Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

summer beach vignettes

It's just about summer and I love to decorate with a beach theme in our home.

I have collected a lot of shells over the years and beach related items plus, I love going to a beach along the coast and walking on the sand and in the surf.  It's something I try to do at least once a summer since we live about 2 hours from the coast.

The above photo is a corner in our dining room.  The two photos are ones I took in St. Andrews, NB.
The two paintings on the right are mine.  
Are you surprised?

Well, they sure aren't going to sell for a million dollars some day.  Probably not even ten dollars.  I did them on a whim last week.   A total of one hour I'd guess.

Here's a closer look.   Just don't look too closely.  :-}

Do you see the beach theme here?  I bought 3 small bottles of craft paint and 2 canvases a while back.  I have other paints too but I bought the aqua and 2 shades of green - my favourite summer colours - and my plan was to paint a beach with sand, water and sky.  I mixed and blended and painted until I got the shades I liked.  I decided to add one pop of colour in each with the sail boat and the bird.  I know, the bird is pathetic.  It's supposed to be a seagull.   You mean you've never seen a black one before?  :-}  I don't have a white paint.  I guess I could have used parchment like in the boat's sail.  Then I decided it is a big old crow instead of a gull.   The bottom photo is the sand dune with the long grasses.  Of course I don't have a thin brush to make the grass skinny but it's 'modern' art ok?  Simple bands of colour with a pop of one thing in the scene.  Well, enough of that.  Let's move along shall we?

The long wood board was found in an old house.  I think it was carved to be an ironing board.  It's about 10 1/2 inches wide.  I added the sea star for the summer.  I may change things on the table later.  

Still in the dining china cabinet is dressed in green and yellow with a touch of pink.

This is the tray on the dining table.  It may change later too.   The cloth napkin is vintage as is the forget-me-not plate.  The glass dragonfly is a magnet.

The tray on the coffee table with vintage bottles and shells.

A vignette on the oak commode.  I re-purposed a candle jar for seashells and beach glass.

This vignette is on the counter next to the dining room/kitchen.  It's a tool box with seashells in it and my little chalkboard from my childhood that I use often as a sign.

Well, that's some of the beach decor around the living/dining rooms.  I will no doubt add a few more things but I don't think I'll be doing more painting.  Maybe I'll do some for fall but, I'm not going to think about that season.  Summer isn't even officially here and I'm not going to rush the seasons.

Parlee Beach, NB  July 2013

I hope you have a beautiful day.




  1. Well you are certainly into the spirit of things! Summer is in full swing here of course. No beach anywhere near, so I love the fancy of it. Your folk art paintings are fantastic! I love art being an ordinary part of life. Love your impulse. The ironing board is a wonderful inspiration with the sea star on it. Lovely summer vignettes!

  2. I like your beach theme Pam and although we live close to an inland lake, it's not the same as being by an ocean. The old wooden ironing board looks like a surf board propped up in the corner. :-)

  3. Pamela, how did I miss the word that you paint too? Your photos are always so well composed, so I knew that you are an artist, but the painting part is news! I love your beachy corner. I have one too, and it just makes me feel so very light and cheerful to see it.

  4. Look at you painting! Real painting! I love that you felt like doing it and did. I really like the colors...they are perfect for that summer beach feeling and they sure do summer up that corner.

    What a great old ironing board...that's got to be what it was intended for!

    You know, it has not rained in the daytime since I learned how to take a photo in the rain. I need it before Friday! LOL!

  5. You have a beautiful home that is wonderfully decorated! I really like your paintings - good for you for sharing with us!

  6. Well done on the paintings ... the beach theme is lovely.
    I sent you an email a couple of days ago saying you won the give away at my site ... haven't heard back from you and it might be in your junk ... Hotmail and my server don't get on and it might even have been trashed. Can you check to see if you have it somewhere and get back to me. I can resend using a different email address that might like Hotmail. Thanks.

