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Spring 2018
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Monday, May 13, 2013

lacy green tassels

This is the same branch of the tree in all the photos.

I've been documenting the blossoming of the maple tree in our yard for the past 3 weeks from bud to bloom to leaves.

We had 13 days of sunshine and warmth to bring the trees to bud really fast.  The past few days have been rainy and cooler which has greened things and grown things even more.

And here is where the lacy green tassels comes in....

Aren't they beautiful? 

I took the last 3 photos on Friday just as the dark clouds
were rolling in.

The sun is shining this morning and the wind is blowing but, it's much cooler than it was the past 2 weeks.  
We went from late winter to summer and now back to spring!
Weird weather!!
Everything is so green and the trees are filling out so fast.  The wild or pin cherries are in bloom and I'm sure the apple trees will be starting soon.  I hope they don't get frost bitten!

The hummingbirds are back as I saw two at my friend's feeders on Saturday.  I hung my feeders out yesterday and am watching for any movement at them.  Nothing yet.  :)

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  We enjoyed ours very much and our son and his girl took us and her parents out for dinner last night.   We also got to 'visit' our daughter and family via Skype.
I am so blessed!

Have a great day!




  1. Yes, that is beautiful, Pamela. I've never seen a tree like that. Must be a cold weather tree.

  2. I love how you captured the changes in the beautiful maple as it acquired its Spring blossoms Pamela - that took patience I know.
    How's the pollen up there? We're just about clean now but it has been hard to clean off the deck etc., that stuff was more like gluey scum this year, so hard to wash away with just a garden hose. I may need a pressure washing job but will have to wait until I return from the trip - I leave on Sunday!

    Glad your weekend was fun - mine was busy but the weather co-operated - and again today it's prefect so I will try to do a little outdoor work prior to commencing on the packing - remember that's not my favorite chore!

    Happy week dear friend.

  3. No hummingbirds here yet, the crazy weekend weather probably scared them off!

  4. That is so cool! those green tassels! Isn't God creative with how Mother Nature shows off her beauty! Have a great day!

  5. Beautiful spring colours and textures! We have very cold winds here today - snow on the hills!

  6. Those lacy green tassels are lovely. It was very chilly and rainy and windy yesterday, but the sun is trying to come out today. But it is still chilly.

  7. You could live in my house for all those descriptions of the goings on. I took photos of a dark sky and leafy branches yesterday. Guess I'll not post them as folks would think I was copying somebody. ☺ Sounds like a delightful Mother's Day all around. I received flower gifts and they were taken inside last night because it got so cool and today is, as you say, much cooler.

  8. Morning, so pretty and green, wow!!!!! Glad you enjoyed a wonderful Mothers Day, Francine.

  9. Oh!! The tree is SO Beautiful! Its a new one for me! Never seen one.....
    Have a great week!

  10. Yes, Pamela, it is beautiful! I think you must have to be vigilant at this time of year, as trees and shrubs come to life overnight. Every day, another surprise!

  11. Oh those green lacy tassels are SO beautiful!!! Things have really popped in the last week, haven't they?

  12. What progress in your tree! Very interesting. You have some hummingbirds? We have had our feeders out for about three weeks and no hummingbirds yet!!!! I love those cute little things. I hope they come back again this year. It is 47 here today. Brrrrr!

  13. You've done a great job of documenting the tree's progress from winter to spring. The tassels are so pretty waving in the breeze. Spring is full of ups and downs in the weather, isn't it?

  14. Wow - those photos are fantastic - what a series!!

  15. Beautiful! I love the vibrant colors and the beautiful seed tendrils! Great photography!

    Gracious Hospitality

  16. Just absolutely beautiful Pamela. Sounds like you had an awesome Mother's Day as did I. Even though I didn't get to spend time with my children I will be able to on Wednesday when I head for Nashville. That recipe you asked about...the Ice Cream bread...yes I have used self rising flour quite often to make Beer Batter Bread but I have not tried this recipe as yet. It's on my to do list when company comes. We unfortunately are not eating sweets anymore and I just love to bake so soon I'll pop one of these in the oven when our company is here sometime next month.

  17. Gorgeous shots! You're greening up nicely! Our hummingbird feeders are out here, but I don't expect anything for a while. Our weather has been on the cool side this spring.

  18. Beautiful photos and I love your header..
    Glad you had a lovely day..
    God Bless..

  19. Those are awesome photos Pam...
    Everything here is all kooky as well...
    The plants at the cottage were at lest 3x bigger than the week before!!!
    Yesterday we had sun,rain,hail and snow...and lots of cold wind!
    Today was 9c....let's get back to the warmth!!!
    Glad you enjoyed your meal with "some" of your kids!!!

    Linda :o)

  20. Wow...you really know how to capture the beauty of that tree!
    Farmhouse hugs,

  21. I have seen tree around here with those lacy things handing off it in Spring but I didn't know it was a maple, I will have a good look next time I pass it.
    You have captured the trees beautifully.

  22. Like the Lacy Green Tassel pictures . . . What beauty the Spring Days can bring . . .

  23. We are having weird weather here as well...after two weeks of 'summer' we have the rain storms rolling through. Great photos...of the lacy green tassels.

  24. We had frost last night, I went out to cover the roses. My David Austin is looks the best it has since I put it in, so didn't want to lose any new growth to frost damage. Nothing in the veggie garden yet. Our Maple trees and just finished dropping all their lovely flowers on the driveway and car. Have a lovely day Pamela.

  25. Fabulous photos, Pamela. That is one gorgeous tree! You captured it beautifully!!
    I live in the South and our weather has been unusual, too. By this time of year we are very hot and humid, but the weather has been so pleasant with no humidity and cooler temperatures. I AM LOVING IT and I am hoping that it is not making it too difficult for those that live farther North.
    Well, here's to your health!
    Down Memory La La Lane

  26. Your maple looks just stunning! I love the tassels and I bet they look spectacular waving in the wind. Take care. Chel x

  27. That;s a great idea to document the leaves and flowers of your trees as the burst open!

  28. glad to know you got a chance to visit with family. that is too fun!!

    have fun this week.

    suppose to be cold here. had to turn the heat back on again. such a silly spring. hoping my plants will be cool. it did not make it below the freezing mark last night. ( :

  29. Great tree and wonderful photographs.

    I speak to my brother often on Skype, it is great, I can see whether he is looking after himself since his wife died earlier in the year, he lives about 70 miles away.

    I am missing not looking after harry today but it was his first visit to his nursery, his dad stayed with him, they are both on holiday. I will see him Friday after he has been again for an hour with Jill staying with him this time. He will be able to show me all his birthday presents at his house when I look after him so mum can do a short day at work.

    Lovely to have your friend Joanne as my friend on facebook now, we had a little "chat" yesterday!!

    A very wet day here, forecast is good for the weekend, thank goodness as we have a big family lunch party for Phil's youngest brother who was 50 in February but it was postponed due to the sudden death of their sister.

    Jackie in Surrey, UK.x

  30. I love the name you gave to the dangling things...lacy green tassels!! Perfect description.
    Mary Alice

  31. Pamela, your mosaic is just like picking up a copy of National Geographic!
    How special to see those buds unfolding to release their magical lacy green tassels!
    You must have been bursting with joy at your first sight of these images!
    Very inspiring!
    Shane ♥

  32. They are so beautiful! Some of us go....ahhhchooo! lol But the tassels are lovely in the Spring green! Hugs!

  33. Beautiful shots, I saw few of those trees today...and I had no idea that's what they were.

    You have a spammer up there....no not Diane, lol.



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