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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

a belated spring vignette

I found this post all ready to go a month ago and hadn't posted it.  Even though we are past apple blossom season and the lilies of the valley are all done, the forget me nots are still blooming so, I thought I'd post it anyway.  :)  Here is a belated spring vignette.

Two of my best friends came over the other day for afternoon tea.

I gathered some forget-me-nots and lily of the valley along with the apple blossoms from the other day onto an old platter for the centrepiece on the dining room table.

We enjoyed an afternoon of getting caught up on each others lives and drank lots of tea.  We also had lemon pie (sorry, no pictures, but, it was good).

This little vintage pitcher is clear hobnail glass.

These little bouquets of sweetness make me happy.

My friend gifted me this little jar vase a few years ago.  It has a built in 'frog' on the top of the screw lid.

This is the canning jar with lace wrapped around it that I shared the other day.

There you go.  A pretty little vignette to cheer you.


I hope you like this dated vignette.  It was too pretty not to post --- even a month later.  :)

We had a severe thunder storm watch on for most of the southern part of the province today (June 25) and the storm did come at suppertime.  The wind and rain was really wild and there was hail in some areas.  The temperature dropped from 30C to 20C.  Then the sun came out for a while and it got hot again.  It has cooled down considerably tonight and the humidity is gone.

Here is the rainbow as the storm is passing by and heading down the river valley.

It looks like a rainy forecast for the next several days and even for the Canada Day Holiday weekend.  I kind of hope they are wrong.




  1. It was a doozie, too. Apparently, our little town made the evening news for the hail storm. We weren't here; we were off having supper with John's sister and friends. My rosebush took a thumping, but that's all the damage I can see. All that and no rainbow!

    I'm glad that you shared this sweet bouquet. It's too pretty to keep tucked away for another year!

  2. Beautiful post all tucked away in your files!

    Strange weather we are all having . . . beautiful rainbow, happy there wasn't damage from the sudden wind and rain.

  3. So glad you didn't trash your vignette!
    I think the ones made from ones own flowers
    and just whatever you have already make the
    prettiest tablescapes.

    I hope your weather forecaster is wrong about
    the Canada Day post.

  4. Lilies of the Valley and Forget me Nots are among my favorite flowers, so I was very pleased to see your vignette.

    We could use some of your rain, Pamela, here in Colorado! It has been so dry that lightning is setting off fires in the woods. I hope you have a nice day for Canada Day!

  5. Love the rainbow...and the belated vignette. We have had mostly rain for the past week or two...and a forecast of sunshine for the long weekend. We'll take it!

  6. Hi Pam, I find I love the little bouquets of flowers just as much or more than the big ones. Of course, I love forget me nots but did I ever tell you that my wedding bouquet was full of lily of the valley and a large white orchid in the middle? So, I guess that tells you that I have always loved lily of the valley. the views from your house are enchanting. I could just sit for hours and daydream. I love the rainbow....always have fascinated me.

    Well, I have my hand surgery over and Jim just had two in two weeks of cataract surgery. We are something else. Jim says why do we always have this doctor stuff going on in the summer! He is right.

    Happy days and blessings,

  7. Your small bouquets of flowers are charming. Just the thing for tea with a friend.

    I hope "they" are wrong, too, for you. For us, I hope "they" are right, as sunny skies and reasonably warm temperatures are predicted for the weekend and next week. For now, it's showery days and nights with a few sunny breaks.

    Isn't it wonderful that a rainbow always follows the rain?

  8. Isn't it fun to find an old post needing to be posted! It's lovely and what a surprise at the end with that beautiful rainbow!

  9. I have many "old" posts that will never get published. I'm funny like that. Glad you shared this one Pam. Your flowers and display are very pretty.

  10. i am down to 1 post that has not been published so far. usually i have a few more just in case i am say "tongue tied" (like that will ever happen, ha. ha!!!) but in case & i can have them ready to publish when in need. ( :

    i love the rainy rainbow shot. so cool!!

    have a great day.

  11. Lilies of the valley have always been my fave. But for whatever reason I find them difficult to grow, maybe it is my climate zone, maybe it is my green thumb skills! I will enjoy yours. :) Lovely belated vignette my friend.

  12. Yesterday I was in the garden and amazed at the amount of for-get-me-nots that have appeared here and there. I like your little jar also. I'm afraid all the rain they have been forecasting and we have been putting it off for days might just make an appearance on Canada Day, it would be too bad as there are always lots going on the island. I so wish I had fairies make a couple of blogs (forgotten) that I could just go call on, lucky girl. Happy hump day. P.S. I've been trying to populate my http://scrapandwrap.ca/blog/ lately, come have a look when you have time.

  13. Such lovely photos deserve to be posted anytime, Pamela. :)

    We may have rain on Canada Day too! NOT fair!

  14. I think that Spring flowers are the most lovely, don't you?
    Perhaps because we wait for them all winter...and they are so fresh and colorful...
    Great job!!
    No rain here...still hot and humid...but the weekend looks like crap!

    Linda :o)

  15. Very pretty! Love the spring flowers in the different jars!

  16. I do hope your weather improves. It's the same over here in England, we get a patch of sunshine, humidity, followed by rain, wind and drops in temperatures. It's lovely to find an old post though showing spring flowers with the hope of better things to come. Take care. Chel x

  17. I love your little vases with flowers and that rainbow is beautiful. Same weather here too, still far too cold for this time of year. we only had two warm days so far, not nice

  18. Your vignette is lovely, the flowers are beautiful. I love your photo of the rainbow, I think we are all in for more storms, yesterday was a very stormy day in parts of Manitoba. A storm passed through here last night real late and hit a house a couple of blocks away, it did lots of damage. I drove down the street hoping to see which house was hit, but did not see it.
    Have a good week, enjoy the rain and the wind!

  19. Our weather is finally looking better with sun for the weekend. Your pictures are lovely, including the rainbow.

  20. What a lovely vignette! I especially love the canning jar covered with lace...such a simple touch, but so pretty!!

  21. Those are two of my favorite flowers and I haven't had luck growing them here. I think they are so sweet. The tea you prepared for your friends sounds so nice. I'm glad you decided to post about it.
    I also love that lace idea on the canning jar. Might have to try that.
    The rainbow is just beautiful!

  22. It's never too late to share a pretty vignette with us. When these flowers are blooming is a nice time of spring to remember.
    Think we're in for an entire soggy summer?

  23. Your flower vignette is beautiful Pamela. We saw a rainbow this past week too. It was so vivid.

  24. Glad you got to spend time with your friends. The rainbow is really beautiful! A good sign!

  25. Yes, definitely worth posting, Pamela ! Wonderful header too, as is your rainbow shot. We've also been 'promised' rain and thunderstorms the past few days, and coming ones - nothing much has materialized other than the occasional shower - perhaps you'll be as lucky.

  26. I adore your vignettes and glad that you decided to share them. It's never too late to share beauty! And we have an abundance of rain here in Tennessee. Too much, actually. It has been WAY too wet this entire year!


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