Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Friday, March 21, 2014

spring is here, somewhere....

spring greens ~ May 2012

"Spring has begun
There's no grass in sight
If the spring birdies were here
They'd all have a fright!"
~ P Gordon
Yep.  That's my poem for today.   heheh

Spring is here.   Somewhere...
That field, which is across the road from us, is all snow still.
And it will be for a few days.... weeks.... dare I say months?
No.  But weeks for sure.  Unless we have a major melt.

I changed my header to give me hope that spring weather will make it's way here eventually.  
I've been visiting a lot of blogs the past 2 days with lots of excitement for the arrival of spring.  And yes, it (spring weather) has arrived in many locales around this continent, but not here.   

"The first day of spring is one thing, 
and the first spring day is another.
The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month."
~ Henry van Dyke

Mr. van Dyke got it right didn't he?

Am I jealous that some of you have grass showing among the piles of snow, or green lawns, or daffodils in bloom, or tulips poking through the dirt?  Yes, I'm afraid I am.  It's been a long cold and snowy winter for many of us and we are longing for warm air, sunshine and some colour in the landscape.  

I'll even settle for dandelions in the grass.

Oh, I know it will come one of these days.  We'll wake up and find the temperature is above freezing (15C would be awesome) and the sun will be shining.  We might even hear the familiar chirp of the robin or the sparrows tweeting from the trees or the call of the killdeer as they fly over the fields newly freed of their winter blanket.  I will walk around the yard and admire the blades of green grass poking through the brown dead stubble of last year's growth and see the crocus in bloom and the daffodil's green shoots poking through the earth.  I'll feel the warm southerly breeze as it wafts across the landscape warming the earth and all upon it.   I'll poke in the flower beds through the still frozen soil looking for signs of new growth.  The sedum is often the first to show.  I'll want to get out the patio chairs and decor and prepare for summer days on the deck.  I'll walk over to the vegetable garden plot and wonder what will grow there this year and if the deer will enjoy it more than we will.  I'll be anxious to get the new shed built.  It will have a covered porch where we can sit and enjoy the view.  We'll be able to have some bonfires in the fire pit and roast marshmallows and hotdogs.  I will be watching for the swelling buds on the maple trees as they burst into lacy blossoms before their leaves form.
Ah, the early days of spring are so magical.   I am waiting for that magic to happen.  Are you?

And do you know what's interesting?  I just looked back and found I wrote similar thoughts on April 24, 2013 when our spring was about 2 weeks later than usual.  YIKES!!!  That's a month away!  Well, lets just hope we have an early spring this year.  We're due for one.

Are you yearning for spring (weather) as much as I am?  

Have a wonderful weekend!  
No matter what the weather may be...
Spring will spring upon us all eventually.  
{I'm a poet!}

Linking to Sunlit Sunday.  This is the second last Sunday to participate.  I hope you will join in.




  1. Oh Pamela, just think when our daffodils are a distant memory you will just be starting to enjoy the yellow gorgeousness. Not long now xx

  2. We are waiting for spring too ... today was lovely and sunny ... chippy was out gathering seed under the bird feeder ... the robins are hopping around .... and small patches of ground are beginning to show through. Spring is slowly creeping in but it seems we all want it here right now!

  3. Oh dear...I don't want to wait until April 24th either, would be nice better than nice! Great header!!! ...:)JP

  4. Oh my. I hope you don't have to wait for April 24th. I am enjoying these brighter, warmer days and the growth that is busting out all over. Wishing I could send you some springtime.
    Love your poem. And Mr. Van Dyke definitely got it right! Have a good weekend.

  5. For those of us who have had a long, cold, snowy winter the days of spring still seem far away. I agree though that one day we will wake up and it will be here. At long last. Your photos are lovely...especially the dandelions!

