct in that it's called Memory Lane. No matter the name, it's so pretty and delicate. I also love the band on the china cup you purchased at the thrift store. A little chip will not alter its beauty.
    We had sunshine today and spent the day working in the yard.

  18. this blue and white theme is so beautifully presented! Who minds a small crack or chip when there is so much else to enjoy!

  19. I love the pretty forget me nots! And what a pretty crochet trimmed linen. I am trying to get back to crocheting again and enjoying simple designs! Hugs!

  20. So pretty...and peaceful...blue and white! Looking forward to 'seeing' your Sunday afternoon drive.

  21. You've created a beautiful vignette, Pamela. I adore both of your teacups, but especially the new one...even if it does have a tiny chip. It is really gorgeous nonetheless. The little forget-me-nots are sweet.

  22. What a beautiful blue and white setting! Your teacups are so lovely!


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