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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I'm still here!

I'm sorry I haven't been around much the past week.  It is just such a busy time of the year isn't it?   I've been shopping, wrapping, writing cards (a few), practicing with our choir for our music night this  coming Sunday, celebrating my sister and brother-in-law's 50th wedding anniversary, etc.   
One thing we haven't been doing is shovelling snow as you can see by these photos taken last Thursday afternoon after we had all the rain.  The warm sun made an appearance for about 20 minutes and the fog was lifting from the cold ground.   It looked so pretty with the fog moving about.  You couldn't get a photo edit to do it so nicely.  Most of our snow is gone again.

The weather has been so dull.  The days are so short and dark right now and they are really affecting my mood. I'll be glad when the new year comes and January's snow and cold will make the landscape brighter and the lengthening days will make my spirits brighter as well.  

  I finally got the big parcel that has to be mailed ready to go.   I had to pay double the price for it to get to Calgary for Christmas!  Our postal system is so expensive but I guess it's cheaper than flying there myself, which would be the more fun option of course.  Sigh.  How I wish.

Wilson's Sporting Camps is in McNamee on the Miramichi River.  This is where we had the party for my sister and her husband on Saturday.  It was just family and we had a great time, excellent food and delicious cake.  

A similar view in August.

I shared about our visit to Wilson's Sporting Camps when we were there this summer and had a wonderful meal.  As you can see there is no lack of snow there.  When we got rain last week they got a lot of snow first followed by rain.  The river had been frozen over but the rain thawed it and the ice flowed downriver and jammed in Blackville.  This doesn't usually happen until the spring.

The view from the dining room.

Here is the same view in August.

This is the fireplace in the dining room we were in.    
And that is a very big 'stuffed' salmon on the wall above it.  

The pretty little Anglican church in Ludlow.

On the way home we drove through St. Mary's First Nation in Fredericton.  They go all out with Christmas lights every year and people from all over drive through their streets to see them.  We were a bit disappointed that there were very few houses lit up but we thought maybe it was because it was only 5:00 and not quite dark enough.  

This house had the most lights and displays.  Fun!

Speaking of displays....this is the one at Santa's in the mall.  A man who designs for Theatre New Brunswick designed this winter wonderland.  It is really beautiful up close with so much detail.

This is my friend's sweet store, Savour Decor, downtown.  I'm inside looking out one of the beautiful windows.  There is an old window suspended from the ceiling above the window with fresh greenery and twinkle lights.  On the outside of the store there is more greenery across the awning.  She has some really beautiful giftware so I did some Christmas shopping there.

One of the beautiful displays in the store.  Someone restores old furniture to sell
in her store.  Isn't this vintage sideboard gorgeous?

Well, I am finished my shopping and most of my wrapping.  That means I'm just about ready for Christmas.  How about you?  Are you still struggling to complete your preparations?   I can't believe where this month has gone already.  

I will try to visit around a bit but probably won't be posting as much.  We'll see how busy I get.  

I hope you all take care and take time to really enjoy this beautiful season.  




  1. All gorgeous photos...# 3 is my favorite I think. I am just glad I have this weekend to finish everything...hopefully. We noramlly stay at home on Christmas but this year we are heading to Nashville to our youngest son's family. I don't think I have an extra moment to spare to get ready before we leave in the wee hours on the 24th. It will get done...just a little overwhelmed at the moment. If I don't "see" you, I wish you a most blessed Christmas!

  2. I can't believe how little snow you have Pamela !
    We were late but it's here now to stay I think ( although the weather's been pretty mild - it's not mild enough to melt it) Gorgeous images as always - but you know that my absolute favorite is the painted sideboard, right? LOL
    Talk about a gorgeous piece of furniture !

  3. I remember Wilson's Camp from your summer photos. It's beautiful in Winter as well as the summer time.
    I understand why you've been so busy-whew! Lots to do.
    I hope you get snow by Christmas! I remember last year you had to call off your church concert because of such bad weather. You never know from one year to the next, do you?
    Glad you are doing well, Pamela.

  4. Some beautiful scenes indeed!! It is lovely to see how everyone gets ready for Christmas in your part of the world and to catch up on what you have been up to! I hope that you enjoy the rest of your preparations. I love your idea of taking the parcel yourself, I think that sometimes you are right in that it would be cheaper and more fun to go yourself!! xx

  5. Wonderful photos ! It is pouring rain and dreary here and all still green ! Have fun at your concert night . Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  6. Hi Pam......
    Glad to see you are well.....and kicking!
    Lots of fun with your Sister.....congrats to them!
    I got my prezzies organized this aft.....must get Miss V a few more toys! Hahaha!
    I mailed a crochet cowl, to my friend who just moved to BC.....COST $13!!! Yikey Mikey!
    The yarn didn't cost me that much!
    Good luck with your choir....
    Enjoy your week
    Linda :o)
    ps.....same crummy yucky weather here:o(

  7. that winter display is something! happy no-shoveling-snow december to you! :)

  8. Every day I think I'm done....and the next day I find more to do! I love to send packages but it sure adds to the cost of the gifts. I LOVE the photo of the church...how beautiful! Enjoy your week sweet friend! Holiday hugs, Diane

  9. Wonderful, lovely photos Pamela . . . Love the one with the greens at the beginning of the post. Cedar greens maybe? Nice photo . . . You make everything look wintery and filled with the holiday finery with your photos. Always a treat to see your posts.
    Happy music night at church. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  10. Yeah. Glad you're still around. Stay warm...with a camera in your hand.

