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Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas traditions


There are many Christmas traditions that are unique to every country, province, area and home.  
One of these traditions is a beautiful Poinsettia plant.  I haven't bought one in a few years but decided to get a nice creamy white one this year rather than a red or pink one.   I'm hoping it will last into the wintery new year and bring some 'lightness' to our decor when it's cold and snowy and dark outside.


A great and tasty Maritime tradition is chicken bones.

A satiny pink cinnamon flavoured candy coats a bittersweet chocolate centre.   They are a treat and I allow myself one a day.

They are made right here in New Brunswick by the famous Ganong Chocolates in St. Stephen.  They aren't available everywhere in the country.  Maritimers who find themselves living in western Canada won't find them and have to depend on family or friends back east to send them some.   I send them to our daughter and my sister every Christmas.
A taste of home.


Nuts and Bolts ~ another tasty treat.

I haven't made mine this year.  Yet.

Having a Santa Claus of some form in the house is a tradition too.
My sister-in-law gave us this one a few years ago.
The sentiment on the chalkboard is wishful thinking.  It's green out there today but maybe we'll be getting some white tonight.


The notice board even gets some Christmas decor.
And birds keep showing up everywhere ~ even paper gift tag ones.


O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, 
how lovely are thy branches.

Our Christmas tree for 2013.

Looking across the bookshelf along the stairs.

At night.

Something new this year is burlap garland around the tree.


The lights of Christmas ~ candles in windows.

In the old schoolhouse.

Outdoor displays.
{not ours}

We had two nice snowfalls last December before Christmas.
Murray and I made a big snowman out front.  A fun tradition for kids of all ages.

Well, these are a few of my favourite things of Christmas.  Traditions that go a long way back and some new ones too.

What are your favourite Christmas traditions?
I hope you will share them with me.
Have a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by.

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  1. i have heard of your treats & decor ... but not the names you called them "chicken bones & "nuts & bolts". i love the burlap. i have often thought i need to try some in my decor our home. maybe a wreath or a stocking? need to find it at the craft store. yet to do that though, so far. we will see. i love the snow in your pics. sadly we only had ice this weekend. it has been pretty for the view but not clue for travel.

    have a beautiful week!!! ( :

    1. oops that is cool no clue. ha. ha!! ( :

  2. We usually have a poinsettia or two, but we opted not to have them this year, since we are going to be gone for a while on a trip. I always put out an assortment of santas and tabletop trees. You decorations looks great! Never heard of the chicken bones candies.

  3. Your tree is lovely. Mine is still bare in the living room, but that should change soon. I love lights twinkling everywhere and Christmas music and get togethers with friends. I love seeing all the different styles of nativity scenes, too. I've always loved seeing the 5 and unders on stage doing their part in a Christmas program. You never know what will happen with that age group!

  4. I love your traditions...it's fun to keep the old, and sometimes add the new. We were watching a news show that interviewed the Grandaughter of the Ganong family. I love those chocolates...and I think I do occasionally see those chicken bones around here once in a while. I remember the chocolate fillings.


  5. Oh I know those minty chocolate candies. I had a maritimer on our staff that use to bring those in to the office!! Nuts and bolts, my mother made those and put them out every year!! I love traditions!!
    Your tree is stunning!!!!!!!

  6. Chicken bones! I remember them well. There are a few places where we can get Ganong chocolates and candies. I faithfully offered one Ganong mint daily to my students for twelve years.

    I just finished using burlap for garland on my tree as well. I love how it filters the light. Your tree looks so beautiful! My tree is a simplicity statement because with the grands here daily, I don't want to put on my pretty bulbs. I've used them elsewhere. The room is so small... Ah well, it is what it is.

    Don't worry about snow...from what I see out my windows, there's plenty to share.

