Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Sunday, April 13, 2014

I've been busy

A deer lying in our yard on Sunday morning.

No, I haven't been lazing around the past few days.  :}  I've just had too much on my plate it seems and haven't been able to blog much.

There have been a lot of deer around since the snow started to melt in the past week.  There is more grass in the fields for them to eat and they are on the move looking for food.  

We had company for supper on Friday and then we watched the new Hobbit movie.  Of course I had to clean the neglected house from top to bottom all day and make supper and dessert {chilli and pistachio squares} so, I was right out straight most of the day.  

This is a view of the head pond (lake) near us at 7:30 in the morning.  The ice is melty soft and a pretty blue shade.

We had 4 sunny days in a row with mild temperatures that has really melted down the snow.  Saturday was a shirt sleeve day!
On Saturday morning we decided to take a day trip to Moncton.  We did a bit {very little} of shopping and just had a fun time driving around the city that I grew up in.  We went to Centennial Park and spent an hour walking around the trail which I will share with you later this week.  It was a beautiful spring day!

blackbirds and red wings cleaning up the bird seed in the snow

There are lots of birds around now.  We saw over a hundred  robins tonight along the roadside.  The sun shines on that side of the road and the lawns are pretty well snow free so the robins are feasting.  There have also been hundreds of Canada geese on the fields near the river.  

5 'honkers' flying over the river

and four on someone's lawn

The flats by the river are starting to thaw and the Keswick River is getting very high but still is mostly ice covered with some open spots.

a change from 10 days ago

April 3

April 13

Hopefully I'll be able to visit around some this week.  Things should be a little slower with nothing pressing until Thursday then we have a busy weekend with Good Friday and Easter and practicing with the choir and band.  

Are you doing anything special for the Easter weekend?  

I'll be back in a couple of days.   I hope you all have a 
beautiful week.  Thank you for visiting!



  1. That's quite a lot of thawing in the last few days. I love seeing the geese flying over...and in a yard! Enjoy your week my friend! Sweet hugs, Diane

  2. enjoyed! busy is the blessing of having people to love! God bless:)

  3. glad you're seeing some melting! loved the deer at rest. :)

  4. Love hearing that you are "in the melt."
    Happy Easter . . . I will be back visiting and creating again very soon.

  5. So glad that things are melting for you. Love seeing those Canada Geese on the snow. Sometimes blogging has to take a back seat to real life.

  6. Beautiful images Pamela.
    I can see the colour of the ice - it's quite magical.
    The deer doesn't seem at all worried about you with your camera - they're quite tame?
    I get tired out when entertaining too - as the years creep on I find I can only manage one or two busy days a week.
    I like the quiet life more and more now!
    That's a lovely new photo of you too!

  7. Glad your big melt is under way. I'm wondering if you will be hiding Easter eggs in the snow this year. Happy Easter!

  8. Blogging has taken a back seat for me too, Pam. So many things to try and catch up on. I went to my daughter's near the Twin Cities to see my granddaughter in another show choir. In addition to the group, she an 3 friends sang a song from Hairspray. So cute. Easter Sunday I will be going to church and then to another daughter's for Easter dinner.
    Have a great week.

  9. That is so awesome to have deer right there so close!!! Love it!

  10. I'm so glad that you are finally starting to see some thawing, it looks as though it is happening quite quickly now it has finally started! The deer photos that you took are amazing, so detailed and so beautiful I hope that it keeps getting warmer and more springy for Easter!! xx

  11. Shirtsleeves with snow still on the ground. That sounds strange! I know you are enjoying the warm weather!

  12. Pam, Spring is surely on it's way...when we arrived home, we had grass and an Easter Phoebe building a nest on the front doorstep...AGAIN!!!...:)JP

  13. You were busy. So glad that white stuff us melting. Been busy too. Have a wonderful week. The deer was so beautiful and peaceful looking.

  14. Lovely post catching up with you! Have a lovely Easter!

  15. Good morning, Pamela. You've been a busy girl! lol. I like seeing your photos and the changes in the snow levels. Your Deer photo is really sweet. We don't have any snow, but it was only 11 degrees this morning. The chilly weather just keeps hanging on here. I'm not sure what we're doing on Easter Sunday. My sister-in-law usually has us out for Easter. They live in the country and have a great yard for their grandkids to hunt Easter Eggs in.

  16. It's wonderful to see all of the signs of Spring there where you live!
    There is very little snow here in Alberta and we've passed tons of
    birds migrating South.
    As for Easter weekend, we should just be arriving at our summer residence.

  17. The lovely deer captures my heart. I used to want to build a shelter for them when living in Maine. Lovely photos Pamela.....wishing you a lovely Easter!

  18. You still have a lot of snow. We had fresh snow yesterday. Very cold and icy today. It is nice to be busy. The Easter
    Bunny will hide eggs all over the Garden Spot so the grand kids will have to come gather them up Sunday. Have a good week.

  19. Beautiful sweet deer! Glad to see the melt is happening. Yes, we are in for snow tomorrow, no flooding in our area thank goodness. I have a busy week ahead, lots of Easter prep!

  20. You certainly do live up close and personal with nature, Pam. I see cats, squirrels and birds in my yard (glimpses of raccoons on summer nights) but there has yet to be a deer in my yard. It's a pretty sight.


  21. Lots of changes there! The drone of the leaf blowers is all around me as both neighbors are clearing their yards. (I never get to mine fast enough for them.)

    Those geese look like the most delightful lawn ornaments ever! Do you know the folks on that house? They'd love to have that photo!

    The best way to get the house in order is to invite company in. I should do that! It would be the incentive I've been needing. Alas, it is not my year for hosting Easter so I have asked John what he needs to have Easter dinner meaningful and pleasant. Let's just say that it will be a minimal event.

  22. I love your photos Pamela...the deer laying down in your yard....priceless photo...but oh do they devastate all of our shrubs. My poor holly trees are decimated again but they seem to grow back every year with a little bit of extra holly food. We're just left with little patches now of snow in the backwoods so they should be able to find plenty to munch on now without using our shrubs as a salad bar. :) Your photos are beautiful of the landscape and the snow and all of your nature birds and animals. Love them all !!! Hugs, Kathy

  23. How dear is that Deer? I love that!
    Beautiful the 5 Geese in the distance...
    We are having silly weather here...
    Enjoy your week, Pam
    Linda :o)

  24. Love the deer! How cool to have them so close. Beautiful landscapes!

  25. How cool is that. A deer just hanging out in your yard. That's one thing I haven't seen in our neighborhood but I know they're close by because my daughter and I have seen them when we gone out driving around before.
    I guess I'll just be happy with the birds and bunnies. ;o)


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