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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

it's been HOT and everything's blooming like crazy

Yep!  That was the temperature in our backyard on Monday, 
July 15th, 2013.  And the humidex was about 40C.  {the time is wrong, it was 3:53} We only get a few days like this in a summer so I'm not complaining.
I'm just trying to stay cool.

I don't normally have curtains at the kitchen window.  These are sheets of cotton muslin that I hung today to block the afternoon sun a bit.  It makes it seem cooler and doesn't darken the kitchen.  There is one on the back door too.  

Our back deck at 4:00.  Do I miss the trees that were once next to the lone cedar tree?  No.  As I said, this heat only comes a few days so I appreciate the sun on the deck the rest of the year.

I am enjoying these lazy, hazy, days of summer very much.
I love heat and am quite cold the rest of the year so I can go without air conditioning even on these days. 

The sun and heat have been here for almost 2 weeks and the flowers are really growing and filling out my containers.  It's peak season here right now.

I'm sharing photos of the flowers in our yard and some of the containers in these next photos.  Let's take a walk.   Enjoy!

Astilbe and Lavender one evening during the sunset's glow.

Geraniums, million bells, lantana in the wicker planter

pink impatiens blooming profusely

one of two containers I planted that have filled out beautifully

Blue Endless Summer Hydrangea, year 2.  The deer have been nibbling the tips as you can see.  :(

Spiderwort, year 2

Moonbeam Coreopsis, old plant

Lilies I've had for 30 years.  They are the old fashioned orange ones and will bloom soon.

American Revolution Daylily, year 3

Petunias and an old plate.  :)

deep purple petunia

The rock garden with cosmos, lilies, astilbe and lavender in bloom.

Clematis Jackmanii - 35 years old!

a bowl of herbs

I added these boxes of flowers to the back deck railing a few years ago and get great enjoyment from them through the kitchen windows.  They attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

Magic Light Pink Verbena, Sanvitalia, Angelonia Archangel, Lantana Sunrise, Calibrachoa Lavender Blue, Sweet Potato Vine Bright Ideas Lime ~ I love this colour combination!

A corner of the back deck. Geraniums and Lantana.

Patio Tomato.  It has many blooms and small tomatoes forming.  There were 3 good sized ones but Big E (our grandson) thought they were ready to pick.  :)

3 pepper plants

And lastly, some spinach and lettuce freshly picked from our son's vegetable garden last Saturday.

As you can see the house where our son rents has a much larger yard than ours so he gets the garden.  He does the work and we all share.  Pretty good deal eh?

So there is a look at what's blooming around here in the good old summer time.  

I hope you are enjoying some nice summer days now too.

We are in for some rain and showers over the next few days and the high humidity and heat have left us for now.  We may get another spell of it in August.  I hope!
There is still the lingering smell of smoke and the haze from forest fires in Quebec that had blown in yesterday.  Quebec is hundreds of miles from us.  Amazing that it blows so far.

Below is the view Tuesday evening.  It's very hazy and smoky and one can't see the valley or the city at all.

Sorry about all the photos.  I hope you made it to the end.  :)

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  1. I am impressed that your flowers are rioting in the heat! Our 106 degree days shut some of ours down; thankfully it is now cooler; in the low 90s and the flowers are blooming nicely again.

    Glad you enjoy the heat!

  2. Isn't this a lovely time of year? Summer blooms and blooms. My cosmos are not yet in bloom - soon, I hope. Your garden is full of delights. It rarely gets too hot for me, either. I enjoy it while it lasts for I know that cooler days will come.

  3. Words can not describe the beauty of all your wonderful flowers! I wish I could walk around your yard and study each one with you. They are all so very pretty. I especially love all of your purples...the clematis and the petunias! It is good to hear the garden at your son's house is doing so well and you are getting some veggies from it. We have cucumbers galore, two kind of lettuce, radishes, onion greens, and peppers. Our beets are no doing as well as we want them, too. I hope they will be alright. Thank you for the lovely pictures of your flowers.....also, the ones hanging on the deck railings are gorgeous!


  4. Wow! Everything looks spectacular! I have many of my plants in clay pots and they get wilty at the end of the day.

  5. I love your boxes on the deck - they are so pretty!!

    Right now it's 43 here with the humidex, you can't even be outside - but it was a good day, we had central air installed!!! Yay!!

