Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

waterfalls and mountains on the way to Whistler, BC

We are back home from our wonderful vacation away to British Columbia and Alberta.   We arrived home last night after an hour delay in Toronto and no luggage when we got to Fredericton.   Thankfully the luggage was delivered this morning and I've been doing laundry all afternoon.  

I want to share a few more posts on our trip as I took so many photos of the beauty of BC and Alberta.  Today I will share more of the drive to Whistler, BC.  I hope you enjoy seeing the beauty there and that it might inspire you to visit one day.

This is Shannon Falls.  It was just a short hike in to this magnificent waterfall and one could climb stairs through the forest to a viewing spot.

This is a stump of a very huge tree but it has other trees growing out of it.  Amazing!

A bit of perspective of the size of the falls.

And the size of some of the trees!


Farther up the highway we stopped at a viewing spot to see some beautiful mountains.

A close up of the snow and ice.
It looked quite refreshing on this hot summer day.  :)


Farther yet, up the highway, we stopped at another waterfall called Brandywine.

Some of these trails and look offs are not for the faint of heart!
Like me!!
There was a fence along this ravine though.  Thank goodness!

It's difficult to tell how high this falls is in the photo but it's 70 meters or 230 feet.

This is the gorge wall opposite the viewing site.
Those are not baby trees!

The falls add water to the beautiful Daisy Lake, below.

Well, that is enough photos for today.  I'll be back soon with photos of our visit to Whistler, the ski resort in the mountains of BC where the 2010 Winter Olympics were held.

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  1. Fabulous photos . . . these are the kind of views I would enjoy seeing!
    Beautiful sights to see in the world aren't there? How fortunate to travel and be able to see! . . .

  2. Gorgeous! Those big trees are awesome! So are the waterfalls! The mountains are very impressive! Fantastic shots!

  3. Hi Pamela! Oh, what a beautiful area! I would to see this someday! You do take some beautiful snaps. Thank you always for your visits.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Hi Pamela, what a beautiful place and your pictures are brilliant. The forest kind of reminds me of the California Redwoods. I love seeing those kinds of trees. You always feel so small in comparison. The lakes are beautiful. I imagine all kinds of quiet and birdsong. Looks like you had a wonderful trip..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  5. Beautiful! Inspires me to get out there and travel.

  6. You saw some beautiful Canadian scenes on your vacation!

  7. Gorgeous photos, Pamela ! Enjoyed your series on the road to Whistler also.

  8. I have long wanted to visit Canada, and these beautiful pictures make me even more determined. Actually the sheer size of the country means I am going to have to make several visits. I'm not complaining!

  9. those trees are so tall. wow!! love the waterfalls. so pretty. fun times!! thanks, for sharing. rest up. ( :

  10. Pamela, glad that you got your luggage back, that's really good news!

    Lovely shots of a beautiful part of the world...funny how looking at the mountains, I realized how short the ones here in the Okanagan are. I forget when I don't see them for a while.


  11. How beautiful! I know you came home with some great memories as well as fabulous photos.

  12. Awesome scenery! The waterfalls and those huge trees are amazing.

  13. Gorgeous scenes! I really think that the west coast of Canada has the most incredible water falls, mountains, and views. It is God's Country.

  14. You captured some beautiful views, Pamela! I love seeing the falls and mountains. I'd love to visit Canada...maybe some day!

    BTW, I did get my new camera yesterday and I think I'm going to like it really well. Hopefully I get a post done tomorrow about it.

  15. It's just hard to imagine that you stood there and took these photos. What a magnificent place! Brandywine Falls looks so perfect! I'm so glad you were there and shared your photos. It's one of the reasons I love to blog! Hugs!

  16. Whoa, now that is a big waterfall! Beautiful photos, sweetie!


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