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Thursday, August 7, 2014

along the mighty Miramichi River

Looking up river from Wilson's Sporting Lodge on the Miramichi River

Hi everyone!

We were visiting along the Miramichi River in central New Brunswick just over a week ago.  The Miramichi River is known for it's salmon fly fishing and is famous around the world as many great and famous people would come here in past years for the thrill of catching a beautiful Atlantic salmon.  

Hip waders, used for fishing in the river, are drying on the porch of the lodge.

This old sign was on the original lodge which was located farther down the road/river.

This is the lodge where there is a large restaurant, lounge and a reception room downstairs.  The views from the upper floor are beautiful.  We had a fabulous meal there enjoying the view and even saw an eagle.   Wilson's was established in 1855 in McNamee and is advertised as Central New Brunswick's Four Season Resort.  Their website is here ~  Wilson's Camps.  We are planning on a trip over in the fall to enjoy the fall colours while we dine. 

Some canoes along the shore.

Looking down river.

The old railway bed that runs along the river has been converted to a trail used by ATV's (all terrain vehicles) and snowmobiles and hikers.

Looking up river as the dark rain clouds move in.  The little black flies were so bad we could hardly stand it.  They bite!!  So we didn't stay down there long.

Tomorrow is Friday, the day before our son's wedding.  I won't have time to post then so I am a day early this week.  (at least I'm here!)  It's been so busy.   The weather is calling for thunder showers  most of the day tomorrow.....the day we set up for the wedding....outdoors!!  Then Saturday is calling for showers in the afternoon.  I'm checking the weather on line just about every hour hoping it's going to change.... what will be, will be.   We'll have a grand time anyway.  
My brother's health hasn't changed this week.  He has one week to go until his next treatment.  Please continue to pray he will be strong enough to have it next Thursday and that the nausea will go away.  It breaks my heart.  

Well, I'm off to do some cleaning and wedding preparations.  I hope you have a great weekend whatever you're doing.  I'm planning on enjoying Mark and Jenn's wedding as much as possible.   I may even take my own camera and get some snapshots to share with you later on.  Thank you for all your kind comments on my last post and for your prayers for my brother.  I appreciate them so much. I am not able to visit or comment much but have been visiting a few of you this week.  
Take care and enjoy your weekend.




  1. My best blogger friend lives there. Beautiful indeed.

  2. beautiful area! sorry about the biting flies, though. truly hope weather cooperates for you through the wedding! celebrate anyway!

  3. Replies
    1. that is so weird - this is the 2nd blog i have commented on today & the comment just completely disappears ... wonder what is going on? i love this post. gorgeous views. i have always enjoyed fishing but not the putting them back or getting them ready for dinner. also i wished you well on your wedding. i bet it will be a wonderful time & you will have many lifetime memories. so fun!! take many mental notes and lots of pics too. have a lovely weekend, Pam. big big hugs. ( :

  4. This place will look awesome in the fall Pam. Enjoy yourself at the wedding!

  5. More gorgeous water, and tall, grassy, green fields! So lush and vibrant! Have a lovely time tomorrow, enjoy!!


  6. How tough to have both the excitement of a wedding and the heartache of what your brother is going through. Praying for you.

  7. Beautiful shots of the mighty Miramichi, Pam! Enjoy your weekend and all the family celebrations. Congrats and Best Wishes to the happy couple!

  8. That is gorgeous! That's the kind of river I like to fish! I hope everything goes well with the wedding!

  9. Fantastic photos of such a beautiful looking place , Oh the scenery in the fall will be spectacular ! I am still praying for your brother to feel better and that the rain for the wedding holds off ! Thanks for sharing , Have a wonderful weekend !

  10. Beautiful photos!!!! Prayers for your brother and also for you & your family with so much going on. Hope all goes well with the wedding day.....sunshine etc!
    Enjoy the day!

  11. Beautiful photos - LOVE the "Canoes" shot! I broke my own rule and posted again today - had to do a fence. LOL. I want to cut back posting and commenting to once a week if possible. It's just too time consuming.

  12. Take care, sounds like you have your hands full right now!!

  13. what a beautiful river and your images are gorgeous Pam. Here's hoping you have no rain for the wedding.

  14. It looks beautiful there, Pamela! It reminds me of a Colorado scene, except that the fish would be trout. Have a wonderful time at your son's wedding --congratulations to all!

  15. Looks a lovely spot. I can't get excited about fishing, but like to eat the results! Have a really lovely time at your son's wedding - the informal pictures are often little gems that work better than the formal ones!

  16. May you enjoy a Happy Wedding Day with your son and his bride . . .
    Even with concern and worry for your brother . . .
    I am keeping him, and you, in my caring . . .
    Lovely photos . . .

  17. Yes, the weather must be giving you fits! It truly has been capricious. We were very blessed to drive into sunshine yesterday while the dark clouds hung over our own town all day. So it is also spotty. We can pray for a miracle for the wedding! May it be a beautiful day for all.

  18. Such beautiful scenery. Happy wedding.

  19. Such beautiful pic's along the Miramichi River! I just went to double-check your weather forecast...and it isn't looking too promising. But, whatever the weather...I am sure it will be beautiful from beginning to end. Have a wonderful time...enjoy every minute!

  20. What a beautiful spot to visit. And it would be spectacular in Fall. Best wishes to the happy couple tomorrow, I'm sure everyone will have a wonderful time.

  21. I've heard of the Mighty Miramachi before and it does look like an amazing river. Blogging is great when you get to travel along with friends on their summer trips. Hope the rain held off for the wedding. Looking forward to the snapshots!

  22. BEAUTIFUL photos Pam!! This would be a wonderful fall journey when I retire!! Only to remember this post!!

  23. Pam, I pray the wedding day of your son and new daughter-in-law will be the most glorious! Take a deep breath and all things will work out. No matter what...it will be the most beautiful wedding. Please can we see pictures? Of you and your hubby, too. God bless you all and have a sacred day!


  24. That looks like a lovely area to visit. I continue to keep your brother and the whole family in my prayers.

  25. Hi Pam...
    You certainly do live in a very beautiful part of this country....
    Good wishes for your dear brother...and to the bride and groom...
    Get some pics!
    Linda :o)

  26. Hope the wedding went really well and looking forward to seeing pictures!

  27. This is definitely my and Tim's kind of place!
    I would love to visit there...
    I hope all went well with the wedding, I'm sure it was beautiful.
    I bet you need time to rest after it all though! Just want you to know that
    we are praying for your brother still too, Pamela.

  28. These photos are so peaceful, Pam. It looks like a great place to spend some time.

    I do hope the wedding day went well and that you're recuperating from all the joyful festivities!



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