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Friday, July 25, 2014

flowers, history and memories

Day lily ~ American Revolution

Hydrangea ~ Endless Summer Blue

Everything is starting to bloom beautifully around the yard this month.  The weather has been so beautiful most days with lots of sunshine and heat and the odd rainy day or night.  Just perfect.

Double Shasta Daisy

My sister is visiting with our older sister for a few days.  It's been a very busy and emotional week for us dealing with our brother's illness and trying to happily celebrate our birthdays.  We spent last weekend in Moncton visiting our brother who has been in the hospital but got day passes.  On Saturday we decided to visit the Moncton Museum and the Thomas Williams House, and on Sunday we all went to church together which was very special.  We went to lunch together after church then to their house for DQ ice cream cake.   John has not had a very good week and is very low and weak but received his second Immunotherapy Treatment yesterday.  We are praying this will continue to boost his immune system to fight off the cancer and strengthen him.

This is the Free Meeting House next to the Moncton Museum.  It was built in 1821 and is one of Moncton's oldest standing public buildings.   It was used as a house of worship for all religious denominations until each one could afford to build their own churches.  

The oldest stone in the cemetery is dated 1816 and the most recent is 1876.  I love the old orange lilies that are growing around the Meeting House property.

This beautiful old maple tree stands in what was my grandmother's back yard.
I am standing right about where my grandmother's kitchen would have been in this photo above.    My father's mother and his sister lived in the house on this spot until the early 1970's.  It was a beautiful old house with some very old antique and Victorian furnishings.  It was sad to see it torn down for a parking lot.  When we visited our Grammie we lived by the rule that 'children were to be seen and not heard'.  So to amuse ourselves we would go outside and play and often played hide and seek behind the old gravestones in the church yard next door.  

This is looking toward the parking lot where my grandmother's house once stood.  The maple tree is huge and old and I expect was growing in the backyard when I was a youngster.  I'm glad they (the city) at least saved it!  Time moves on and change takes place but memories linger and, although sometimes we need to be reminded by others of the lives that once lived here, we hold a spot in our hearts for those who are gone.

We visited the Thomas Williams House Museum on Park St.  It's a beautiful Second Empire house built in 1883.  When it was built, it was out in the 'boonies' of Moncton, as forest and fields surrounded it.  

Upon talking with the tour guide and telling her of our family history in Moncton she remembered that the fireplace in the dining room came from our grandmother's house.....the one that was torn down next to the Free Meeting House.  Amazing!  We don't remember this fireplace as it's been a long time since we were in my grandmother's house but I believe it was in the dining room of the house.  I wish I could step back in time and walk through the house again and take some pictures!  :)  Isn't it a beauty though?  There was also a painting on the wall from our Grammie's house that was painted by another well known family member who was an artist way back when.  

We were invited to stay for tea in the tea room of the old screened in porch but declined.  Perhaps another day.   We decided to dine at our favourite home style restaurant - Hynes - and John, Margaret and I enjoyed lobster rolls.....delicious!!

Sunday afternoon we celebrated our July birthdays.  Do we look alike or what!  I think we look more alike now than we did as kids.  {probably because I was a brunette, Margaret was strawberry blonde and John was blonde ~ funny that I'm the only one they turned grey eh?}  Sweet memories.

Thank you for all your kind comments on our new deck that I shared in my last post.   I haven't spent too much time on it this past 2 weeks but such is life these days.

Have a wonderful weekend.  Thanks again for your visits.



  1. Nice post Pamela . . . Really wonderful the three of you could spend some July Birthday time together! (Happy to you BTW! ). Loved the story about your "Grammies" house. And seeing the fireplace that came from her home was a nice surprise . . .
    Indeed, the three of you look alike, especially the "blowing out the candles" look . . .
    I will keep your brother and family in my caring . . .

  2. What an amazing bit of history - how incredible that your Grandmother's fireplace ended up in the museum - it's gorgeous !
    Prayers for your brother Pamela - I had no idea - and yes - the three of you look very much alike !
    Try to get some down time on that beautiful deck this weekend
    Much love,

  3. so glad you got sibling time! it is precious - i know. and going back to childhood places - even if some are gone - is special, too.

  4. Very nice to see you enjoying yourself and celebrating birthdays together. Isn't that something that your grandmother's fireplace was saved and reused!

  5. How wonderful for the three of you to spend time together and reminisce about the past. Lovely to see your Grammie's fireplace preserved. I pray that John will respond well to treatment.

