Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Monday, September 15, 2014

a walk around the beaver pond

Sunday was a dreary, cloudy, grey and cool day but we decided to go for a walk in the park after church and lunch.  We haven't been out there all summer.  I can't believe we are half way through September already and we never once walked the beaver pond trail.  I guess we were so busy with the yard, garden, and deck and all else that was going on this summer that we just didn't make the time.  

I just about froze too!  Well, not really froze.  It was 15C. (about 60 F) but the clouds and the cool wind chilled me to the bone.  

Here is one of 2 beaver lodges in the pond.  We didn't see any beaver today though.  Never have.

I believe these are elderberries.  This bush was loaded with them.  I guess the birds haven't found them yet.  Speaking of birds.  We didn't see or hear one bird out there.  Strange.  

Beautiful reflections on the water.

Goldenrod was abundant as were a few bees.

A mushroom that has a bite out of it.

We couldn't get over the numbers of downed trees from Tropical Storm Arthur that came through in early July.  There were thousands and thousands of trees that fell from this storm and Mactaquac Provincial Park lost about a thousand as well.

I'll share more pictures with you next time.


We have a frost warning for our area tonight but since we are quite high up on this ridge we hopefully won't get cold enough.  I'm going to throw some towels on my planters tonight, just in case.  Have you had frost yet?  They (the weather people) say we will have a nice high pressure system come in for the rest of the week with nice seasonal temperatures.   I'm sure missing our summer weather and the longer days already.  Are you?  It seems once we get supper over with the sun is already going behind the hill and it gets so cool.  Our yard work will have to be done in the daytime and on Saturdays now I guess.  

I started my Lady Ashburnham pickles today and will cook and jar them tomorrow.   They are a nice mustard pickle with cucumber and onion chopped fine, and a favourite of ours.  I didn't get many cucumbers from the garden as the deer and crows ruined them and some of them simply turned to mush under the leaves and weeds. 

The harvester has been cutting the fields around here the past week.  They didn't finish this one yet. (this was last week)

I caught these two bucks going into the field last week.  They soon disappeared in the long grain.

Well I must get those towels out and cover my beloved annuals.....just in case.  ;) 
Have a wonderful week.  I'll see you soon.



  1. seasons change quickly up there, for sure. :) a/c still running here. still hitting 90s, but certainly enjoying some temps in the 80s for a while. :)

  2. Unbelievable so many trees were downed from that storm. Love the photos. No frost here yet but it's much cooler. Love Fall.

  3. Hi Pam....
    Great water shots....too bad about all the trees...always makes me sad....
    Cool here as well, but warming up for the weekend....YAY!
    I'm with you....I miss summer already...
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

  4. We love Lady Ashburnams here, too. I wish that I had a good cucumber source. Do you raise your own cukes?

    Gosh, I know what you mean...that 60F with a stiff breeze can chill one to the bone.

    Say, you need to edit your "About Me" now that you have a new grandbaby. =D

  5. Such great photos...seasons changing gradually here on the Plains of West Texas. The last few days, we;ve had clouds and sprinkles and love it.
    I am never ready to turn loose of summer but........

  6. Great photos, Pamela. I hope that you can save your annuals for a few more days or weeks. No frost here yet, that usually comes in mid-October. I'm enjoying these lingering summer days even as the nighttime comes earlier and temperatures drop. The beaver pond looks like it could be here in BC. Such industrious creatures.

  7. Your photos are always so beautiful Pamela.
    May I ask what your camera is? I will be buying one next week...
    It has frosted here. My flowers are in the garage waiting for me to repot the geraniums for inside.

  8. Wonderful photos ! No frost for us here yet but it has been dewy and down to 5C the past few mornings . This morning is cloudy with fog temps are 10C then the according to the weather web site it is to become sunny and quite pleasant . Hope you can save your plants ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  9. We had a light frost last week, ending the garden. Our farmer friend had his sweet corn frosted, actually frozen, ending his sweet corn sales. It was a very early freeze, now we will probably have weeks of pleasant weather, which I will not mind. Love the harvest photos. Wheat fields always give us gorgeous fall photos.

  10. I can see the foliage is starting to get a little tired looking up there. We finally got a cool front through, starting a couple of days ago, so now it is bearable. We won't have frost here until sometime next month. Some of our flowers in pots were way past their prime, so we gave them a toss the other day. We also trimmed up the speedwell plants because the blooms had gotten so beat down and wild looking.

  11. Just love photos of mushrooms!!! :-)

    No frost warnings yet, right here. But they are being put up, for near.

    We don't have many tomatoes, left. But daughter-in-law next door, has some peppers and tomatoes. :-)

    One thing about a hard frost! Around here, "they" say that we can;t have Indian Summer, till after a hard frost. :-)


  12. Frost? That seems far in the we are enjoying our Indian summer with sweltering temperatures every day. It was 30° C yesterday. But we know this too will soon be over...and fall is around the corner.

    Beautiful pic' always!

  13. I love visiting a beaver pond - when the beavers are in residence. It's so beautiful. I'm not looking forward to winter and snow, but I know it will come, and fairly soon I think (regardless what the woolly bear caterpillars tell us). ;-)

  14. Your photos are lovely. I've been thinking how I love gray days now, maybe because it seems more fallish to me or like winter is approaching. And I think photos are really good taken out of bright sunlight. Four bucks in our neighborhood the other day (and we live in a suburban area near a busy road…they are everywhere!)

  15. Oh how lovely! I wish I could have walked with you around the beaver pond! I have never seen bucks in the wild, so this is very special indeed! And frost? That would be most welcome too! Thank you for sharing your world!

  16. I love taking photos on gray days...maybe even more than sunny ones... unless it is either very early or late and the sun is low in the sky. I love these of the beaver pond and it looks like a great place to spend some time. We are cooling off here but imagine we will still have some warm signs of frost in the immediate future :)

  17. Gorgeous! These remind me of my trips to Canada. Love the bucks in the field! Nice shot!

  18. Hi Pamela,
    What beautiful photos! It has gotten cold here in Maine too...60's during the day and quite a bit colder at night. Where did August go???


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