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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

a deer herd, the weather, thrifty finds, and family

blurry photo through the window at dawn  

When I woke up and looked out yesterday morning I saw this sight.  There were about 18 - 20 deer on the hill.  And.  It's mating season.  There are 2 bucks up there.  You can see the big one, which is a 6 pointer, to the right of centre at the crest.  The other one has a smaller rack.  There are going to be a lot more deer come next spring I think.  You may recall I mentioned a hunter had been going up there and baiting the deer with apples.  He went up every day in the late afternoon but I don't think he got what he was looking for - the big buck.  The deer have been hiding quite well the past 3 weeks during deer hunting season and now they know it's safe so they've come out.   
{I think they have a secret spot where they hide, don't you?} 

Tuesday cleared off into a beautiful sunny day with no wind and much milder that it has been.  The calm before the storm.   You can see that the pond across the way is frozen.

By late afternoon it was starting to cloud over.  The 'storm' was starting to move in.

This morning we woke up to a bit of snow and freezing rain and fog.  Schools are closed due to the slippery roads.  The salt and sand trucks have made their first rounds of the season.  It's +2C and will go up to +13C (about 58 F) and we're going to get a lot of rain and wind starting this afternoon.  Just a plain nasty November day.  This storm is far reaching into Quebec and southeastern Ontario as well as down into the US and I know some are getting snow and ice as well as rain and wind.  Please be very careful if you have to be out and about.  

I was at the Bibles for Missions thrift store on Monday and found this vintage angel tree topper.  I always have a problem with tree toppers that won't sit on the little stems of green at the top and tilt (like this one is) or fall off.  Do you have that problem?  I have a lovely white snowflake that has white lights but it's too heavy.  Last year the top was bare.  This topper came from Zeller's, a Canadian department store that closed last year.  Target bought out some of the stores in Canada.  The original price sticker is on the box - $1.77.  I paid $2.00 for it.  Sorry about the blurred photo.  It was dusk and my camera is starting to die I think.  It's having a few issues.  :-(

I also found this pretty aqua vintage ornament at the store for $2.
I couldn't pass it up.  

We had a family photo shoot this summer when our daughter and her family were home.  I finally got some of the pictures printed off and framed.  I also had Christmas cards made with one of the photos.  It's the first time I'd done that.  Have you made Christmas cards of family photos before?  

Our beautiful children and grandchildren.
Son-in-law Matthew, daughter Jennifer, Murray, Me, son Mark
Ewan (3) and Eli (almost 16 months now).  Mark has since gotten engaged so we'll have a new addition to our family next August.
Another Jennifer!
Little Eli just started walking Monday evening.  I saw him on Skype yesterday and he is walking like a pro already.  It's like it just clicked in his head that he could do this.  So cute!!

Well that's what's going on here today.  Stay safe in the stormy weather.  We're staying put today.  :)
I would like to wish all my American readers and followers a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  I hope the weather doesn't hamper any efforts of family get togethers and that you all are safe.  Enjoy your family and friends and all the good food and good times, and be thankful for your blessings.

Blessings to you!



  1. What a lovely family photo Pamela! Such a beautiful family. I'm glad your local deer have managed to stay safely "hidden" during hunting season. Love seeing them in the fields like you have behind your place. Such a pretty sight!
    Not a nice day out there today. Good day to stay in and stay warm...

  2. We didn't get much in the way of snow from the big storm that hit the western U.S., but it did bring the cold. Below freezing and 25mph wind gusts today. Great family photo of you guys!

  3. Smart deer, for some reason my brain keeps reading the title as nerd herd, I know, nothing to do with it at all. I think it's nasty that the hunter is baiting, all those years that my family hunted, and they would never ever do that.

    You have a beautiful family, and what fun to send cards with all of you on them.

    Stay safe in the snow.


  4. Beautiful family! Love your photos. It is very cold here for this time of year, supposedly, we had mixed precip last night, but no accumulation. Great finds on the ornaments! But, yes, tree toppers do not work for me. I mostly do with out. Have a great week and stay warm.

  5. Wow...my hubby and sons would have been in heaven seeing all of those deer! What an amazing sight! I also love anything vintage and I have a couple of ornaments from when I was young that are very similar to the one you purchased. Thank you for sharing your sweet family photo as well...you are a great looking bunch :) Have a blessed Thanksgiving, Pamela!

  6. Your family photo is so lovely! I hope that you stay safe in the snow and that you don't have to go out too much. We have wobbly angel problems, which last year I solved I thought by having a tree which nearly touched the ceiling and then I wedged the angel on top balanced on the tree and held in place by the ceiling. Then she seemed to dislike this and started flinging herself on the floor all the time. I will have to find another answer for this year, I can't bear the thought of my angel throwing herself around like that! I hope that your new one stays put! xx

  7. I too got an old angel to top our tree at a thrift shop last Christmas. She seems to stick on ok. Wonderful family photo!

  8. What a great photo of the family. Yes, I try to send a photo every year. You found some fun vintage! I've been hearing a lot about the blast of weather out your way and into the U.S. that ultimately delayed or cancelled flights coming out here to the milder weather areas...
    Enjoy your time in keeping safe and cozy!

  9. What a lovely family photo. I've never made Christmas cards using photos. It seems I hardly send out any cards any more. What a lovely site to see the herd of deer. Yes, they are smart and hide during hunting season and seem to know when to come out.