  7. Your paintings are wonderful my friend. They work so well with all of your beautiful decorations. I see a few ideas I would like to use. I have a milk bottle and a few sprigs of lavender would look so pretty in it. I think I'll look again and get so more ideas. I love decorating in this style in my home, too! Hugs, Diane

  8. Love the colors! Your artwork is also quite lovely! I also love the beach and want to go REALLY bad :)

  9. i like your paintings very much! you captured the colors and the feel of the shore wonderfully!

  10. Well look at Miss Pamela!
    Now the painter!
    I love your beach theme...but like you...I do love the water!
    Linda :o)

  11. I think your paintings are great! They suit your corner perfectly and add the summer colours that are just perfect for a beach scene. Your board adds some fun to your corner and I love the star fish. Well done you xx

  12. Pamela I think your bird is super! I could certainly tell he was a bird in flight. I love the colors and you really did a great job. I'd continue if I were you. :-)

  13. Good job on the paintings - is this something you do often? Very nice!!

    Love your touches of summer!!

  14. Pamela, the painter of pretty scenes, serene and soothing, and wonderfully marine! LOVE the fact that you were inspired by the beauty of the beach, and captured it so creatively on canvas!

    Your china cabinet is also worthy of a painting, with its pops of pastels and adorable knick knacks! Very charming.

    Have a splendid day, my friend!


  15. A painter no less, my aren't we very talented. Love those photos and those pictures. Beautiful.

  16. Those are really lovely paintings, Pam! And I love the whole beach theme going on. Summer is so short here that we have to take advantage of every minute and accentuate the summer theme!

  17. Beautiful paintings and you've decorated nicely! You have far more talent than I. Stick figures is about the extent of my drawing/painting ability.

  18. You have been busy and creative, Pam! Nice job!...:)JP

  19. So pretty. You must be in the mood for summer. Your bath does look refreshing and inviting.

  20. Your paintings are such pretty colours and fit well with your beachy theme. Well done! Love all the summery touches you've put around your rooms. Let's definitely NOT hurry summer!
    I've been thinking a lot about you out on the east coast with the events in Moncton - such sadness.

  21. Wow, the paintings are excellent, another wonderful talent !! Love the beach / seaside corner. I used to have my bathroom with a beach theme but after having it decorated I did away with everything. Everytime my daughter when to use the loo on her visit she would be in there a long time and when I went in there after she had gone she had left a message in the bath with the seashells!! Kids never grow up, good fun though!!
    We aren't so far away from the coast as you and we have Harry for the odd Monday soon so we may take him to the beach and build sandcastles etc... he also loves picnics.
    Soon we are taking him to Exbury Gardens where they have a steam train, he will certainly love that.

    I am trying to make more time to read blogs and comment, but too much going on at the moment.

    Have a great day and continue painting and posting them on your blog, I am so envious as I am awful at any craft!!
    Jackie in Surrey, UK.x

  22. if we had a beach cottage i would have the look. but nope ... not at our home. it doesn't go. i love it in your home. so calming. i love the sounds of the sea. i guess we have more of a country look or feel. ( :

  23. I like your summertime beachy look for your home . . .
    My favorite . . . you painted the canvasses . . . YOU . . . Love them . . . Black Sea Gull, Large Crow and all!

  24. I love your beach I don't ever do as I am nowhere near a lovely beach!! You are a great artist!! I love the colors that you put together...enjoy the beginning of summer and I hope many days at the beach for you!!

  25. Beaches and summer just seem to go hand in hand don't they? You are creating a lovely beach vibe there.


  26. Hi Pam, I really like your beach theme you have going on this year again. I should do that, too. I do have some shells in the bathroom that my granddaughter picked up for me in Sanibel, Florida for a couple of years now. And I have a huge conch shell out on the coffee table by the pool. I do love the beach scene that I do put together sometimes. Have not had the time yet this year. Your paintings are great and I am glad that you hung them on the wall. I would love to try painting someday. My mother did a few of our church and it is marvelous and one of the old train depot that used to be here in town. (I have the train depot.) I am pretty handy with my hands like her but never did do a painting. Keep up the good work. Have a very enjoyable weekend!


  27. Sop many neat things in this post! And I love your beach theme. As for your canvas paintings...fabulous!

  28. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier Pam :)
    I love your photos, and the beach canvases are gorgeous :)


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