  7. Hi Pamela, everything looks so pretty, both inside and out. I have not seen those candies in ages and I simply must locate some...yum. Have a great week my friend~

  8. Grandma always had the chicken bones! Of course, that was years ago. I loved them. I wish we could get them now. They were so good. You have so many wonderful creations going on at your house, Pamela. Your tree is gorgeous. I admire the burlap and the snow flakes. My MIL made me a bunch of different snow flakes..I wonder where they are....probably in the bottom of a Christmas box. No snow here but it feels so damp and chili. 44 degrees right now and cloudy. (Rochester - Finger Lakes, NY.

  9. Your tree is gorgeous, Pamela! I haven't heard of Chicken Bones, but know the nuts and bolts very well. One of our must haves at Christmas is iced sugar cookies and a little bit of fudge. I also make breads, such as banana and apple, to have on hand or to give as gifts.

  10. The chicken bones sound very interesting, we don't have anything like that at all (that I know of). Your tree is gorgeous. I am way behind this year, we have been doing some redecorating, which is taking longer than expected.

  11. It all looks so pretty, peaceful and serene. I love the outside shots at night. And I feel like I have had some of that candy in my past - it is stirring up some memory!

  12. Your tree looks beautiful! I've never had chicken bones before sounds interesting. I usually have a poinsettia by now but haven't gotten around to getting one yet. The one I had last year lasted forever!

  13. Pamela...beautiful Christmas decorations! The poinsettia has always been a favorite of mine...I get some every year and set them around. I usually get the red ones although the white are gorgeous too. My tradional candy to set is red and green m&m's :) When I was little my mom always got what she called "hard tack" candy....ribbons, little round cylinders, pieces shaped like your chicken bones too! I didn't really care much for it...lol! The little clementine oranges are always another favorite at Christmas time....so many others...too numerous to mention. It is so much fun remembering, isn't it?


  14. Loved seeing all your Christmas Traditions photos! Those snacks sound so good right about now.

  15. We are having some snow on the west coast today. Not a lot, but enough to give a sense of winter.

  16. Not sure what I want first...chicken bones or nuts and bolts!!!!?...:)JP

  17. Hi Pam
    I'm sure I've had chicken bones in the past but didn't realize they were from Ganong. One a day? You are a good girl. I do like your full size tree and the burlap is a nice touch.
    Having a good stash of shortbread cookies is a yearly tradition here for you know how good they are with a cup of tea. I always make almond bark too.

  18. Your tree looks amazing! I imagine that you are really enjoying it. I have never heard of chicken bones sweets, not sure about the name, but they sound very tasty! xx

  19. You have a gorgeous tree! I like your outdoor decorations, too!

  20. Hi Pam....
    1. Poinsettias
    2. Shortbread
    3. Elves
    4. Snowmen
    5. Santa hats
    6. Christmas stockings
    7. Christmas Eve church
    These are a few of our traditions♥
    Your tree looks very nice....very nice indeed!
    We had snow overnite...and bitterly cold here...brrrrrr
    Enjoy your week.....
    Linda :o)

  21. OMG! Gorgeous snowman. And some of your Christmas traditions look really yummy. Looks like you've been decking the halls. Carol

  22. Oh how I love everything - the pretty white pointsettia - the lights in the windows - and the chicken bones - although I've not heard of or tried yours, but our chicken bones are somewhat similar to a Butterfinger candy bar, but the shape and size of your chicken bones - with a peanut butter filling and a crunchy covering - yummm yummm.

    We just call our snack Chex Party Mix and make it every year - but from now on I shall have to call it Nuts and Bolts - love that name so much better. Your tree is so very pretty - so glittery and shiny and wonderful.

  23. Your white poinsettia is beautiful! I must get some chicken bones - can't have Christmas without them!! lol Your tree is lovely. We don't have our big tree up yet- Oliver goes crazy when it goes up. He's worse than any kid!! For now, just the smaller tree in the living room - even with that he's excited!

  24. Thanks for sharing these, Pamela. We share some of these too, but the only chicken bones I've had used to be struttin' out in a yard somewhere. I'd have to give you a quick Dutch lesson for you to understand - right now I'm eating some 'pepernoten' which is a real traditional treat around Sinterklaas time (Dec. 5). We still carry over some of the traditions from my (very) early years in Holland.

