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Sunday, May 26, 2013

rain, rain go away

I haven't done much the past 2 days.  I read some blogs and am reading an excellent book.  It's been windy, rainy and cold here.  
There are leaves and seeds and bits of dirt stuck all over the house, windows and ground from all the wild wind and rain we've had the past few days.  

Sunday afternoon

The water is flowing, the brooks and streams are roiling and filling up the rivers to over-flowing their banks.

Everything is so green.

We aren't deck sitting.
I've been sitting here and reading.

The book is the sequel to the first one called "From Across the Ancient Waters" by Michael Phillips.
He writes in the style of the famous Scottish writer - George MacDonald.  It is Christian historical fiction.  I love Phillips poetic style of writing and these books are page turners.  I'd have had them read faster if I'd stayed off the computer more.  :-)
Have any of you read Michael Phillips or MacDonald's works?

From the couch I look up and see this view.

Sunday afternoon

We had the pine trees cut down a week ago last Friday.  On a clear day we can see the river valley.  It's so beautiful!
{that's the tree brush lying on the ground that needs to be cleared up}

These pines were right on the property line with our neighbour and were growing into his power and phone lines.  It was time they came down along with 2 others closer to our house.

There are lots of hummingbirds at the feeders even in the rain.  This one loves to sit on the deck railing and shower himself in the rain.  He was so cute and comes often to sit there.
This week I hope to have my hanging flower boxes filled and in that very spot.  

For now the plants are on the kids little table in front of the dining room window as it was too cold in the garage for them.

I can't wait to get these planted tomorrow.

Last night I heard a disturbance outside and soon learned a raccoon had come to have a meal from the bird feeder.  It had climbed the tower and knocked the feeder to the ground.  When I went out on the deck he was behind the barbecue then climbed down.
We went to the basement window and I got this picture of it eating the seeds.  (sorry, it's very blurry)

I guess I'll have to bring the feeders in every night now.  :(
Nuisance critters!

Well, I think the sun is going to start to make an appearance here on Tuesday.  I am not sure how much rain we have gotten in the past 3 days but I'm sure it was over 60 mm. (3 inches).  We need some sun to dry things out and for the bees to propagate the apple blossoms which are just starting to open.  We've had a few bright spots today then it will just pour rain again like it is as I write.

Wishing you sunny days. Or rain.  Whichever you need.




  1. Hi Pamela, well, the sun is shining today and it is 65....but the wind is a terrible bitter cold. No planting today for sure.

    It sure did open your view when the pine trees came down. Can you see many lights at night?

    Your hummingbird is so cute. We have only had one or two here every two or three days. I wish they would come here more. We have 4 feeders and Jim cleans the feeders and changes the bird "juice" often. Maybe when I plant some red plants out there more will come.

    Doesn't seem like Memorial Day weekend. We could go to my daughter's at the lake but it is just too cold.

    Enjoy and be happy,

  2. Sorry to say this but here with me it was beautifully sunny today and warm! Don't worry it won't last! The view you have is so different now, gorgeous. The wildlife in your garden is really interesting, you are so lucky to have hummingbirds, I only get the bee variety.

    I hope the rest of your weekend clears up and you get to be outside without boots for a while. Take care. Chel x

  3. Your view sure opens up now that the trees are down. Hope you get to plant all those flowers tomorrow. The rain sure makes everything lovely and green doesn't it? It is much nicer here today, sun is out and the wind is finally dropping.

  4. Oh Pamela,
    this looks so like Auckland in spring time - wet and green!!
    Love your friendly hummingbird - looks like he/she ahs made it's home with you!
    A lovely selection of plants for your boxes - instant garden ready to go!

    I'm heading for the library today so I'll look for Michael Phillips and George MacDonald, I'm always glad of recommendations.
    Shane ♥

  5. It is raining raining raining on this coast too - just rain followed by rain and more rain. Heavy, huge drops. They had said today would be the best of our three day Memorial Day Weekend - that is disheartening. So we spend time indoors - my plants are waiting to be potted up on the deck but it is too cold and wet. I hope you get sunshine too - and some for us too. Your new view is wonderful - I'm sure you are enjoying it so much - and even more when the sun finally shines.

  6. It's been gray, humid, rainy or threatening to rain here these past few days and the rest of the week will offer more. I'm not going to complain about it -- and I do have a similar tray of bedding plants waiting to be planted. Just too muddy right now.

    Here's to some sunshine, someday soon! :)

  7. Hi Pamela
    I think I'm enjoying the view as much as you now that the trees are down. I've had raccoon problems in the past but still get visits every spring to see how many snails they can eat out of the pond.
    I hope you can get your annuals planted. It stopped raining here but has been cool - I really need some heat to warm up.

  8. It is hard to believe, after eight days of rain, that anyone needs the stuff. =D We saw very little sun today...just a glimpse now and again. Now it's gone back to being misty. As they say, "Remember, the sun is always shining at cruising altitude."

    And, you're right, those winds were fierce and we, too, have clusters of leaves everywhere stuck to the deck and all about. I hate having to rake all over again. I'm just feeling cranky about the whole thing. LOL!

    Stinking old raccoon making a mess of everything and giving you extra work. Always something.