  6. What a great time the three of you must have had! I'm so sorry about your brother's illness...it certain was great the he was feeling well enough to go out with his sibs and have cake! The cemetery and surrounding buildings certainly look interesting and full of history. I remember being a little girl and visiting our grandparent's graves...also in a very old cemetery. My sisters and I would have a contest to see who could find the oldest stone :) Great post, Pam...have a great weekend!

  7. Family time, good for the soul. Isn't that fireplace surround just gorgeous! And the American Revolution lilies - stunning. Such a rich color.

  8. So special to be with family, Pamela. I'm sure you are enjoying every minute of it.

  9. I found your post quite humbling somehow. So much in it. Sad about your grandmother's house, but a treat to discover the fireplace - even if you couldn't remember it, there's a bit of your family. Getting together witrh those that are dear to you is a special thing. All the best of everything and happy birthdays to you all. Oh - and the photos are great!!

  10. I am so sorry to hear about your brother, I don't know if you didn't mention it or I didn't remember, but in any case, I hope that all goes as well as it can with his treatment. How great that you got to be together though and go out and about a little bit. The museum is beautiful, and even better for having that wonderful fireplace and piece of your family history in it. That must have been an amazing surprise to see it. I hope that the rest of your time with your sister visiting is good. xx

  11. You all do look very much alike! They turned your hair gray? Do they know that? ;>

    Praying for John and believing with you that the treatments will do their good work.

    That is an amazing story about your grandmother's beautiful mantle being relocated next door! Now you have more to think of her by. Funny...that's how it was in my grandmothers' homes...no speaking unless spoken to. If I say that when my grands are here, I'm joking.

  12. Love all the beautiful images and that mansion is gorgeous. Hopefully John will gain strength to fight his battle. I pray fir him. Yes you all look like triplets almost.

  13. Yes, I see a definite resemblance, Pamela.
    I know it's a hard time for you now.
    Tim and I continue to keep your brother in our prayers.
    And thanks, as always, for sharing your neck of the woods too.

  14. Wow, the three of you really do resemble each other!!! Looks like a nice get together but I have to go back to the flowers, Pam...love those double Shasta's!!!...:)JP

  15. i hope you took pics of the church? ( :

    i love those daisies - so different. so pretty!! that is a gorgeous house. love that details. so fun. looks like a fun day. i will continue to keep your brother in my prayers. i love the last shot with all the July b-day celebrating. we have a bunch in August. Anniversaries too!! August is such a busy month.

  16. Happy Birthday my friend! What a sweet birthday photo of the three of you. I know it's a hard time for you and I'm keeping you all in my prayers. Sweet hugs, Diane

  17. Oh I LOVE your hair my sister does not have grey hair either but hers comes from a box, does she think I am dumb?:) (thought you could use a laugh) Enjoy the time with your family and I will be sending good thoughts for your brother. HUG B

  18. Happy Birthday to you all ! Lovely post and photos . Praying for your brother to bounce back ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  19. Wonderful photos. Our hydrangeas are total duds this year, they say it's the polar vertex. Next year hopefully. I am so sorry about your brother and hope this chemo will do the job. I'm sure you treasured this time with the three of you together. I think you arranged a new header too--very nice. Love that trail across the grass. Have a nice weekend.

  20. Your season sure is a lot behind ours. We have just a couple of daylily blooms left. All the vegetation is getting tired looking. Pretty blooms in your photos!

    How interesting to see where your grandma's house used to be and then find one of her fireplaces now in a museum! Gosh, what a beautiful old victorian house.

    It was wonderful for the three of you to get together to celebrate your July birthdays. I am so sorry to hear that John has had some struggles. I know them all too well. He looks remarkably good in the photo. I can tell you that Jim didn't look half as good during his chemo treatments and was a zoned out zombie due to all of the chemicals and drugs. He's got his personality back and eating again, now that he's on a chemo break. We don't know how long this good period will last, but we're taking what we can get. So please keep the faith that the chemo will help extend his life and actually bring some "quality" to his life too!

  21. Hi Pamela, I just took a peak at your deck, it's stunning I can see why you would want to spend more time there, and I am going to find some inspiration from it also...

    Thinking good thoughts and sending prayers for your family, and your brother.

    I have the very same lily...I think Connie from FarSide would call them ditch lilies..but I love mine no matter what the name. How does the Endless Summer hydrangea perform for you? Is it worth checking it out?


