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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

more meandering in Maine ~ day 2

I have so many photos that I want to share with you of our trip last weekend so I'm making collages of some of them so the posts won't be so long to read.  I hope you will look at each photo in the collage to see the beauty of these towns.

My last post was all about Bar Harbour and Cadillac Mountain that we visited on the Friday.  On Saturday we drove down the coast and stopped at the beautiful bridge in Searsport and the pretty town of Belfast.

The Penobscot Narrows Bridge is a cable stayed bridge and it was built in 1931.  It is a beautifully engineered structure.

We drove on to Belfast next.

We passed this store along the way.  It is an antique shop plus they make and sell cement figurines for the garden.  It looks so pretty with all the pumpkins out front.  

Belfast is a historic seaport that was settled in 1770 and first incorporated in 1773.  It is a renowned ship building city building thousands of schooners.  There is still an important shipyard there.
{they build yachts as in the photo right and centre}
The walking bridge crosses the river and makes for a beautiful way to see the harbour, especially on a nice day.  

We went on down the road as our main destination was Camden.  Just before Camden is the Camden Hills State Park where you can hike or drive to the summit of Mount Battie.  

The view from the top is spectacular.

We drove back down the mountain and on into the pretty town of Camden.  

We walked down by the harbour then up the street to find Cappy's  Chowder House for lunch.  
They have The. Best. Seafood. Chowder!! Ever!

Their food is all delicious and they have a bakery and little shop down the side street.  I always by some tins of their clam chowder to take home.  They give you a recipe to add things to it so it tastes much like theirs.  

After my friend and I did a bit of shopping (while our husbands chatted on a bench in the shade), we walked down to the waterfront to see the boats.  It was such a gorgeous day!

This lady is setting up her painting easel on the wharf.  Her name is Rennee Lammers and she does oil painting on copper.

She was sketching her work before she started, and unfortunately, we had to leave so didn't get to see her start her painting.
Her paintings are for sale in a shop along the wharf.

Before we left we watched the Appledore leave on a tour of the harbour.  I'm sure they enjoyed the beautiful day on the water.

Our next stop is Rockport.
We wanted to walk the mile long granite breakwater.
{make sure you wear sturdy shoes or sneakers!}

The breakwater from the shore.  There is a lighthouse at the end.

It's quite level but there are lots of gaps and crevices to watch out for!  The original work was completed in November 24, 1899 but four more feet in height was added later, finishing the project on
June 30, 1902.

This is the back of the lighthouse which is quite different from most.

Murray climbed to the top of the lighthouse tower and took this photo.  While he was up there I took the next photo with my phone from the balcony of the house.

Here we are at the end of the breakwater with the lighthouse behind us.  It was so beautiful out there that day.  I'm sure it would be very wild on a rainy, windy, foggy day or a stormy winter day.

That's the end of day 2.  I'll share day 3 with you soon.  We drove north along Route 1 and visited some more beautiful ports.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.  I appreciate it!

I'd like to say welcome to my new followers as well.

While at the theatre tonight to see the movie "Copperhead", which was filmed at Kings Landing Historical Settlement last summer, a lady in the line asked me if my name is Pamela and was I a blogger.  I said yes and she (Mary S.) told me she follows my blog and thought she recognized me.  How cool is that?  Thanks Mary.

Have a great day!




  1. you should use the last shot for your Christmas card. so lovely. great shots!! ( :
    we were at Cadillac Mtn in May 2013 ... i need to get those pics up soon. i have been so busy with photos & sharing -- it is stuff to get it or work it all in.

  2. I would have definitely have stopped at that antique shop.. There are just so many cute places to stop!!

    I can taste that seafood chowder.....

  3. Wow Pamela, how cool to meet someone like that! What wonderful photos you always take:-) I feel like I'm along on the trip with you. Just gorgeous...all that beautiful blue:-)

  4. What a lovely trip - I've only done that drive once and I've always wished to go back. The thought of the chowder had me drooliing!

  5. Beautiful shots! And that last one of you and hubby is lovely- I agree, great for the Christmas cards!
    I'm so glad you got to Copperhead. How did you like it?

  6. Pam I thoroughly enjoyed your day 2! It brought back so many memories of when we visited Maine. We either stopped at or drove through all those towns on our way to Bar Harbor. We walked that mile lone breakwater out to the lighthouse too. Isn't it weird how the two sides of the lighthouse are so different. We were surprised when we stopped in Belfast at all the statues of bears that people had painted.
    Thanks for the memories. I'm anxious to see day 3.

  7. OHHHH, Pamela.....this seemed like such a treat! Thank you for sharing your days away from home with me! I thoroughly enjoyed all of the fabulous photos....really I did. Matter of fact, I have to go back and look at them again. They are so interesting. I like this picture of you and Murray, too. You really had a wonderful trip. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Can not wait until the next post. I really enjoy your trips and your pictures.