  25. I love the white Poinsettia Pamela. And pink chicken bones, YUM! I have never seen pink ones. I love nuts and bolts. A salty treat with a little something sweet, oh my. My girls and my dil's get together with me and bake for the holidays every year. We also break a piñata at our family Christmas party and the kids love it. And the opening of p.j's on Christmas Eve still carries on. Traditions are the best!

  26. Love the paper cardinal!
    Why limit yourself to one candy. You've been good this year--have 2!!

  27. Such charm you create Pamela . . . I love all your bits and pieces of Christmas . . . Candle light, snow, colors and trim . . . very nice indeed.

  28. Christmas used to always be a couple of days making special cookies. But my husband is now diabetic and cannot stop after eating just one or two. I haven't had Chicken Bones in years. Suddenly I am craving one! ;)

  29. Your tree is lovely and so perfect. We have snow on the ground and it it does not warm up, we will have a white Christmas.

  30. Lovely Pam...haven['t thought of chicken bones for years! They were always accompanied by ribbon candy in our home! I love your snowy header. And your photos are lovely!

  31. Hi Pamela, your tree is beautiful, burlap, hum I'll have to get some and replace the ribbon this year. I had to laugh when I came across the chicken bones, we got a bag way back when we were in St. Stephen and had to get another bag only about 1 week ago, and I too have only one a day, sometimes I forget like yesterday, thanks for the reminder, I'm going to have two today.

    I love driving around at night and having a gander at all the lights everyone puts up, I like the old truck. We have a dump truck down the road and it is covered in lights. I'll try and get a picture for my blog. Nuts and bolts an all time favourite, no wonder I get hungry seeing everyone's blogs. All time traditions, well I'm thinking hard to share them M-W-F on my blogger posts but I think stockings are always a big one in this house.

  32. Oh my goodness, what amazing photographs, they look right out of a C'mas movie!!! Your header with all the snow is what I'd love to have...oh well... I love the White poinsttia even more tan the red one. Thank you for visiting me sweetie.

  33. Pamela, what a beautiful tree!! It stands so straight and tall and is trimmed to perfection! I loved reading about your traditions and have to say that I don't think I've ever heard of those chicken bones! I love your red electric candles and always feel cozy when I spot that soft glow at the window of many houses, walking in my sister's neighbourhood in Unionville, Ontario. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely week!


  34. Pamela---everything is very festive---and the candy immediately brought back some memories. Thank you!

  35. Thank goodness for Ganongs :)
    Your tree is beautiful Pamela!

  36. Looks beautiful! All of it. Those "bones" look delicious! I think I'm going to pick up a white poinsettia this year, too! Good choice! I like the burlap garland!!

  37. I like your whit poinsettia, Pam. It has a snowy look to it. I laughed at the name of the candies! I remember enjoying candies called "humbugs" around Christmastime when I was a child.

  38. Chicken bones are new to me...but nuts-and-bolts are a must! And snow at this time of the year is always a great addition to the decor. I have two creamy white poinsettias over here...my pick the last few years! It all looks lovely over there.

  39. i enjoyed reading about your Christmas traditions and seeing your lovely tree and outside decorations. it's lovely of you to share them with us!

  40. Hi Pamela,
    I get my hubby and my mother chicken bones every year because they love them. Actually, Mom already got hers this year. When I was growing up my parents always got us kids barley toys and ribbon candy. Do you remember those? My DIL makes nuts and bolts every Christmas too. Your Christmas tree is so pretty filled with snowflakes and your home looks very festive. I like the white poinsettias too. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post at my HOME and enjoy your day, my friend.

    Christmas blessings,

  41. Your decorating looks wonderful!! I love your tree, burlap is all the rage again this year and you have tied it in nicely to your decor. Such a cozy feel to all your pictures!


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