Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

let's talk about the weather

October 31

It's November so let's talk about the weather.
It's what we do a lot about here in the Maritimes.  Do you?  Often after one greets another with.... 
"Hi, How are you?".... we will say.... "It sure is chilly today.".... or "It's so hot!.... or "Nice day out there eh?"  You know the drill.  It's what we talk about with friends....and strangers.... in the checkout at the grocery store.   November gives us all types of weather to talk about.

We had our first snowstorm on November 2.  About 10 cm. of snow and ice pellets along with a wicked wind transformed the world around us.

The back deck on November 3.  

We're still trying to figure out how to remove the winter snow off this huge deck.  We normally would have shovelled the snow off the old deck, which was a third of the size at 10 x 12 feet.  We've talked about buying one of those 'miniature' snowblowers.  The ice pellets that fell left a hard crust and that's not easy to remove with a shovel or snowblower!  And.  See those hemlock trees?  Well, when the sun is so low in the sky during most of the day these trees shade the pergola part of the deck which will take even longer to melt.  I suggested we might wrap the whole pergola in plastic for the winter.   What do you think?  

The snow brought out the robins.  A flock gathered anywhere the snow had melted under trees looking for something to eat.  I haven't seen them since that day so I guess they have moved on.

We had heavy rain last Friday then cold and cloudy on Saturday.  The snow melted down gradually leaving just piles where the ploughs pushed it back in parking lots.

Yesterday, November 11, was Remembrance Day.  We went to the cenotaph at the park nearby for the service.  It was a typical November day - cloudy and cool with an east wind off the water.  By afternoon though, the clouds moved out and the sun shone bringing the temperature up to 10C.  It gave us a chance to finish up our yard and garden work for fall.  We could hear the farmer up the road harvesting the last of his soybean crop as the huge harvester drove back and forth across the land.   I cut greens and red dogwood sticks to add to the milk can by the front door and to make up a couple of containers for the decks.  We put up some Christmas lights but have more to do.  As Murray said "It's not cold enough to do that."  {in other words we'll wait for a finger freezing day to do it}  :-)
We've had our first snow and our Indian summer.  Now we are ready for whatever may come.

November 11 - sunny and warm - a gorgeous afternoon!

The pumpkin has been tossed into the garden for the birds and deer to enjoy.

It's foggy here this morning and will be quite mild with a few showers then the cold will move in for a few days.  I know the west and even the south into the US have had extreme cold and snow already.  
It's coming.  

How's the weather where you are today?

Have a good day no matter what.

Be blessed.



  1. I suppose we have Canada to thank for our lovely, wintery weather here on the plains. We don't so much mind the snow, but the cold at 1 degree with the windchill keeps me by the fire. You pose a very good question about how to clear the patio. We have the same problem. I am hoping that we can just sweep it. Stay in. Stay warm. Have a good day, Pamela.

  2. It was interesting to see that you have robins! What a great picture. I love that we can always talk about the weather. It's a great conversation starter. We had a skiff of snow a week ago, yesterday was 16! and now it is -1! I Jim calls me every day to see what weather we're having. He was in ice-snow squalls yesterday in Wisconsin, Minnesota and its sounds like they might follow him home;) Keep warm.

  3.'s that time of the year, isn't it? Your snow looked so lovely covering your pretty new deck...but when it mixes with ice pellets it sure creates a problem to remove! It has gotten up close to 70 with cool temps in the morning the last few days here...but that's all about to change for tomorrow the cold front is coming through drastically lowering our temps...into the 20's at night. No snow for us but I wouldn't mind some for Thanksgiving! :)

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  5. Lovely photos ! Yes Canada has such up and down weather and we all mention it some way some how don't we ? it is a Canadian thing to do eh? lol The robins are getting more brave every year and staying longer each year to and arriving early if they actually migrate anymore lol . Winter is in the air here the winds have that bite to them and the Tundra Swans are flying over returned from their migration area far away . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day

  6. up and down weather patterns. my sinuses and throat feel it, even here without snow/ice, yet. :) good luck with the deck!

  7. Weather plays a large part in our conversations and greetings too! Strangers in the street come out with comments about the weather past, present and future. At least we haven't had any snow - it looks so beautiful in your photos!

  8. If it dips down to sixty 'round these parts (Tampa), folks break out the fleece coats and shiver like the world is ending.

  9. the mid 50s F... but I know it will change. Murray's comment made me laugh!

  10. How crazy that you have had snow like that already!! I hear that it is going to be cold in Canada very soon - well, that is what the weather people are saying! It is still fairly mild here for the time of year, but the cold will come. Like you, the English are obsessed with the weather, we are always talking about it! xx

  11. I dislike November with its dreary grey skies, its shorter days and cooling temps, it's neutral palette of greys and browns, and maybe white too... But it DOES give us "interesting" weather to talk about! lol

  12. You certainly have had a lot of snow already! We talk about the weather too. It seems so much safer to talk about than politics. :)

  13. Hi Pam....
    Back from an impromptu sleepover at the cottage!
    It was 17* there....BEAUTIFUL!
    Got lots of yard work done.....and even a bonfire!
    Today is gloomy and 3* and windy!
    No snow here yet.....
    Enjoy your day
    Linda :o)

  14. Boy, Pam, you have had your share of 'weather' already. We are overcast and cloudy today, expecting some rain in a day or so. But before that it was beautiful. Guess I can't complain and maybe you should shrinkwrap your deck!..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  15. The weather is a very safe subject and we can all relate to it, tomorrow it will hit 40c on the outskirts of Sydney, that's just too hot.