  8. Hi Pam, So happy to see that you are in Maine and enjoying our beautiful September weather. Belfast is one of my favorite towns...love the whole mid-coast and your photos are terrific. If you get as far south as Falmouth, let's meet for coffee! Happy Trails,

  9. Oh I thought I'd meander with you in Maine for a while this morning! You've taken me places I've never been. We love Camden, but have not been to the mountain nor have we enjoyed lunch at Cappy's. I have been trying to analyze this and now realize that we try to pack too much into a day trip. We simply run out of time!

    What beautiful weather you had and what splendid photos you have shared with us! Love the one of you both on the breakwater.

  10. Wonderful pictures and tour. Makes me want to visit . . . I loved hearing about someone saying your name . . . and making a blogging connection. I will send you something that happened to me yesterday . . . I told her about my friend Pamela who is a photographer too!

  11. I am thoroughly enjoying this tour. It is funny when I see place names that are used over here. Our Belfast and Camden are nowhere near as picturesque. Appledore is perhaps similar.

  12. Ah, Rockport. I have not visited Maine in many years. It was always one of my favorites. The memories are stirred, the longing great.

  13. I'd love to be by the ocean this time of year. Your photos are great! And the weather looks perfect.

  14. Beautiful photos of Maine Pamela...you sure covered a lot of territory in a short time. We were also in Belfast on Saturday and walked the harbor bridge too and across the harbor waterfront. I have some of the very same photos on my blog...isn't it a beautiful place? We are so fortunate to live in such amazing beauty and nature. Thanks for sharing all of these awesome photos.

  15. What a fabulous part of the world to explore! Your photos are beautiful...

  16. What a fun trip! You do get around Pamela!!

  17. The photos are unbelievable - so wonderful - such beautiful scenery. I love blogs with long stories and lots of photos. And how fortunate to meet up with another blogger - I'm looking forward to another set of photos from your trip.

  18. Oh, how I wish I could've been a stow away in your luggage!
    Mount Batties view is amazing, and the old stone breakwater
    is so unique, and the real chowder sounds so yummy.
    You and Maury look cute and happy.
    Can't get any better than that.

  19. Gorgeous post on Maine, my most favorite place to visit.

  20. So beautiful! I would go back to Maine in a heartbeat...if it wasn't so very far from here!

  21. What lovely places, and the weather is so gorgeous! I'm enjoying your trip. : )

  22. So many beautiful shots! I love the scenery! The bridge is very impressive! The antique store is definitely decked out for fall. I like the various ships and boats!

  23. What a great weekend you guys had!!
    My daughter and SIL are going to Maine in 2 weeks...they have rented a cottage on the water in Rockport...
    By the look of your fabulous photos, they are guaranteed a great vacation...
    Did you pick up any thrifty things??
    I guess if you say the chowder is wonderful...being an East Coaster...it must be!!
    I like that you get pics of you and hubby...some people don't!

    Linda :o)

  24. The pictures are wonderful, I love those dishes with the lobsters, love the water pictures and the old time ships, all of them are beautiful..Phyllis

  25. Phew - now I'm tired Pamela ;>) Followed all your meanderings - they were wonderfully illustrated. Spectacular photos. Too many great ones to pick a favourite but the Penobscot Narrows Bridge shot (lower right) is a beauty. Looks like NE US needs to be added to my places-to-visit list.

    We're still having gorgeous fall weather (23C today) - sending it your way !

  26. Beautiful photos. I especially love the way the light sparkles on the water. That bridge with its cables is truly elegant. It's great to see a photo of the two of you on the breakwater. And how fun to meet a blogger who reads your blog. Such a small world!

  27. Hi Pam, following you on your adventures and remembering ours at the same time. I went under that bridge and took a picture looking up it was amazing, the bridge that is. The ships in the harbour are always a favourite of mine. I also visited many shops in Rockport but missed the breakwater out to the lighthouse. You both look so happy in your photo

  28. Pamela those are some wonderful photos....isn't Maine so beautiful and romantic! Love the pic of you and hubby. I forward this post to my daughter, she love bridges.

  29. Hello Pamela
    Maine looks exactly how I think it should - from what I've seen in moves shot there!
    We would love it - being a pair of yachties - there are some lovely boats so obviously the sailing is good too.
    I'm also captivated by those blue, blue skies and that seafood chowder really looks amazing!
    I'm enjoying this Maine trip with you both Pam - thank you!

  30. Ha! You are a famous blogger Pam -- how neat! Love the ships. Just beautiful!

  31. Hi Pamela, We are in Maine often and we just love it. Camden is a beautiful little town, and I agree that the chowder is delicious! We have never driven up to the tower--I'm usually too busy in the shops :) and although I have walked on the Rockport "beach" many times I have never walked out to the lighthouse. Next time we will definitely do that! Thank you for the tip! Linda

  32. Oh, does this post bring back lovely memories of our trips to Maine! We adore the little towns of Rockport and Camden. We stayed many a night at the Blue Harbor House B&B in Camden. We frequently ate at Cappy's too! Took a cruise on one of those big schooners - such fun! I also remember the bridge and antique shop at Belfast! All of these photos make me want to go back again, LOL. I'm glad you had such a good time!


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