  10. Your family photo is lovely Pam and I'm sure will be appreciated on Christmas cards. We've never done that and of course now I make all our cards. (and quite enjoy it!)
    I'm glad the deer have somewhere to hide, that's a large group of them that appear on that hill.

  11. That's a beautiful family photo and, though I haven't done a family Christmas photo for years, I love receiving them. It's a card and a gift all in one. Ugh...the weather! Hope those deer have hidden resources of food for the winter and that it won't be too long or too cold.

  12. Your family photo is lovely, and I like the idea of a family pic for a Christmas card. I doubt we would ever get one done as our son is camera shy!
    I like the vintage Christmas ornaments because they always remind me of Christmases from my childhood.
    I just missed hitting a deer with the car yesterday as it ran out in front of me. Luckily there was no oncoming traffic so I could swerve around it. I am not sure which of us was more scared.

  13. I love the family photo you took. It would be great to be with all of our kids and grandkids and get a big family photo taken! LOVE the photo of the deer...I showed it to my hubby. We've never see a herd that big before! AMAZING! Enjoy your week my friend! I love your pretty vintage things. They are so much prettier than anything you can buy now. Sweet hugs!

  14. Beautiful, beautiful picture of your family! So nice.

    I am sending good wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving for you and your family. We will be going to our daughters two miles up the road but son and family will be coming, too. I am very excited. Thinking of you Pamela. Have a wonderful day.


  15. Also, Congratulations on your son's engagement! oh, happy day!

  16. Lovely post! Really like that tree topper. The photo of your family is really nice.

  17. Pamela
    Beautiful family photo! They will make such nice Christmas cards too. Congrats on your sons engagement too.
    I have to say I'm glad the deer have a hiding place:>) I'm not anti hunting, just anti baiting!
    You really did get a bargain with your Angel and pretty bulb.
    I know what you're saying about trying to get something to stay atop the tree!
    Stay warm and safe out there my friend! I did see where you have nasty weather is on the way.

  18. Hi Pamela...I love the photo of the deer on the hill...what an amazing sight to wake up to. You have such a beautiful family and what a beautiful Christmas card that will be. Hugs

  19. Gorgeous family Pamela. Yes, it's been ugly here weather wise too. And yes I have a heck of a time trying to get the top of my tree just right, but I"ll be at it tonight or tomorrow no doubt giving it my best shot. Have a wonderful weekend. Carol

  20. The deer are clever, aren't they.

    Super family photo!

  21. What a lovely family you have Pam....and a wedding next summer!!! How exciting!
    We got a bit of snow...not too much...but still darn windy!
    I make my Christmas cards, but have not used a family photo....
    Love your thrifty buys!
    Enjoy your evening♥
    Linda :o)

  22. Love your family photo, Pamela! Take care.

  23. Your family is beautiful, Pam. How exciting to have another wedding coming up.

    I hope the storm will pass without a lot of damage or injury. You live in a lovely spot with that view out your window, complete with intelligent deer who pay attention to the hunting season dates!

    We have a tree topper that doesn't want to stay straight, either. We solved the problem by stuffing it with tissue paper to fill up the empty space so it can't move around.

  24. Hi Pamela, I finally have a google account so can now comment. I enjoyed meeting you at the theatre awhile back and really enjoy your posts. We quite often have deer in our backyard as well as a small black bear who doesn't seem to know how to find his own food yet.
    I have an angel like the one you bought. It was the one we used on our tree when I was growing up and I still use it.
    I was interested in the thrift store you mentioned. I love thrifting and was wondering where this one was.
    Love your family photo.

  25. What a beautiful family you have Pamela, you are very blessed. Congrats on the engagement of your son, going to be a busy summer for your family. Yes, I do imagine the deer have a secret hiding spot, animals are very intelligent creatures. Stay warm my friend. Diane

  26. Lovely family photo and the amount of deer in one spot WOW ! You lucky duck I have only seen a few here ! The snow storm missed us this time but we have snow squalls , winds and it is very cold here . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day and stay cozy !

  27. That's a beautiful picture of your family!

    Love your little angel, I have one something like it that I use on a little tree, you don't see them like that anymore!

  28. Love the deer shot and the pretty scenery! You have a beautiful family! Congrats to your son on his engagement!
    Have a Happy Day!

  29. I can't imagine waking up and seeing this each morning and then running out and replanting all my little flowers over and over. Jennifer my daughter tells me they can't have a garden because of the deer, eating all the time. Wonderful news of your grandson walking, they grow up so fast.... what did we ever do without Skype? Your family all looks happy and congratulations on the engagement.

  30. LOVE your family portrait... and the vintage ornament...

  31. Good looking family! I hope that you didn't suffer any ill effects of the snowstorm that went through. We even got a dusting of snow yesterday in east Tennessee, but it was melted within a couple of hours. We've had a lovely, quiet Thanksgiving. And the morning began by us spotting 5 of our local deer population behind our cottage, walking through the woods. Best wishes to you, sweetie! Love the vintage ornament.

  32. Great family. Hope your Thanksgiving is happy and blessed.

  33. Beautiful view out your window! Hope your weather wasn't too harsh.
    Take care.
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  34. What an amazing site to wake up to, Pamela! Beautiful family photo. Skype is the second best way to see the grandkids!

  35. Hi Pamela! Oh, what a gorgeous scene from your window. How nice to have such a beautiful picture made with your precious family. Stay warm, oooooh that's cold. Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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