Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Friday, October 17, 2014

this and that from this week

It's a hay day.

It's Friday again and I thought I'd share some random photos from this week that just passed.   The above photo I took while I was preparing Thanksgiving dinner on Monday past.  I looked out the kitchen window and saw the tractor and wagon full of bales passing over the field.  I guess they must have had their dinner on Sunday.

This container of summer annuals is on our pergola.  It has bloomed profusely all summer and fall.  I'll definitely be buying fuchsia again.  It's an annual I've never had before and the pergola is a perfect spot for it.

The hydrangea bush is so pretty with it's rosy tinted blooms and golden leaves.

The large creamy marigolds were full of blossoms this year.  The frost left a rose tint on the edges of some of the blooms.  Don't they resemble carnations?  We haven't had a killing frost yet.

What's this?  It might be a snack with my cup of tea.  :)  I found these Purity brand ginger cookies at the grocery store and at Walmart recently.  They are made in Newfoundland and there was several different products on the shelf from that company.  I remember a similar type of cookie when I was growing up.  Do any of my Canadian friends remember these?  I also remember spreading them with butter, real butter, and cheese tastes really good on top of them.  Yummy!

On Wednesday it was a really warm day - 24C - and some clouds moved in before sunset.  I was watching out the window (while doing dishes, I don't just watch all day long LOL) and all of a sudden the yellow turned to coral/orange/pink and blue.  It was stunning.  The clouds looked like smoke blowing across the sky.  It was amazing!  So, I grabbed my camera and went out on the deck and snapped some pictures.

Look at those vertical lines in the clouds.  Different eh?

I took this photo this morning before the heavy rain started.  We're in a tropical type weather system today with the rain and wind that was over Ontario and Quebec the last few days and with warm temperatures from the southern US.  It's 20C.  Thankfully, we won't be affected by the aftermath of Hurricane Gonzalo.  However, the wind is pretty gusty out there right now and the leaves are flying off the trees.

I saw this cute mason jar ring pumpkin in Better Homes and Gardens on Facebook this week so decided to make one.  It's so simple to do.  They used raffia and a cinnamon stick but I used twine and a real pumpkin stem, which I just happened to have in my stash.  What.  Don't you save your pumpkin stems?  :)   I used 12 silver and 5 brass rings but maybe could have used 1 less as it was difficult to keep it tied tight and standing up straight.  Try it.  :)

Well that's been my week.  Nothing exciting going on.  Thank you for all your kind comments on my recent posts.  I appreciate your visits.  Also, welcome to my new followers.  
I hope you all have a wonderfully blessed weekend and that maybe you will get out and enjoy the beauty of fall.



  1. that ring pumpkin is too cute! :)

    love the sunset photos! and your pretty blooms, too.

  2. Stunning photography of the Fall sunset with the amazing golds and blues. Thank you for your sweet visit dear friend. I so appreciate your visits.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Fabulous sunset photos! And the garden blooms winding down are pretty reminders of the season. I have been looking for white marigolds at the garden centers for several years now, but there are none to be found. (We don't grow anything from seed anymore. No room.)

  4. Great snaps, Pam! Oh, that is the prettiest marigold I've ever seen. Well, I've never seen one this color or this fluffy! Hope you're doing well and I always love to hear from you.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Wonderful photos . . . as usual, you have an artistic eye . . .
    Love the pumpkin, I think I will try it . . .
    I have saved pumpkin stems but happen yo be out of them . . .
    Off to the Farmer's Market in the morning . . . I will score out stems!

  6. Beautiful shots Pamela...especially the evening sky shots! :)

  7. Oh my gosh as soon as I saw the cheese and cookie/biscuit with butter on it I had a flash back as a kid lol . We used to do that with Digestive cookies, butter, cheddar cheese and a cuppa tea WOW ! haven't had that in ages . I use real butter anyways on everything better for you then the margarine that is all processed lol. Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend !

  8. Your past week sounds very relaxing and how nice you found time to make the pumpkin. I will have to look for Purity brand cookies as they sound like my kind of sweet. Your skies have been lovely!

  9. Lovely sunset photos! Looks like your leaves really are vanishing.

  10. Pam, You always have the most lovely photos of sun sets.
    I've never tried the fuchsia before, but love the idea of blooming the bright hot pink and reds is my kind of plant!!
    Will have to check it out next spring. Have a lovely weekend!

  11. Pamela, love the colors and that snack looks good too. Have a great weekend. Carol

  12. Beautiful all...

    But oh that hydrangea bush! -sigh- We just don't seem to be able to cultivate them. -pout- Oh they grow. But only once, flowered marvelously. and he does everything, the articles say to do. -moan- ,-)

    "Here there be musing" blog
    "Here there be more words" blog

  13. I don't think I've ever heard of that brand of cookie before. Those cloud shots are amazing!

  14. Beautiful weather you're having there ,Pamela!
    I can't believe you still have such beautiful flowers.
    I've never heard of your cookies, but they sure look yummy with that cheese.

  15. Such gorgeous blooms! All very lovely photos.

  16. Love that pumpkin and those creamy to find some next year!!!...:)JP

  17. Everything is looking lovely over there, Pamela. I did think that marigold looked like a carnation. Took awhile for it to click. I'm not sure I've seen white marigolds before.
    That sky is absolutely gorgeous!

  18. Beautiful farmscapes, skies, and blooms (love those frilly marigolds!). Have a wonderful weekend!

  19. That sky is gorgeous as are the flowers! Beautiful first shot, too.

  20. Your fuchsia plant is simply gorgeous! It must be the perfect spot on your pergola. All of your flowers look so pretty. We had a hard frost last weekend and all my flowers came out on Monday of last week. Oh, I miss them so much. The photos of the sky at dusk are great. What beautiful sights around your home. The pumpkin that you made is different and I really like it. Have a nice Sunday tomorrow!

  21. Such a beautiful sunset!! I love that mason jar ring pumpkin that you made, that really is fabulous isn't it! I liked all the fences in your last post as well! xx

  22. The days of fall continue to amaze us as the colors change almost everyday. Love the sunset, but I like the tractor on the hill, too. Mild, warm days for us out here on the prairie. Our trees are in the height of their glorious color, but soon they, too, will be bare. I wonder if your storm will reach us? Have a fabulous week.

  23. I have purchased many packages of Purity ginger snaps over the years but never tried them with butter on. They've become expensive at the grocery store and I've tried baking all my tea time treats although some times I relent and buy something.
    Our warm weather is has come to an end and we're back to seasonal temps with a high of 50F.

  24. Hi Pam...
    Why not try overwintering the Fuschia?
    I am going to try one...Linda aka Crafty Gardener did it last year...
    Your sunsets are awesome...nothing like that here for the last few weeks...
    Did you fare ok through the weekend storm???
    Cute pumpkin you made...cut some of those Hydrangeas!!!

    Linda :o)

  25. The leaves are completely gone from the trees here now. It seemed sort of strange this week with warm temperatures and absolutely no leaves blocking the sun in our back garden. I wonder if this is a sign of what our winter will be like. Here's hoping. :)

  26. Awesome photos Pamela! (you know I'm a sucker for sunsets) Those marigolds got a nice added touch from the frost. We had a killing frost here about 4 weeks ago, and beautiful weather since - we hit 27C this week (!) but today was 5C (and right now it's 0). I hear the sunshine state calling ...

    Have a great week!


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