  6. Hot and humid here too Pam...today was 96, yesterday 98 and tomorrow predicted to be hotter with heat indices exceeding 100! Hopefully we will get some thunderstorms soon to cool things off although our plants are loving it just as your are!...:)JP

  7. Wow your garden is alive and full of colour.

  8. Very nice blooms and garden goodies too. Things are beginning their "wind down" here . . . at least in the flower blooming. I think this very long steamy hot spell has had a drastic affect on the flowers. Happy summer days Pamela and wishing it to be just a bit cooler for you!

  9. Oh my goodness...you should never apologize for so many photos....I enjoyed every single one of them in fact I had to go back and take another look to soak up the beauty especially your GORGEOUS window boxes. Pamela you sure do have a gardener's touch. Send some this way to me. One of my old high school friends has come to Maine and I am meeting her tomorrow to spend the day and do you know what she did. This morning before she left as she was watering her flowers she remembered how much I loved her lilac trees this Spring so she went and got the shovel and dug up two of those lilac trees and has brought them to me to have in my back garden that I am planning for the Spring. You can imagine how surprised and happy I was....who would do that but a good, caring, loving friend. So I hope next summer I'll be able to show off some of my own gardens too. There's always hope even if I don't have a green thumb I'm going to give it a try. Glad to hear you're enjoying your summertime...me too! Hugs

  10. Your flowers are beautiful, Pam.. I love your herbs, too..
    I guess there are fires in Northern New Brunswick, too..
    Take care, my friend.. xo

  11. Your view is gorgeous, and the pics of your flowers are just stunning! Loved every photo :)

  12. Hi Pamela! Oh, I'm sorry it's so hot! It is here too! We finally got some rain today and it did cool it down a lot. Your flowers and plants look so pretty! Stay cool and drink lots of iced tea.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. Of course I made it to the end!!!
    Your flowers are doing wonderfully...and so many!!!
    We could smell the smoke here in Ontario as well...
    I think you are in for a big storm tonight...be safe!!

    Linda :o)

  14. Enjoy the warm weather my friend. Lovely garden and flowers my friend. I really like the deck rail planter. xo

  15. Your flowers are looking lovely, Pamela. We were up to 35 C on Tuesday, a little unusual here.

  16. Pamela, we're hot here, too, with very high humidity. Unlike you, I miss the cold, but my mother tells me there will come a day I won't be able to get warm no matter what I do. She loves this hot weather.

    Your flower combinations are stunning, everything looks so healthy. And I think it's great you get to share in the bounty of the vegetable garden, too.

  17. Pamela, your garden and decking looks lovely and colourful. I can see why you enjoy sitting and enjoying it.
    It is so hot here too, but no rain. How was the thunderstorm, not too frightening I hope?

    Jackie in Surrey, UK.x

  18. I know I've said it before - but there is no doubt that the nickname 'Picture Province' was aptly given to New Brunswick. You may have a brutal winter, but when summer rolls in everything jumps to life. Don't apologise for the photos - I enjoyed every one.

  19. Ah, your rock garden, Pamela. Just look how it’s filled out. Your gardens and containers are lovely.

  20. It's still really hot and humid here too Pamela, seems to be no end in sight. You have lots of lovely blooms in the garden.

  21. Hi Pamela! Thank you for popping in to my little Kiki blog! We're learning as we go and I hope you'll get some cooler weather soon.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  22. Your flowers are fabulous. I'm glad you are able to enjoy the heat. I try to enjoy whatever weather comes my way - right now we are enjoying endless sunshine and pleasant temperatures - and lots of flowers too.

  23. Beautiful! I love seeing all you got going. I love tidy gardens like your son has going too. Nothing like something utterly fresh on the table!

  24. Everything looks so lush, Pamela. I love the potted plants, the astilbe and lavender shot and especially the lovely view you now enjoy.Wow, you lucky woman!


  25. No need to apologize about the long post - the flower photos were beautiful! I see several dandies in there for Vee's next note card challenge, LOL. And I had to get out the conversion to figure out how hot your "Cs" are. Golly, your indoor temperature was 86 degrees F! Whew, I think I would be taking a long bath with ice cubes!


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