  22. Pamela, I'm sorry, I must have missed reading about your brother's illness previously, but now that I do know, please understand I'm praying for him daily and wishing him a full recovery following his treatment. Tell him to remain positive in thought and that many people are pulling for him.

    Your garden is looking lovely dear.

    Love, Mary

  23. Nice to hear about and see some of your history! Gorgeous photos of the flowers!

  24. Pam I'm so sorry your brother is sick. I missed that somewhere. Praying he improves.

    Love your blue hydrangea. Isn't is wonderful to have all those memories. Glad you got to visit some with your sisters. That fireplace is a beauty. Happy Birthday to all of you.

  25. I will pray that the treatment will help to restore your brother's health. I know you were happy to have family time together and celebrate birthdays. I love your flowers and I haven't seen a double Shasta before...it's beautiful! The mantle from your grandmother's home is beautiful, too! Take care.

  26. Hi Pamela,

    So sorry to hear about your dear brother's health challenge at this time. I sincerely hope and pray that all goes well with his treatements and he feels better soon. There is a definite resemblance between you and your sister, but, from what I can see, you and your brother could be twins, (as my younger brother and I could, too)! Happy birthday to you all and all the very best in health and happiness.

    P.S. Thanks for the lovely tour; everything is so pretty and nostalgic.

  27. There truly is a strong resemblance amongst the three of you. I'm sorry your brother is so week but isn't it wonderful that he was able to get a day pass so the three of you could celebrate your birthdays?!

  28. How wonderful that you could celebrate your birthdays together! Happy Birthday! I hate it when old places get torn down. It's nice that your Grammies fireplace screen was salvaged. Your family obviously has a lot of history there. You have a full summer! I just looked over your deck post. It turned out wonderfully! So nice you have time with your sibs!

  29. The fireplace is such a gorgeous piece!....very ornate and beautiful. I am glad you were able to see your sister and brother to celebrate your July birthdays. ( Happy Birthday, by the way!) You deserve a very happy one.

  30. Pamela, I've been missing for a while too with both my husband's and my elderly mother's illnesses. I'm glad that you are getting together with your families and having good days. I love your flower shots here and your new deck looks wonderful! I know you will really enjoy it. I am also glad to see that you made it through the storm without any worse issues than you had. I will be praying for your brother.

  31. What beautiful places. I'm not sure what I like best - the fireplace, the old buildings.... Beautiful!

  32. Hi Pam, first of all I want to say how sorry I am about your brother and I can only imagine how difficult this time is for you and your family. Lots of lovely memories in this post and a beautiful town. I can see why you loved visiting your Grammie. So nice that the fireplace mantel was saved, it is very beautiful. My Grandmother lived next to an old cemetery, too and my sister's and I would play there - although it was a little spooky at times. Sooner or later one of us was convinced we saw a ghost and would run shrieking. It's been so long since I have been there.....so far away now and I am not sure I could even find it. I have the precious memories, though, just like you. You do all look so much alike - a sweet family photo. Happy birthdays! xo Karen

  33. How did I miss your deck post?
    It looks absolutely perfect Pam....you must be thrilled!
    Happy belated birthday...to all of you...
    You guys do look alike...your hair is long!
    Your brother is looking good...lovely to have all your support, at such a difficult time...
    Guess August will be busy for you as well....wedding and a new baby...so exciting!
    Wishing you all the best..your flowers are gorgeous♥️
    Linda :o)

  34. Hi Pamela! This post was just full of wonderful pictures and history! How very sad that your grandmother's house is no longer....everything changes doesn't it? But...you have these lovely memories! I so hope your brother is restored to good health, very soon! The pergola is stunning!!!!

  35. Pam, your deep burgundy day lilies, blue hydrangea and double daisies are so beautiful!! How nice that you and your sister had some time with John to celebrate your birthdays!! Happy Birthday to you all! Praying that John will gain strength and the Chemo will do its job. Thinking of you all. The wedding must be soon?

  36. Pam, I'm sending virtual hugs your way, my gosh such an overload and overwhelming time. It is hard to celebrated during times of heartache, I'm praying for your brother and his spirits to come up. I can imagine the feeling of walking into that old home and knowing the fireplace was once your grammies, such a memory. Funny as you described "being seen and not heard" I could hear you children in your younger days playing around this saved tree and heading into the graveyard, takes me back. Glad, sad and happy times all mixed feelings, such a great time to spend a birthday celebration. Were all three of you born about the same months? Don' t worry grey is not the colour of beauty in a box, lol. Oh, and the deck will still be there for you later, hugs my friend.


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