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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

look at what I won

A few weeks ago I won a giveaway at Linda's blog, CRAFTY GARDENER.  It was a $50.00 gift card from President's Choice (Loblaw's) which is a large grocery chain here in Canada.  I was so shocked I won and Linda had to send me a couple of emails to let me know.   I decided right then that I would spend the 'money' wisely and purchase some new plants or some such thing for the garden.   The note card was handmade by another Ontario blogger, Karen, at My Little Home and Garden.

I went to the bigger Superstore in our city and looked around for a good hour last week for something.  I finally chose this lovely container already planted with shade lovers ~  2 Vinca Vines, 
2 Fuchsia and and a new annual plant to me, Diascia.  This container is working perfectly on our new pergola with it's dappled shade and I love the pink blooms.  I'll be able to use the planter again next year too.

I also picked up a Virginia Creeper vine which I planted in the corner of the cedar rail fence.  I'm hoping it will climb over the rails and provide a nice red cover come fall.  I also hope it won't go too wild on me and take over the ground.  I guess I can always control it with pruners.  Speaking of which I also bought a new pair of bypass pruners (forgot to take a photo).  

I did pick up another perennial plant which was on sale.  A Heuchera.  I've never had one and always admire them in other peoples gardens.   It was marked down to half price so I only paid $4.00 for it!

Thank you Linda for having the draw on your blog.  
I always enjoy visiting Linda as she is a knowledgeable gardener in Ontario and shares lots of gardening information and tips, takes beautiful photos and is also very crafty.  I hope you will visit Linda's blog and say Hi.  

  It's still very hot here.  Today it was 34C with a humidex value of 42C.  That's about 100 F!!  Unbearable!

The old thermometer by the kitchen window at suppertime today.  Yes, it may not be accurate and yes, it's in the hot sun, but it was that hot.  There might be thundershowers in the night but tomorrow is to be 30C again.  Tropical storm Arthur is making it's way up the Atlantic coast and will arrive on Saturday.  A lot of rain and wind will come from that storm.  It's a good thing the music festival we attended last weekend is not to be this weekend!  I heard they cancelled the Stan Rogers Folk Festival in Cape Breton this weekend due to the impending storm.  Very disappointing for all concerned but it's a safety issue.

I hope your week is going well.  Thank you for all your kind comments and visits.  Enjoy the beauty of these gorgeous summer days.



  1. i bet linda is happy to see you bought plants with your gift card! i hope they all do well for you. we hit 98F earlier this week in texas. and the humidity has been pretty high for us, too. summer...

  2. We'll...you lucky duck! I never win anything!
    I know Linda will be happy that you bought plants...
    She actually mentioned ME on her yucca post! Fancy that!
    We had that hot stuff all week...tonight it seems to have cleared out.....again!
    My boyfriend is heading to Moncton on Sunday....hope the storm is over by then....
    Had hoped to tag along....and meet up with you...perhaps another time...
    Linda :o)

  3. Hey - lucky you! What I know about gardening could be written on a postage stamp, but my wife and I enjoy visiting garden centres (we are a couple of tearaways aren't we?). My experience of virginia creeper is that you may need to invest in a flamethrower unless you're very diligent. Heucheras are nice - loads of varieties (apparently) and I do know they need water.

  4. What a nice surprise and oh so generous. So much fun to get a surprise like that in the mail especially with such a beautiful card too. There's nothing like a hand crafted card...I love getting them and sending them...very special. Thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday and for leaving such a nice message. I'm glad to be back blogging again and seeing what everyone has but up to while I was gone. Our weather has been hot and muggy too...summer is finally upon us that's for sure and the storms blew through here last night with lots of flooding here in Maine and some trees down but we were spared the brunt of it...more coming today and it doesn't look like it will be a very nice holiday weekend either with that storm coming up the coast. Kind of puts a damper on all the 4th of July plans. Glad to be back...Hugs

  5. I love finding perennials..?Especially on sale! The Coral Bells and Vincas as well as the VA Creeper are above my stonewall, Pam. The VA Creeper can be invasive so your new trimmers will come in handy!...:)JP

  6. Wonderful giveaway treat and perfect way to spend the dollars . . .
    Look forward to pictures of your new deck and pergola . . .

  7. Lovely buys with your gift card. Yes, keep that Virginia Creeper in check OFTEN dear, they really grow fast and furious and this year I find it self-seeding all over the garden - pulling out those little devils daily! It's pretty on our split rail fence though - where first planted - but you'll need those pruners for sure!

    Stay safe in the heat and if Arthur comes your way - we're expecting the storms today which could be serious, and yes, in the 90's here too! Summertime……and the living is NOT easy!!!!

    Hugs - Mary

  8. What fantastic plants you were able to get with your gift card!! The gift that keeps on giving year after year. I hope that you (and the plants!) stay safe in the storm and that you don't get too wet or have any damage. xx

  9. Love the flowers, congratulations on winning. Can't wait to see pergola images. It's cooler here today thank goodness.

  10. Congrats on a great win! You have used it wisely, too, with plants that will bring you a lot of joy. I had read recently that cutting out the bottom of the plant pot and setting it into the ground will prevent invasive plants from taking over the world. Oh I have a...what did you call it...I call mine "Coral Bells" but that may not be the true name. It grows right beside the Boleros.

    Can't wait for the new deck reveal! ;>

  11. Congrats on your win, Pamela!
    Wow, you really have gotten some extremely hot weather.
    Are you sitting out on that new deck sipping your tea?
    I'm looking forward to your 'reveal'!
    I don't know anything about your Heuchera plant, but I do love the Virginia Creeper.
    Hope you're having a good day, my friend!

  12. That's a beautiful arrangement of plants! I love the pink. Congrats on your win!

  13. It's pretty close to unbearable here. Too hot to be out except early early morning. Congrats on your win - that cards is so cute!

  14. Congratulations on your win, Pamela! What fun to go and choose new plants for your garden. I hope that Arthur will not cause any harm. We noticed how hot it is out your way while watching the news last night.

  15. I'm so glad you purchased some lovely plants for your garden Pam. I actually won the note cards from Karen's site awhile ago and use them for special occasions. Stay safe and hope the storm doesn't get to your area. My very good friend is heading home to Nova Scotia this weekend so I'm hoping she doesn't drive into any bad weather. Congrats once again.

  16. I never win anything but I'm glad you did! You made some wonderful choices!

  17. Congrats on your win - and you posted some nice photos too!

  18. Congrats on winning Linda's giveaway. The PC garden centres have nice plants, you chose well. Some people get hooked on heucheras and begin collections of the colours. Just saying...:-)

  19. Oh cool Pam! Congratulations. You got a lot for the money!

  20. Lucky - that's a great prize!!!

  21. Congrats on your win. so fun!! enjoy!! i can't wait to see what you get with your new money. that is a grocery store, right?! hope you will share, i'm curious. ( :

  22. I was surprised to see that card when I opened up your post! Congratulations on winning Linda's giveaway. You certainly put the gift to good use, Pam. What fun to decide how to use it!

    Have a lovely weekend.


  23. hey lucky girl.


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