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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

a vintage flag for July 4th

July 4th is the American holiday to celebrate their independence from Great Britain in 1776.

The photos above and below were taken in Houlton, Maine 
 July 22,  2012.

Canada and Canadians have very close personal ties to the USA including the longest undefended border in the world.
The War of Independence led to thousands of Loyalists, those loyal to the British crown, leaving the US and settling in Canada.
We have travelled across the border freely to visit, work and live during the last 237 years.  

Even though a very long border separates us I am very thankful for the peace and friendship that our two countries share.
May it always be so.


I found this American flag in the attic recently.
It has 49 stars.  The last year for the American flag to have 49 stars was in 1959 when Alaska joined the USA.  This 49 star flag was only around for one year as Hawaii joined in 1960 thus adding one more star to make 50.

This flag measures about 17 " x 11 1/2 " and is on a wooden dowel that is 37 inches long with a plastic gold finial on the top.

Just a little piece of American history that's been around for 
54 years.  In the attic.

I wish all my American readers a fun and safe July 4th!




  1. so true. well said. thanks for the wishes. we have been having rain so I wonder if it will be a rainy 4th??! we will see. ( :

  2. What a great find in the attic! It's in great shape, too. Obviously your attic is a great place to be... Thank you for the good holiday wishes.

  3. What a fun find, Pamela! You obviously did some research to come up with the year.

  4. What beautiful, patriotic pictures! :)

  5. We have one that we've had since we got married on the 4th!...:)JP

  6. Thank you Pamela, for your warm Independence Day Wishes. Did you have a good Canada Day. Your post did show up on my Bloglovin so guess we did it right..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  7. That flag is a real treasure! I am so glad that the U.S. and Canada get along so splendidly as neighbors. Of course, we love traveling to Canada and have visited about a dozen times over the years. We have always felt welcome and at home! You have a beautiful country and should be very proud of it.

  8. Lovely tribute, Pam..
    Now...how much do you think that darn Flag is worth?? hahaha!
    Back in the mid 30's here...lousy humidity...and NO RAIN!
    I know when it will rain...just as we are packing the car! to go to the cottage!

    Linda :o)

  9. Cool find in your attic. Your history lesson of the US is probably more than a lot of Americans know.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. WE, Americans and Canadians, . . . will hopefully always celebrate the friendship and peace that exists today. Very nice post Pamela . . . Love the American flag with 49 stars . . . a treasure . . .

  11. Love your vintage flag! Now how did that land up in your attic? I too hope that we will always enjoy a peaceful relationship with our neighbours to the south!

  12. Oh how wonderful to find a 49 star flag. I was a young teenager living in Alaska when it became a state. What goings on there were. Many people were for and many were against it. There were often guns involved. When it finally happened school was let out - we celebrated - I have a photo of a bunch of us teens skipping down the main street of Sitka - arms linked - singing and laughing. Celebrations (and complaints) went on long into the night - what memories. I doubt many of us thought to save a flag from that time.

    We now live 20 miles south of the Canadian border in NW Washington - and spend many happy hours in British Columbia - we have fabulous friends there and we visit back and forth. There are many places where the roads run right along the border with nothing more than a slight ditch between the countries - whenever we travel one of the roads everyone on both sides wave in friendly greeting.

  13. It's a special relationship that we have with our neighbours to the south. So many of us have family ties that cross the border - I echo your wish for a continuation of our friendship!

  14. What a find! A beautiful collection of pictures.

  15. What a lovely find Pamela. Raining here today. Much needed for the gardens.

  16. Thanks, Pamela! I hope we always have a friendly, happy relationship with our neighbors to the north.

  17. Now, that's one awesome find... very cool! I didn't know that about our border w/ Canada, either... thank you & I'm also very thankful for the peace & friendship between our two countries... there's enough chaos out there, so it's sincerely nice to have a peace between US & Canada! =)

  18. That's a very sweet flag, interesting story behind it I'm sure. Hugs, cindy


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