    No, I've never read this author; however, I have read a number of George MacDonald's books. I'm glad that you were cozy inside...I took a nap...a long nap...you'd think I'd have a brighter outlook. ;>

    1. P.S. Meant to say that your more open view is going to be wonderful! Whoever does the mowing is going to like it, too.

  9. Pam, of all the pix in this post, I was so happy to see that someone else likes Lantana in that multi color...I got two ten inch pots filled with it as hangers and it looks wonderful!...:)JP

  10. Oh my, a kindred spirit. I love George MacDonald books, both in the original and the edited ones. I have most of the books that Michael Phillips copied and bound in leather and I love them; even just looking at them. And I do enjoy Phillips' books as well. And I am sitting here sipping hot chocolate!

  11. So pretty and lush...soon Pamela....soon we will all be able to be out in the summer sun and warmth sipping a nice tall glass of iced tea. The sun has finally arrived here and tomorrow is supposed to be sunny too so if all goes well we'll be packing up a picnic lunch as planned and heading to Boothbay. I'll be back after that with hopefully some pretty photos of the gardens. Oh...and I love the photo of your hummingbird...I have never seen one that wasn't always in flight...they are so beautiful.

  12. Rain Rain go away come again another day!! Not here beautiful and sunny. Windy, a chill in the air....Oh I love your view Pamela. Just did all my planting today. Going down to 4 degrees. Hope that it's not too cold for them.

  13. Oh, so much rain. But how green and lush everything looks. I hope it dries up for you this week and the sun comes out.
    I read George MacDonald years ago; there was a series of books that came out, published by Bethany, I think, and people brought them down to Ecuador. I enjoyed them very much.
    Having a good book on a rainy weekend, or week, is a good thing!

  14. Hope the sun shines soon in your neck of the woods so you can plant those wonderful flowers.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  15. I'll take rain! It's been so hot and dry and no rain in the forcast for the coming week.

    Everything looks so lush where you are! Sorry about the raccoon troubles. We had one when we lived in NJ that got in the attic and it was a nightmare!

  16. We are getting tons of rain, but sorry .... we are loving it. After the snow went away it was sooo dry.


  17. Sorry about all your rain. The benefit is though . . . all the green. I hope you can plant your flowers inbetween showers.
    I love the view with the trees gone. Amazing how it opens things up . . .good decision!

  18. I know you're anxious to get those flowers planted! And shame on that raccoon! We have several that roam around here, so we can't leave a bird feeder out anymore or else the rascals get into it!

  19. We had all that rain last week, over the weekend I had to bring a couple of hanging baskets in because we had a frost warning, now I see more rain in the forecast for the middle of the week - crazy weather!

  20. You have greened up nicely! Love that hummingbird shot! Still waiting on the little guys here. The feeders have been out for a few weeks. Raccoons are a nuisance. Even more so than squirrels.

    Rainy days are good for reading or napping!

  21. Our Sunday afternoon looked much like yours...cool and damp. We can hardly complain though, since we have had lovely spring weather this year. Great hummingbird shot!

  22. Ah, Pamela, it is very green and you have a lovely view from your window! Hope the sun comes out soon for you, ....and for us. : )

  23. We had rain on Friday, Saturday and Sunday were quite nice, warm and sunny . This morning has again been sunny but a bit of a wind and rain is forecast for tonight. We have been busy cutting the grass front and back and weeding etc... We have a high water table here and the rain can cause the lawn to be very damp but come the Summer, we don't usually have brown grass it always needs cutting etc... What a lovely view while reading. I try and sit in the conservatory and read my book!!
    We would love to share the sun with you and hope it is stretching that far today. This week is schools holidays for the children so hope the weather is good for them to get out and about in the fresh air.

  24. It does look green! Even the pillow on your couch! It has been unseasonably cool here too, love it! We can open the windows--which we rarely can do here. I have read all the Phillips/MacDonald books. I love M.P.'s writing but haven't read much of him recently, Is this a new series? (and I do wish authors would do stand alone books! but they don't seem to much anymore..at least in Christian fiction).

  25. Everything looks much greener after a rain. Love the pretty scenes and photos. Cute shot of the hummer. The raccoons are nuisance and big pigs. Lovely post! Wishing you a happy week ahead!

  26. Love love love the itty, bitty, tiny hummer, sooo cute! I really like your glass bottles & flowers on the window sill, too. That's a very bright & beautiful green in the 2nd pic! WoW! Shame on the lil masked bandit! heheheee

  27. Hi Pamela! Oh, I hope you have some sunshine today! What a beautiful view with those pines chopped down. Looks like you're far away from neighbors too! LOL Love seeing the sweet little hummingbird and that little pesky raccoon. They're boogers, I know, but so cute! I haven't heard of that author and I'll have to look for some of his books. I've read some great books based on bloggers recommendation.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  28. Hi Pamela, Just getting caught up on the news. Ya, every time we turned around it went from sunny to raining in a matter of minutes. I don't seem to mind the rainy weather much, as it makes everything so much greener. Now that the trees have been removed you have a great looking spot when you look up from your book. I've not read any of Michael Phillips, perhaps the computer takes up a lot of my time as well. I've been listening to audio books lately. Good job that raccoon wasn't into your plants. We hung our bird feeder just before we left for Nova Scotia. We took the long way around to head to Ottawa to see our folks before it gets to busy over here. Enjoy


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