Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Thursday, June 13, 2013

around the yard in spring

This is our rather sad 'rock' garden.  It's growing quite well with all the rain we've had.  There are perennials and annuals in here and the annuals are the only thing blooming at this point. 
My goal is to have a nice fancy stone wall built around this bed.  That's been my plan the last 2 summers too.  hmmmm.... 

I planted Petunias, Cosmos and Impatiens in here on this side as there was a huge Lady's Mantle here for years but I had hubby take it out.  It was so big and kept sprouting babies everywhere.  There is still one at the back of this garden so I'll have my pretty blooms to dry later on.  This garden gets shade until the afternoon.

Mind you we've had a lot of 'shade' lately.  As in rainy days and cool temperatures.


While digging in the yard one day recently my trowel clinked on something metal.  I scraped the soil away and found this ploughshare tine and then dug more and found a brick.

Since we are on an old farm I believe there was a dump in this spot.  Farmers dumped stuff in a pile and buried it away from the house.  I have found lots of crockery shards in the rock garden over the years too.  Pretty blue and white pieces which I have saved.  This tine and brick are now in the rock garden.  :)  I think I might just dig around some more for fun.  Who knows what I'll find.  Remember Jed Clampet??


This is a clump of Lavender that has kind of split and laid down.  It will get bigger and full of blooms which I cut and dry.  Love the scent!

The Lily-of-the-Valley are just about done blooming.

The wicker planter on the front deck.

An old enamel kettle with Impatiens.  Love the aqua and pink combo.

These two tubs were just planted and are now on either side of the front deck steps.  They have geraniums, yellow fan flower, potato vine, lobelia, spike, vinca vine, million bells and sanvitalia.
They will look really full and beautiful in July.

Our front deck.

Clematis vine just starting to climb.

Million bells hanging basket on the shed.  I love this colour combo.

In the middle of the above photo is a new Burning Bush shrub.
It's pretty small!
I've wanted one for years as I love the bright red foliage in the fall.
Since we had the pine trees cut down (that's the wood from them all nicely stacked) there is room here for something to grow.  There used to be a cedar tree here which we removed last year as it wasn't getting enough light due to the pine trees.  Now we are in the open.  (I think we need to spread some grass seed down there too.) I'd like to build a corner fence with perennials in this corner.  
What do you think?  A white picket fence or a cedar rail fence?

Well, that's a bit of what's growing here right now.  I'll share more another day when things start to bloom and grow bigger.

I've seen so many beautiful gardens on other blogs that could be in magazines (some have been!) but, I am a simple gardener who dreams big but doesn't get it done.  :)  

Have a great day!



  1. Simple is best. Your yard looks like one of those welcoming ones. (I would do a picket fence. But that's just me.)

  2. Your gardens and flowers are so pretty and colorful. The sun is finally shining today
    but it still doesn't feel like summer yet.
    I love your wicker basket on your front porch
    it all looks so inviting and such a perfect
    spot to sit and relax on these beautiful
    summer days ahead. Thank you for the birthday
    wishes...I had a very nice day and just turning
    68 years old feels pretty good to me. Hope you
    have a great day...enjoy! Hugs

  3. We have had so much rain here in New England as well. Your from porch is lovely. In a few weeks with sunshine, it will be even prettier.

  4. i always enjoy a picket fence ... really decorative - a bit fancy too. ( :
    i enjoy the green wicker basket that is neat!! have fun with those gorgeous blooms. i love springy flowers.

  5. Pamela -- my garden dreams are only limited by my budget. Lol.

    We have several areas on the farm that must have served as dumps as I'm always finding bits and pieces of history. Fun.

    Enjoy your Thursday my friend.

  6. White picket corner fence sounds so delightful and rather Anne of Green Gables-ish. That's my vote. I think it would match your home nicely. I've wanted one for some time, but the plow would take it out so I resist the urge. Million bells! That's my plant. I received one...all yellow and in my header...for Mother's Day. My grandson selected it for me and there was no marker nor did anyone seem to know what it was. I figured if I hung out in Blogdom long enough, I'd find out one day. Now I'm going to label a photo properly and name it in my garden book.

    Your garden and planters are looking beautiful. It will be very welcoming and lush and full by the time your family arrives. I love, love, love your green wicker planter!

  7. You have a beautiful yard! Your flowers are doing very well! Sounds like you have some miscellaneous "treasures" underground. :-)

  8. Thanks for the tour! So fun to see and 'catch a whiff' of what's blooming in your garden.

    White picket fence or cedar rail? I love them both...but since your house is white, I think I'll vote for the picket fence.

  9. Love all the photos and wouldn't it be FUN if you DID strike oil?Hahaaaa

  10. Yes, your planters will look full and lovely in a few weeks. Isn't it fun to dig in your gardens and find a treasure? :)

  11. How neat to find treasures in your gardens! Maybe you will find more. Your pots will give plenty of colour all summer. Enjoy : )

  12. I think the garden is starting look wonderful Pamela. Love all the colour combinations you have picked for the containers. I guess it would depend on the look you want with the fence, country go cedar, cottage go picket :) Have a wonderful weekend. Jen

  13. Pamela I can see your rock garden all grown up, and filling out soon. Just be patient.

    Love the field finds.


  14. It looks so pretty Pamela. I love seeing lillies of the valley, I miss them from growing up up north, Too hot here I guess. Everything looks healthy and green. I guess your rain has brought that, Here too, in fact we are expecting a big storm in the next half hour.

  15. us more!! You have a beautiful front deck, so inviting and I like your yellow shed door with the blue star on it! I hung a red one on my garden shed door {post to follow on that makeover} The moss on the roof of the white shed and the hanging basket is beautiful! I am a simple gardener as well,,,lots of big ideas for this yard...but will slowly work away at them. Hmmm I agree with A Garden of Threads...depends on what look you want for your yard. The little bit I see of your yard, it feels cottage like to me :)
    Have a great evening!

  16. Beautiful flowers but the Lilly of the valley is my favourite.

  17. Your planters look the lime green one!
    Those plants will be so big in another month...with all this rain!!!
    Enjoy your evening...

    Linda :o)

  18. Pamela
    I don't think that your rock garden is sad at all. It looks pretty lush to me. And I really love your gathered rocks better than bought pavers.
    All your flowers are looking good. I like the color combinations that you put together.
    I vote for a cedar rail Pamela. They are so rustic and beautiful.

  19. Very nice gardens and flowers . . . I think picket fence sounds more like you . . .

  20. Hi Pamela! Oh, I think your garden looks beautiful and how fun to find the old farm tools! Hope your weather is nice to go with your pretty flowers.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  21. Wow, Pamela, all your colors pop welcome to my garden. My vote would also be for the white picket fence.

    Your rock garden looks not sad at all. It looks like a happy place. Do you have room for a small bench?

  22. Pamela, your yard is beautiful! What a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the day.

  23. I enjoyed my visit to your garden. Especially the wicker planter on your front deck, the colour is awesome. I dream big also then I get tired and have to take a break. lol, gardening can be overwhelming sometimes, or the thoughts of it. Your rock garden would look amazing with a small rock wall around.

    I can picture a white picket fence and a corner garden very well, I think you should go for it if you can get it done, why not.

    lol, I'd be digging up the yard looking for other treasures. Good luck, happy gardening

  24. Thank you for the tour of your lovely garden areas! A white picket fence is classic cottage style, but it's a pain to sand and repaint it every couple of years. I would recommend the no-muss, no-fuss cedar fence and let it go natural.


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