Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Sunday, June 22, 2014

St. Andrews-by-the-Sea ~ gardens

St. Andrews is known for it's many historic buildings, homes and churches as well as it's lovely gardens.  This is a garden in front of the shop La Baleine (The Whale).  I love the blue and yellow colour scheme with the weathered post retaining wall.

We saw this gorgeous dark purple lilac bush in a yard near the beach.  Does anyone know
what variety it is?  It was so beautiful against all the green leaves.  And, I didn't edit the photo.

This horse chestnut tree was in full bloom.  These blooms really stand out for their size and pretty colour.  So unique.

This is the Europa Inn and Restaurant.  When I was a teenager it was a hall and I remember going to a dance there.  :)  
We've never eaten there but I hear it's very nice.  It certainly looks attractive with it's double porches and all the hanging baskets and flags.

Across the street from the inn is the Crocker Hill Store.  This store is owned by Steven and Gail Smith.  Steven is an artist working in copper as you can see by the sign and lamp post.  They are fantastic gardeners and their former property, Crocker Hill, near St. Stephen (just across the border from Calais, Maine) had stunning gardens that were open to the public for many years.  They were even in Country Living magazine many years ago.  Steven is also a watercolour artist of birds.  They are a very nice couple and he gave us a little tour of their back garden.

More detail of the front bed.  He just finished the edging before we arrived.  It's so neat!

Photo taken May 20, 2012

The front walk into the shop.  Photo taken May 20, 2012.

 I love the scallop shells along the edge of the grass next to the walkway into the shop.  Everything is so neat and tidy.

This is a close-up of the Korean lilac.  Just gorgeous.

I took this photo on May 20, 2012 of their Bridal Spirea in gorgeous full bloom.

Now, on to the back garden.

This is the gateway as you peer into the back garden.  Another Korean Lilac, lovely plantings, the beautiful gate made and designed by Steven, and the weathered boards are very inviting.  The gate we entered through is almost under the Korean Lilac and is hidden.

This is the footpath that he has laid out and designed.  

These are bits of glass and pottery shards, and old bottles that he found while digging in the garden.  He artistically lays them on hollowed rocks.  

This is under the Korean Lilac that is at the entrance to the back garden.  He has 'cleaned' it up a lot.

This is the back garden.  Very simple and low maintenance.  I love the granite water bowl .  There's a cozy seating/dining area at the far end.

This is the other corner.  I love the graduated granite rocks lined up.  There are rocks laid all around the edge of the cedars now hidden by greenery growing among them.

As you leave the garden you must duck your head.  :)  Don't you love the stone with the 'egg' on top?

I hope you enjoyed some of the beauty of St. Andrew's-by-the-Sea again.  If you live in Maine, it's not far from the Calais-St. Stephen border and well worth the visit.  You will need a passport to get into Canada of course.  And you might want to make a reservation to stay at one of the many bed and breakfasts, inns or the Algonquin Hotel.  If you missed my other recent posts about St. Andrews please scroll down or click on the labels at the bottom of this post which will take you to all my posts on St. Andrews.
Here are a couple of links if you are interested: St. AndrewsKingsbrae GardensCrocker Hill

Have a wonderful week!



  1. What a lovely town! The flowers and lilacs are gorgeous! Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing your visit. Happy Sunday!

  2. it sure is pretty. love the korean lilacs! beautiful stones and paths, too.

  3. Absolutely beautiful place to visit. Wished I were there. Fairly hot here in midwest. Stay cool. Carol

  4. What a truly lovely garden. I love the stone path. Everything looks so green and cool. I'm sure I would enjoy a visit.

  5. What a beautiful place to visit. I love all the flowers in bloom.the lilacs are so gorgeous. i only know them as lilacs
    Have a nice week

  6. Such gorgeous flowers and landscaping! The Korean Lilac is awesome!

  7. Love the footpath, flowers, flowering trees, low groomed grass like shrub rows and the stone row sculptures.
    Beautiful photos . . . garden walk/tour . . .

  8. What a lovely place as you know I'm fond of gardens and always on the look out for new ideas lots here.

  9. What a darling garden so tidy and charming. You are a good ambassador for Sr. Andrews!

  10. Oh I wish I had an orderly garden like this!
    Thanks for the tour...

  11. gorgeous blooms. i love the entrance & exit ... it has a real English feel. i wonder if that is the right style i am thinking? but similar. having to duck to get on through. that is very creative. but not good for the knees or back. ha. ha!! ( :
    i love the flags blowing in the breeze. gorgeous views. my fav is the Bridal Spirea ... don't think i have ever seen that before. too gorgeous.

  12. How kind of the Stevens to invite you into their back yard. Such a charming space, with whimsy here and there - like having to duck down to leave, and the row of stones. The dark purple lilacs look almost like buddleia, except for the leaves.

  13. The garden is so pretty. I love the graduated rocks. Sort of rock stacking laying down. Beautify garden and wonderful photos. How far from St. Andrew do you live?

  14. The gardens are really beautiful.
    I especially like how he has made a special place for the
    items he has unearthed in the garden!

  15. Lovely! We are planning a trip to NB next summer. St. Andrew's-by-the-Sea is going on the "must see" list.

  16. WOW, all of this crisp gardening and beautiful flowers,makes me so ashamed of my mess of what I call garden areas...I have done nothing to them for years, they just kind of spill forth what they will...Pamela, I am letting everyone know, as some have sent messages... I'll be back next week. Having some difficulty adjusting to new medication and old ones, but will in time~

  17. Gardens by the sea always intrigue me. When we go to RI to visit my daughter, the wild roses are just EVERYWHERE and the hydrangeas love it there too!!!!...:)JP

  18. Gorgeous photos! We just moved to the Northeast from Texas and we are always looking for great places to visit! This will definitely be on the top of our list!

  19. It really is so very beautiful Pam!! The gardens are very pretty indeed, I like the shell edging on the flower border, sadly it would not last long here as the birds and squirrels are always digging around and can throw all sorts of things around if they have the will to. I hope that you can find out the variety of the lilac as it is a stunning colour isn't it. xx

  20. The gardens are so lush and beautifully maintained. Beautifully showcased in your photos.

    I believe that deep purple lilac is a French Lilac.

  21. Oh my word, these are so beautiful! Love all of the interesting elements among the flowers....the shell borders in particular. I also notice a new pics in your the tire tracks in the field :)

  22. Just gorgeous. I sighed when I saw that first photo! Love all the touches of blue in it. Stunning!

  23. So pretty! Your photos have given me some gardening ideas. Love that little stone path!

  24. Your photos are breath-taking. What a wondrous Creator we serve! This post is extra-special today because yesterday I visited with a friend who will be in St. Andrew's this coming week-end as her sister and family are moving there right now!! from southern Ontario. They are moving their Alpine nursery business as well. small world:)

    Thank-you for your comment. It makes me treasure our unbroken circle(with mom and dad us kids, grand-kids and great-grands there are 70 and growing) and we have solemnly discussed the rich blessing of each other and that sacred secret of who will be the first to go.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours!

  25. I wish my gardens looked that nice! This one is so well kept!

  26. Thank you for showing us such a lush and beautiful garden, Pamela! I rerally enjoyed seeing it. The scallop shell border is so pretty and unique. If I found pretty glass ans pottery shards like he has I'd save and dsiplay them in bell jars.

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  28. What a wonderful post Pamela. I wish we had such beautiful Lilacs in bloom right now so that I could cut some to bring into the house. Love the quirkiness of having to duck as you leave. Apologies for not getting over to see you sooner. Have a great weekend. Paul. x

  29. What a delightful tour! Thank you so much!


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