  16. Canadians from either coast seem to talk often about weather. Here the sun is shining brightly and it's fairly chilly, lows to 0 and highs to 7, but I'd rather have sun and cold than rain and a bit warmer. Virtually all of the leaves are off the trees and winter is definitely settling in.

  17. Given that it melted on you, it's probably a good idea to wrap in that one part of the deck- it'll cut down on the amount of shovelling you need to do. And I might suggest taking the chairs inside for the winter.

  18. Hi Pam.. Love talking about the weather.. Guess I must be Canadian, eh? haha.. It has been a great Fall, though..
    Your deck is lovely.. We have a large deck but we just shovel over a few feet the other side of where we walk in and leave the rest.. Perhaps, that is not a good idea but that is what we do, anyway.. Or Terry does.. grin..
    God bless.. xo

  19. I bought a light weight 'snow thrower power shovel' last year, 'cause our deck has a g lass railing and I'm not throwing snow over that. And the deck is on the lee side, so the snow crashes off our steep roof and makes it even deeper. Anyway, I found the power shovel worked well, though I had to get out there and do it fairly promptly, cause it doesn't handle ice well. I also use a roof shovel to pull the snow drift off the lower roof before it builds up into an ice ridge. Neglected that last year after one storm, and two months later we had chunks of ice a foot thick crashing down - could not move them til they mostly melted!

  20. Beautiful, but it seems you just got rid of winter not too long ago. We haven't had snow yet, but our temps took a huge nosedive last night.

  21. crazy weather eh? but the snow is pretty while it last'

  22. it is so cold. the temps are suppose to get worse later in the week. we will see? i love the snowy views. always a fan of snow. hope you love it too. ( :

  23. Snow...and is it going? I like the idea of wrapping it all in some sort of tarp...but then what would happen if it got too heavy?

    Pamela, I'm so sorry that you are sore in the mornings, that's not good, pain sucks frankly.

    And there I am hobbling out the door in the mornings for those early morning walks, the neighbors must think it's a sight.

    When I come back I'm walking so much better it's worth it for me to keep it up, and they must think, what happened to her.


  24. Your deck looked so beautiful with the snow. Honestly I only let Tim shovel a pathway on our deck because I loved
    the snow undisturbed. Silly:)
    We have a little snow and it's below freezing, but beautiful sunny days lately.
    Take care-Kimberly

  25. The snow is really pretty - love your new deck. We have a large deck and we sometimes leave the snow until it melts, but if it is soft, we shovel it off. Decks are a lot of work....but so enjoyable. Love the snow on the pumpkin :) We had terrible wind and freezing temps here in Western WA the last few days - lost our electricity for a while, but we are blessed, many had damage and still have no electricity. Hope you stay cozy. xo Karen

  26. This was a fun post, Pam. It made me smile, for Wisconsinites do the same thing, talk about the weather. Shoveling that deck doesn't sound like fun. We got the same kind of snow you did, wet and crusty. Only difference is that ours is here to stay. I'm so thankful for good winter outerwear. I have a great pair of Neoprene boots, a down-filled coat, cap, eat muffs, and gloves. I'm ready. :-)
    Blessings on your day.

  27. Today in McBride BC, on the Alberta border next to Jasper National Park, it is,-20. On the drive here yesterday from Terrace, we saw snow on the side of the road. The small streams and lakes are frozen.

    It is fair to say winter has arrived in the rockies. We crossed the Alaska highway near Smithers and the overhead flaashing sign said Snow Covered. We also see CHAIN UP spots below every large hill, and CHAIN OFF at the top. It is a good thing there is no snow on the roads today. If we had snow like you has in NB last week, we might be stuck here till spring. Hoping for warmer weather in Kelowna tomorrow.

    I am glad you had sun for Remembrance Day. It helps encourage people to participate.

  28. Wow so strange to see snow! We've gotten down to below freezing which is very odd for Atlanta at this time of year. We are cold!

  29. Brrrrr Pamela!! They are saying it'll be colder this winter than last!!
    We're down in the low 20s here in Atlanta!! Wishing we had a good wood burning stove!!
    It's interesting how a cover of snow changes the appearance of the scenery!

  30. Wow, that was a pretty deep snow already! Cold weather has settled in here and I think it may stay a while. I'd like to see a few snows this winter, as long as they don't interfere with our trips to the doctors and the grocery store, LOL. I was going to heave our big pumpkin down to the back woods for the wildlife, but Jim insisted that we keep it on the porch through Thanksgiving.


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