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Friday, November 29, 2013

a Christmas apron and memories

Do you wear an apron?  I do sometimes if I think things might get messy while cooking or baking.
I wear a full bib apron that is a green and yellow plaid.  Utilitarian.

This pretty red and white organza apron was my dear mother's.
I can see her wearing it to serve dinner in the dining room at Christmas.  Maybe she only did it once or twice.  And we rarely ate in the dining room…..it was reserved for special occasions and guests.  Our meals were in our big kitchen at an old farmhouse table with yellow vinyl-upholstered chrome chairs around it.  I vaguely remember that we had black wood kitchen chairs before that.

No, we didn't live in the country.  We lived in an upstairs flat in the city.  The kitchen was large but, having been built in the 1930's, was not very modern.  The sink was a big white 2 basin porcelain one set on a cream shaker style wood cabinet base.  No counter top on either side.   Mum had an old commode dresser on the right and one of those 2 shelved 'modern' white enamel tables on the other side.  To the left of that was our washing machine.  No clothes dryer.  We went out to the back porch window and hung the clothes on the clothes line.

The cabinets were on the adjacent wall.  About 7 feet of counter and cabinets - cream shaker style wood - top and bottom, with black knobs and the drawers in the base had metal cup pulls.  The fridge was to the left of the cupboards.  The stove was natural gas and was opposite the cabinets and next to the kitchen table.  Needless to say it was a bit crowded.  Every inch was used up.

Behind the table, on the wall, was a large chalkboard where we would draw.  Also a large map of either Canada or the world was above that.  We did our lessons and homework, coloured and played games at that kitchen table.  We had no family room and weren't allowed to play in the living room.  We could play in our bedrooms and down in the dark basement 2 flights down, where Mum set up our toys and some furnishings.  We spent many hours down there in the winter months.  The furnace was there too.  

Well, I sure got side tracked didn't I?!  Back to the apron future.

I decided to hang the apron near the little red child's chair that holds the antique crock with a mini tree in it.
Just a little reminder of my mother who loved Christmas and enjoyed decorating for the season, and serving dinner with a pretty apron once in a while.  

It's a beautiful sunny but cold day here (-6C).  I cut some greens today and made a swag for the man door to the garage and one to hang on the mailbox.  The community Christmas tree lighting is tonight at the old school house.  We might go.

The community tree with an almost full moon in 2012.  No snow last year either.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.




  1. What a beautiful Christmas apron and good memories of times past. My best memories are the big dinners we had at my Grandmother's house. (my Mam Maw and Paw Paw lived next door) My cousin sent me a photo of all the cousins sitting at 'kid's tables' eating Christmas dinner just yesterday. It sure brings back happy memories. And yes, I wear an apron every day...a full apron, kind of like a smock. Enjoy your day my friend!

  2. Wonderful Christmas apron or as we call them here Pinnies lol ! I should wear one . Mum always did when in the kitchen cooking or baking ! Today would of been my mums birthday may she RIP ! Love your header photo , all your photos are lovely ! My best memories are when I was kid on the farm of the family supper get together's at Christmas adults at one table kids at the other and all the Yummy food mum prepared ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend !

  3. I so enjoyed your memories, funny we used the chalkboard and was in the kitchen and we got to practice and write on it as kids. I wish I had my Grandmother's apron, mom never used one that I remember much but I can remember her cook book that was her favourite. Making Cranberry Almond Scones today, wish you could test them for me, lol.

  4. Wonderful memories to document. That's sweet to hang the apron as part of the Christmas decorations. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. The apron is lovely, so are your memories of your childhood home. Hope that you have fun at the tree lighting. I love your new header photo too! xx

  6. That is a beautiful apron, thanks for sharing your memories of growing up!

    I wear an apron for baking, my daughter's good friend makes beautiful things - Dear Edna is her Etsy shop - if you ever need an apron.....

  7. That is a beautiful apron, must have been popular fabric, because I remember my Mom having one too.


  8. Loved your walk back in time. I remember my Mom wearing various aprons too. Lovely post!!

  9. Oh I enjoyed reading about the particulars of your mother's kitchen. It sounds cozy and charming. And I am certain that your mom looked beautiful when she wore her fancy hostess apron.

  10. What sweet Christmas apron and memories! My mom always wore an apron...rarely saw her without one :)

  11. Your old home sounded interesting - and cozy. For the life of me I can't figure out what cream shaker style wood is. The apron is wonderful - what lovely memories.

  12. What a sweet apron. I enjoyed your memories! Yes I wear an apron often. I try to wear a dressier one if I'm having company but I often find myself wearing it at the table too! Oh dear.

  13. I so enjoyed your reminiscing dear Pamela.
    Our mothers worked hard in those days without all the time saving gadgets we have today!
    I can picture her in that pretty apron while she served the Christmas dinner. It looks sweet hanging on the little red chair! I wear an apron too when I'm cooking dinner as I can be messy at times!!!

    Oh that snow - the only time I'm in the snow is when I'm in France for Christmas - it does give it a magical touch.
    That's a wonderful image for your new header.

    I really love hearing stories from the past - we have to pass them down to our grandchildren.
    Shane xox

  14. Hi Pamela! Lovely memories and a lovely apron. Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  15. Your mom's apron is pretty and my mother wore a half apron as well. Me, I prefer the full style and although I have a few nice ones, nothing special for Christmas.
    I can't remember when family rooms became fashionable, like you I played in my room and the big old piano was in the basement. We didn't have an eat in kitchen so ate at a grey and chrome kitchen set in the dining room. Boy, how times have changed.