  6. Your photos are always so beautiful, Pamela! What a breathtaking view you have, especially in the spring and summer. I commented to a friend the other day that as we're all longing for spring, we'll soon be complaining about the heat!! Are we ever happy when it comes to the weather? :-))
    Mary Alice

  7. i am!! - i am really there with you - wishing & hoping for spring. it has to be somewhere close?? i hope. ( :

  8. I am chomping at the bit, roaring to go, eager to get out there. Our street is almost bare, there are a few patches of snow hiding in the shadows...but behind us the yards are white. Weird or what?

    The sun mustn't reach them yet...I hope that your snow melts, and goes away soon.


  9. Really like your poem, Pamela! Don't worry spring is coming.

  10. Beautiful new header, and a perfect poem for right now. We have signs of spring and warm today, but prediction of snow for the middle of the week. It continues to be crazy weather!

  11. They're calling for 15 centimetres of snow today here in Montreal - wth???
    Honestly I can't think about it any more - it's too depressing lol
    BUT it gives me time to continue working on this dump without wanting to go outside and play so maybe that's a good thing?
    Happy Canadian Spring Pamela LOL !!!

  12. Well Pamela you are not alone!! We all need some sunshine and to see the green green grass once again.
    The sprouting of tulips and daffodils...I actually saw some grape hyacinths starting to pop up close to the house.
    Well they are now covered in a blanket of snow. We are to have another 6 inches before it ends. This has been one long winter. Keep the spring pictures coming.

  13. We seem to be of the same mind and spirit, those of us in the north. Waiting. Waiting, and more waiting, with more snow today. Soon we tell ourselves, soon. Have a good week end.

  14. We are waiting for spring in southern Ontario too! I love HVD's quote and oh, your pictures bring such hope to this stormy Sat. morning here in Ont. I think the difference from last winter to this is that winter came early and stayed! no Indian Summer, no mid-winter thaws AND I figured out the here in Ontario in 2013 we had only four mos. with no snow...June to Sept. It snowed here when the lilacs were in bloom and then again at the end of October...

  15. You poem made me chuckle. Oh gosh, I hope you don't have to wait another month for spring weather to arrive.
    If I could figure out how, I would share some of ours with you. The only way I can think of is through blog posts. I'll get to work on that.
    In the meantime, your plans for the upcoming warmer weather sound delightful and your new header is so pretty.

  16. I love your little poems, Pam! Even though the snow is mostly gone here, I'm still waiting for spring. The temps still say it is winter. Your pretty photos of spring give me hope that it will come eventually.

  17. It is slow here Barb but more signs of Spring than in your world. Let's keep hoping it really breaks free soon.

  18. I just linked to this post so others may visit and enjoy! I don't comment all that often but I visit often. Thank-you for sharing your world with us:)

    Happy shoveling and dreaming of spring! thank-you for the visit, comment and 'follow'!

    Our God did promise as long as the earth remains there will be seed-time and harvest, summer and winter so we know spring is coming!

  19. Pam, your sense of humor is still perking along! Keep your sunny side up and, before you know it, spring will be with us. (I did the looking back thing, too, and found it mildly depressing. Seems this spring is more "normal" than I might have supposed.)

  20. I like your photos - that's the only green I've seen! We have 9 degrees this morning...I think spring will come along sooner than later, I hope.

  21. I think I need to change my header too - since there's not much change outside! At least the sun is shining and the temperatures are getting warmer. And I have some tulips shoots sticking their heads out - brave souls. Oh it will come - and remember this - we may have a slower spring but our summers are glorious!

  22. I hope that spring comes very soon for you! Your new header looks lovely, and I hope that you can get out and take some more spring pictures for this year before you know it. xx

  23. Beautiful writing Pamela - there's no doubt you are longing for Spring and all the beauty and comfort she will bring as she shoos Winter away for another year!
    I especially love your photo of the orchard with the delightful dandelions flowering their little hearts out!
    And think of the Forget- Me-Nots, Bluebells and Buttercups all flowers of the fields which will arrive to cheer you as well!!!
    As you are planning your days on the deck, I am cutting back perennials and generally preparing my garden for the long Winter months until September 1st will herald Spring again! As we don't have snow where we live, our outdoor furniture is still used on sunny days in Winter. Most people have a patio heater but we don't and just rug up - the temperature can be 16 to 18 degrees, not too cold!
    Wishing you a happy Sunday!


