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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

a day trip to St. Andrews-by-the-Sea

On Saturday we decided to take a little day trip to the coast again.  It is the same coast as last week's visit to St. Martins on the Bay of Fundy.   St. Andrews-by-the-Sea is on the Passamaquoddy Bay which is a sort of interior bay off of the Bay of Fundy.  It's kind of blocked in by 3 islands - Grand Manan, Campobello and Deer.  

I have shared many visits to St. Andrews if you wish to look back on my labels along the sidebar of my page.  

It was mostly cloudy and threatened rain but the sun peeked out once in a while and it was quite warm at 24 C.  Tee shirt weather.

We walked out the wharf first thing.  It was very calm and the tide was out.  The air smelled of the sea and it was very relaxing.

This is the fencing along the dock at the shore line with a view of the harbour beyond.

This is an old style lobster trap.

Dory boat shaped flower boxes

Old buoys and floats line the stairwell of a building.

We walked down Water St. and looked in few shops.

The sign below is on the front of The Whale Store above.
It's 213 years old!!

There are some very old and beautiful homes and buildings in this little seaside town as you can see in the photo below.

The harbour is behind the buildings on the right.

The market square.

Above is the Cottage Craft store.  They sell high quality and beautiful hand crafted items made from wool.  This building is from the mid-1800's and is situated on the Market Square. 

I took this photo last September.  Note how the left end of the building is kind of sagging!

We had supper at the Harbour Front Restaurant right on the water and enjoyed this wonderful view of the wharf and 
the tide coming in.

We also enjoyed some great seafood.
I ordered a lobster roll and it was loaded with big chunks of fresh lobster.  So Good!

We always drive around the point to enjoy the view.

There was a bit of a fog hanging over the outer harbour and this is what I saw looking straight out.

But, when I looked to my right I saw this beautiful sight of the sun shining through the thin fog and dancing on the water.  This is in colour and I didn't edit the photo at all other than I thought it deserved a frame.  :)

That's what we did on the Saturday of the Labour Day weekend.  We also went to church on Sunday and our evening services have started again after  a month's break.  
On Monday Murray did a lot of chores and we both did a lot of cleaning out in a closet and in the basement storage area.  What a lot of junk we save!!   It felt good to get rid of some of the clutter that we don't use or need. 
I made a blueberry buckle dessert as we had Mark and Jenn over for supper.  I found the recipe on line (All Recipes dot com) and had never made it before It was really yummy.

It poured rain from Monday afternoon until 7:00 this morning.  Yesterday it was quite chilly and today it's very warm and humid.  Thunder showers are in the forecast around noon with sunny breaks later on.

I guess you could say we had a busy weekend and also some time to enjoy our day trip to St. Andrews.

Thank you for all your visits and comments on my poem/prose/words yesterday.  
They were just thoughts that came to my head that best described September to me.  

Have a great day!




  1. Seems like we had the same idea to visit the beach over the weekend. It looks a lovely place that you went to. I am sorry that you didn't have as good weather as us, but as long as it is dry and warmish fun can still be had!!! You supper looked good although I don't eat seafood, I am sure Phil would of enjoyed it as much as you did!! Jackie in Surrey.UK.

  2. St.Andrews always reminds me a bit of Freeport, except that it is right on the water...one needs to go further east to find the water in Freeport. Hmmmm...your lobster roll looks some good!

  3. This is a beautiful little town! Very "seaside resort" looking. I love the atmosphere of the last shot! Gorgeous!

  4. I absolutely loved it there when we visited a few years ago. It is so amazing to see the tide lines on the dock. I have got to go back.

  5. Such a clean little town. I like how they've designed the sidewalks on Water St. Lots of room for shopping/sitting. They have been smart to keep up the buildings.

  6. As I was looking through your photos today, I thought that place seemed very familiar to me. Sure enough, we stopped there during the week we spent in New Brunswick in 2008. That area is very beautiful. I feel lucky to have gotten to explore there for a little while.

  7. You are so very lucky to be able to drive you these wonderful places whenever the urge strikes! It has been a long time since I was at St Andrews.

    Drooling over the lobster roll, I'll be having one soon.....

  8. I love all your photos of St. Andrews-by-the-Sea! It looks like a wonderful place to visit or live! The photo of the lobster roll made me so hungry for one. They don't make them here.
    Thanks for taking us along on your day trip! Love it!

  9. Oh this is such a pretty seaside town and the name is reminiscent of similar towns in England!
    The beautiful old wooden house have so much character and must be a big drawcard.
    The whole town looks pristine, well cared for and loved.
    I enjoyed this day trip with you Pam - your lunch looked delicious too!
    I wonder where you are taking me next!

    Oh I love those grey photos of the dock fencing and the crayfish pots.
    Have a look at my latest post – it’s a grey one for a new blog party – hope you join the party too!

    Shane xox

  10. What a lively post Pamela. I have always wanted to visit St Andrews but always seem to have been in a hurry to get to Cape Breton! So many beautiful places in our country!

  11. Your weekend was sure more fun than mine was!
    It's such a beautiful area to visit and your
    photos really bring it to life.
    Hard to imagine the last photo isn't B&W.
    But I do believe you, of course!

  12. Oh Pam...I do love the East Coast!
    So beautiful out there...I envy you!
    And that sandwich...looks soooo good!
    They were in the Maritimes on The Amazing Race last night...we thoroughly enjoyed the landscape...again!!!

    Linda :o)

  13. Seaside towns always feel relaxing the world over, I like to wonder around them and eating by the sea is always good.

  14. Exceptional photographs Pamela . . . I like your eye and touch . . .

  15. That was a great series of photos! Thanks for the tour! Did you hear me shout out YUM when I saw the lobster roll?

  16. I would have enjoyed that day very much, Pamela. It's nice that you and your husband have these outings together. I really should head back to the east coast next spring or summer.


  17. I can smell the sea in your photos. How I would love to try out a lobster roll. Someday we hope to come east. This looks like a beautiful place to visit.

  18. I've really enjoyed your beautiful photos of this lovely place! I hope to get to visit that part of the country some day. I know I would love it there. And I know I'd love the lobster rolls!!

  19. Hi Pamela, I love those little old seaside towns. So much history reflected in the architecture and the people. That blueberry buckle sounds mighty good. I've never made one..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  20. Beautiful views, and I love the colours of the buildings in the town. Now to find out what blueberry buckle is...

  21. Your weekend was much more scenic than mine -- thanks for taking me along Pamela.

  22. How picturesque! What a nice place to visit on Labour Day weekend.

  23. This place was really a photographers dream! What beautiful scenery and a wonderful day to spend out and about!


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