  16. Love your mother's apron and your memories . . . and the memories it stirred in me. Love family stories . . .

  17. Your kitchen in your apartment sounds like our old kitchen on the farm. I think our room was much bigger though. I remember when they put in the new kitchen my Mom was so happy to do away with the old wringer washer. Our washer and dryer were in the kitchen and it was my job as soon as I got old enough to wash and fold all the clothes ...well, except maybe Mom's pretty new blouse or something like that!

    On to the apron. My Mom had the most beautiful aprons. I can remember her wearing them at special dinner parties. One in particular was pale pink with narrow pleats and ruffles. I think it was the same fabric as yours. Yours is so pretty. Your Mother would probably be so proud of you hanging it out this time of year. I think my sister in South Carolina has all of Mom's aprons and I'm pretty sure she wears them for special occasions! I wear an old bib one around here when I think something might splash on me when cooking. I have had it for years...but it serves the purpose!!!!!

    Great post, again!

  18. Such sweet memories of your Dear Mum and her pretty apron. I love the story of your Mother's kitchen. It sounds so cozy and warm. xo Karen

  19. A very pretty and festive apron, Pamela, and the memories that it conjures up are sweet and nostalgic. I can see your dear mother preparing the family's feast for those special gatherings, while you, the children played the hours away down in the basement, just as we did! Yes, it was dark and a little gloomy, but cozy as well, our very own cave, where we would disappear deep into other worlds and characters!

    What a lovely Christmas tree, even without the snow!

    Happy weekend to you, my friend!


  20. I can just picture your cozy childhood kitchen with your mother bustling about in that pretty apron. I like the place you have chosen to display it.
    I have several aprons, but rarely wear them. I like having them to remind me of my own mom and many aunts who always wore them.
    Your header photo is so pretty. Is that a recent snowfall?

  21. Yes, always wear aprons when cooking or doing kitchen chores - have several bib ones, one fancy half one but never use it! Your mother's is lovely, and very festive, so makes a perfect Christmas addition to the holiday decor.

    Enjoyed your kitchen/home memories. Sounds like many of us grew up in similar circumstances no matter which country - our homes when I was a child (2) were very small in England - only ever one bathroom, small kitchen but from it came fabulous food as mother was such a good cook. Furnace? We never even had one - just the open fire in the living room and a portable electric fire in the kitchen! Slept under several Australian wool blankets in Winter - so heavy couldn't turn over - and cuddled the trusty hot water bottle all night!

    I love sharing memories and always enjoy yours Pamela.
    Happy weekend - I'm hoping to start decorating.
    Hugs - Mary

  22. Your new header photo is lovely and very seasonal. I used to wear aprons all the time but not any more. I do have a couple of Christmas ones that I get out from time to time over the holidays. Lovely to hang your Mother's apron so you can have memories every time you see it.

  23. Memories are such a wonderful thing!! I wear an apron when baking...bibbed as well! Your mom's is gorgeous! I love your tree in the crock!! Great idea! :)

  24. amazing details!! i love the red. i wear one when i am really cooking or baking. it was a Christmas gift from some camping friends. makes me feel extra loved. i love your snowy header shot. so cute!! is that a storage building that is within your yard? ( :

  25. The apron looks pretty hung up like that! Sweet memories. Hoe you have a lovely weekend too!

  26. I LOVE aprons. They always have some cute ones at Homesense. We have several aprons for the different family and friends that cook in our kitchen. It is a fun way of making people included in the cooking process. I wish I had my grandmother's apron. My mother never wore one as I think it reminded her too much of the farm and she always wanted to live a more urban lifestyle. But my grandmother sported a variety of aprons and it always conjures up a sense of family and warmth for me.
    I am sure your apron does the same for you. What a special piece to pull out at this time of year. :)

    1. I meant to add...funny that you grew up in the city (I think) and your mom did wear one. I guess my mother had an idea that aprons were for "farm folk".

  27. I enjoyed this walk down memory lane, Pamela. Funny how one object, like your mother's pretty apron, can trigger a host of memories.
    I do like to wear an apron in the kitchen - it saves my clothes from grease and food stains. Enjoy your Christmas preparations - you are WAAAY ahead of me.

  28. What a beautiful apron and lovely memories of your mother! I don't have an apron but should have one that fits over my whole body.

  29. Well...everyone beat me to the obvious comment!
    I have several aprons...I wear them quite often!
    I also buy them at thrift shops, and have made gifts of them to my Hostess from time to time!
    My Mom also wore aprons....hmmmm...guess my sister got those as well!
    Love your new header....I have been working on a few to add in December...

    Enjoy your evening♥
    Linda :o)

  30. I love your header and your mother's apron, Pam! Both are so pretty!

  31. I love your special apron...and the story that with with it! Great memories.

    I have not been much of an apron wearer over the years...but have taken up the practice on occasion in the last few years. Could that have anything to do with MGCC? :)

  32. The apron is cute and looks pretty beside the tree in the crock. I loved reading the memories of your home growing up. I miss my mom at this time of year especially.

  33. Looks to me that your mother took very good care of that apron!

  34. Your mom's pretty apron is a lovely treasure for you to cherrish forever! I love all your photography too. Have a blessed December sweet friend.

  35. Pamela
    Your Mothers apron is very pretty-I can see why she saved it for Christmas!
    I like the way you've woven it into your holiday decor.
    I do wear a full apron, like you, when cooking.
    I also enjoyed the sweet memories you shared from your childhood.
    When I look back on my childhood, I realize we didn't really have much, but I never felt like I was lacking in any way...I think it's all about Love!


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