Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Sunday, September 7, 2014

a river runs through it

Any way you look at it, the St. John River is beautiful especially on a sunny summer day.   It flows through our province and our city and into the Bay of Fundy at Saint John.  Funny that this 'saint' is spelled differently for the river and the city.  

The Westmorland St. Bridge crosses in the downtown.
There were a lot of boaters out on this day in early August.

The north side of the river.  The Nashwaak River flows into the St. John River just past the point where the people are sitting. (photo below)

Looking toward Carleton Park on the north side of the river.

looking south on the walking bridge

the Princess Margaret Bridge crosses below Fredericton

When you leave the bridge you see this beautiful view of the green along the river with the spire of Christ Church Cathedral across the street.

This isn't the street.  It's the walking trail that follows along the river in the downtown of Fredericton. It's a beautiful place to enjoy the beauty of nature, the city and the river.  

When we got back to my car next to the cathedral we heard a noise in this oak tree.  We looked up and saw this little fella looking down at us.  Raccoons in the city.  So cute but so destructive.  I wonder how many garbage cans he raided that night?

I wonder if he has a nest in this broken off part of the tree.  This was at least 30 feet up.

I see you.

I love our nearby city, the capital of our province of New Brunswick.  We are blessed to live here.

After 3 days of temperatures in the low 30'sC with a humidex into the low 40'sC, today it dropped to 23C with no humidity.  It truly felt like a typical fall day and was quite nice although I must say I'm going to miss the heat of summer.   The nights are definitely cooler too (9C last night).....almost down to frosty temperatures (zero).  There'll soon be frost on the pumpkins.  We'll have many more beautiful days ahead to enjoy the outdoors though.   I do have some major weeding to get done.  I can't hardly find the cucumbers and squash in the garden for weeds.  What a mess!  I hope to make Lady Ashburnham pickles this week.  Are you into pickling yet?
Speaking of the new season coming up....I even managed to get some fall decorating done since we got home.   I still would like to buy some fall mums and pumpkins for outside....perhaps later this week.  Have you started any fall decorating or preparations?  

Thank you for all your kind comments and congratulations on the birth of our new grandson.  I appreciate it so much.   I hope you have a wonderful week ahead.




  1. love the blues and greens in these photo. not a big fan a raccoons. little bird feeder/horse feed raiders! :) so cute, though.

  2. I know I've said it before on your posts, but your photos really show why New Brunswick was once called 'The Picture Province'!

  3. Oh sweet friend, I'm so glad you're back with your amazing photography, I've really missed you 'both'... you and your photography, I mean! New Brunswick is gorgeous and specially through your lenses. Thank you for sharing and happy to have you back.
    Have a great week, ahead.

  4. lovely scenery and beautiful river. the coon is so cute.

    it feels like fall here too....i'm excited. i love fall.

  5. Pamela, beautiful river images. What a cutie that raccoon but yes no doubt he's been in garbage cans. I've bought a few fall decor things. Have to get to decorating soon. Carol

  6. Gorgeous photos Pamela . . .
    Beady eyes watching you pretty cute . . .
    Happy decorating . . .

  7. Haha, that little raccoon rascal was watching you! I have done the bare minimum on fall decorations so far. I need to pick up some mums this week.

  8. All the way to the Bay of Fundy? Wow...
    You really got a great shot of that cute racoon.
    And yes, sadly they are destructive!
    As for Fall, I just finished a Fall banner for my repurposed window.

  9. Beautiful, beautiful pictures. Each one hold something exciting to look at. I am delighted to hear about your new little grandson. Wonderful news. Congratulations to all of you!

  10. He is a cute little fellow.
    It's a beautiful part of the world and I like all the walking paths so you can enjoy it.


  11. Oh I missed the birth of your Grandson Congratulations. Oh your photos are magnificent it is so pretty there. Take care and I have only picked tomatoes so far. Hug B

  12. We stopped in Fredericton last week, every time it is built up a little more, so different from when I lived there.

    Congratulations on your new little baby, I missed it, no blog reading on vacation!

  13. It's finally cooler here too and I have started decorating for fall. I got mums but no big pumkins yet. Your photos are lovely as always. I am looking forward to seeing your home dressed for fall!

  14. I love that city too! I was so surprised when I visited it a few years ago, and have been wanting to get back ever since. Really pretty shots Pamela.

  15. Now that is some river. We don't have rivers like that here. And yes, we are awaiting fall. Jack Frost should make his appearance in a few weeks. I am rather looking forward to his arrival.

  16. How beautiful! And I love that bridge photo at the beginning. I have a fondness for bridges. Not sure why, but they've always captured my attention.

  17. Lovely photos...

    Beautiful area, to be photographed...

    You have a perfect right to love and be proud of this area. :-)

    Gentle hugs,

  18. The St. John River is beautiful in so many ways.
    Like you, I came home to a garden rampant with weeds and trailing vines. I'm dealing with all that this week and hoping to get a pot of mums on the front porch at very least.

  19. I love your bridge photos. They're beautiful!

  20. Great photos, Pamela....the first one of the bridge is amazing! Looks like a beautiful day...and well, the llittle raccoon...he's just adorable!!

  21. Pam your photos of the river and it's surroundings are just beautiful! No wonder the people are having such fun!! Love that shot "I see you"...:)JP

  22. Hello Pam
    Have just popped in from Tessa's blog and see you live in a fabulous part of the world. We are frequent visitors to The Maritimes, we have family in Nova Scotia so trips are mainly to the province but alas never to New Brunswick. As well as time in NS last year we revisited Newfoundland - I'm sure we'll make to your place some time, probably come across the water on the ferry from Digby.
    Love these fresh clear photographs of the area near to where you live. I'm sure there are more to see on other pages of your blog. That's where I'm off to now
    Take care

  23. The river is sooo beautiful in these photos! Yes, I know raccoons are destructive, but they are God's creatures and, after all, they were here before us. We humans have taken over their spaces so I think we need to be a bit understanding about their needs. Having said that, they sure can be problems! lol

  24. The mischievous raccoon looks so cute up in the tree (where he belongs)! A few years back my folks and I helped some friends clean out a barn they were renovating to become their house. There must have been a half dozen or so raccoons in the walls that we saw--it was an exciting day! Love the photo of the bridge!

  25. Great pictures. The water looks so refreshing but for todays weather a little cool..
    And that little raccon is so cute but I know they can be destructive.


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