  24. It was a long time coming but got there in the end.

  25. Yes....somewhere.....certainly not where you live....OR.....where I live.....geeeesh!
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

  26. Pamela, I loved your fun Poem! Yes, Spring will come, may be later than sooner; but it will come! We are anticipating building a garden shed and I am super excited. Would be fun if we were doing it at the same time! I love the Spring blossoms. My favorite time of year!

  27. Spring is on it's way! It's hit here and know it'll be there for you real soon! What a poem, loved it! Have a great Sunday!

  28. We're getting closer, Pam! The Rolling Stones song, "Anticipation", is now playing in my head. I love the new header and need to update mine too so that it is more springy.

    Oh, those green fields and hills and blossoming trees! I like the sound of the new shed and will look forward to seeing it.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!


  29. Oh I know the feeling! We saw robins here yesterday. Poor things, there's no patch of earth around here that's not covered in snow a couple feet deep. Maybe I can buy worms and put them on the feeder? :-(

  30. Pamela---I enjoyed your photos--beautiful--and your writing. Thank you much for your comments on my blog--you sound just like me--you know how you should be feeling--but honest enough to admit you are struggling. Our high and low temps are below average. Things were blooming this time last year---my Daffodils were bent over with snow--but some sprung back up---they are tough little characters.

  31. I do feel for those still in the throws of winter with snow on the ground still. I think we are past that stage now & have been enjoying a lovely start to spring. Your photos here of springs past are wonderful. I'm sure that sooner or later you'll get your spring & it will be glorious.

  32. I don't think spring will be early this year Pam, but if we all think positive thoughts we'll be good and ready when it does arrive. Nice photos help too as you've shared yet it's the smell of spring I really look forward to.

  33. Oh I'm with you! I looked back at old blog pictures too- and it seems that it was the end of April here last year before the snow really went away- hopefully we'll not see a repeat of that!

  34. Oh I honestly would have lost my mind by now :) You are much hardier than I. Here's hoping that spring is right around the corner for you!

  35. Fabulous images of spring! It will be welcomed with open arms when it comes!

  36. Agreed! The early days of spring, when plants begin to wake up and animals begin to roam around, are magical. I hope you don't have to wait until late April to enjoy spring.

  37. Oh my gosh Pam I'm looking two ways for Spring, the real day it arrives, with the bonfires and marshmellows and grass and mosquitoes and did I just say that? Can't wait, you know what? the Hydrangea started to bug outside the bathroom window, can't believe my eyes or what it was thinking..

  38. Spring seems to be in the south and west but not up north! I found a picture from last year that I took on April 19 from yet another snow storm we got! It did melt fast but it was really not welcome at all!! I love that picture of the blossoming trees and dandelions! Weeds or not they look marvelous especially after looking at this white landscape for too long!

  39. Those are beautiful! I think we're almost there, although we have a chance of snow again Monday night and Tuesday. haha!

  40. I do hope spring does come to you soon! And "yes" you are a poet😉

  41. We will have to wait awhile longer for a full spring season to arrive. The nights at our elevation are still too cool for much growth. I did see some daffodils growing in my neighborhood, however, and birds are beginning to make a nest in my rolled up awning. That made me smile!

  42. I hear you and I am so jealous of those pictures with green in them... when all I can see is white... white.. white, everywhere that I look... Maybe someday we will see some green popping up but I am not holding my breath for this year.

  43. Yes, Spring will come! While our world is greening here, the chill is in the early morning air and rain comes and dampens our spirits. The earth will respond...all in good time! Smiles....Susan

  44. Lovely photos Pamela, and I'm especially drawn to the one with the dandelions.

    Here I thought we had it bad here in NY! Let's hope you won't have to wait for another month to experience the sweet smell of that first Spring day.


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