  11. I love viewing your beautiful pictures Pam! Yes postage here is highway robbery. $1.00 for one stamp or .85 cents if you buy a book. I cut down a limitless this year. My cards on cost $25.00 this year! We are having a dreary day and much fog here.

  12. thanks for the lovely tour of your neighborhood. If you don't post again I sure hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

  13. That winter wonderland is marvelous! And I really enjoy the contrast between the August shots and now.

    In regards to your question at my blog, yes, Sparks Street is a pedestrian mall. Not quite as active in the winter, though!

  14. Beautiful pictures of the happenings in your neck of the woods! You have beautiful views from your property! I like doing comparison shots as well and like how you have shared winter and summer pictures! Have a wonderful rest of the month ! It has gone by very fast!!

  15. Dull dreary rainy overcast and now weekend snow is coming. That's the weather the past 3 weeks and now this is the 4th. It's killing me. And work is terrible and has been since well the sun last shines 3 weeks ago. I could go on. I can see you aren't in dire straits as I am but could use some sun or some snow to brighten up things. I surely hope you get some.

  16. A lot of dark wet grey dull short days here too - but we're nearly ready!

  17. Things are getting busier for me as well as we host family two weekends in a row. I've noticed many aren't blogging as often and rightly so when there are better things to do with our time than sit in front of a computer. We can all catch up in the new year.
    A few more things to wrap and I'm ready! All of our snow is almost gone so not sure whether it will be a white Christmas this year.

  18. Pam, we have had zero snow as well! I have been loving the record breaking temps, but we will certainly pay for it later. Just wouldn't be Christmas without snow. It really does make everything look magical! That is such a gorgeous place to have a party. And that church photo, oh my; that could be a postcard. Stunning! I am pretty much ready and just enjoying the beauty of the holiday!

  19. Beautiful post with gorgeous views! I haven't been at my computer very much either. Just too many other things going on. Have a great Christmas!

  20. Thank you for the tour! We haven't seen a snowflake yet which suits me fine! Have a great Christmas!

  21. Time is flying and you seem to be using yours wisely! Celebrating a 50th Anniversary is such joy. Always a good thing to see a marriage last so many years. We have another day of pouring rain...it certainly has been a depressing month as far as weather goes. Good thing we find our true joy in other plsces.

  22. places...can't let the typos go...

  23. I loved visiting your blog (and your part of the world). I thought it would be an excellent idea to follow you so I did just that. Hope you will drop around to visit me.

  24. Hi Pam,
    Your pictures are lovely and your third one is pretty enough for a card! Yes, we are all busy and time seems limited. I have a batch of cookies and one more fruit cake to make and the baking's done until Christmas Eve when I make the pumpkin pies and mincemeat tarts. Hubby helped me make donuts last night. I don't have a donut maker so everything is done by hand. A lot of work but they sure are good! Enjoy the days leading up to Christmas and from my heart to yours, Merry Christmas, my friend!


  25. I love your first shot Pamela, so atmospheric. I'm at the panicking stage now, so I'm just keeping focused and plan to be ready by the weekend. Have a wonderful Christmas xx

  26. Lovely photos, Pam, in spite of the lack of snow. I'm not nearly ready yet, but everything that needs to be done, will be done. The rest can be left. I'm sewing a few things and hope to finish up today or tomorrow so I can start wrapping gifts.
    Be easy on yourself. It's a tough year for you. May Christmas fill your heart with quiet joy.

  27. Those are some gorgeous photos! Wow! Beautiful!

  28. Gosh Pamela, it's lovely out East, and it looks like you have very similar weather to Vancouver right now. I didn't know you sang in the choir. I wish I could sing. I try but I'm afraid I can;t carry a tune in a bucket. But I do love singing Christmas carols. And don't talk to me about the cost of mailing prezzies and parcels at this time of the year, holy smokes!!!! It sometimes cost more to mail something to England than the cost of the prezzie. (sigh) Anyway, hope you're having a lovely and song-filled week. :D

  29. Lots to see and read about here today! I hope you got your package mailed and can slow down a bit. Maybe you'll get some snow for Christmas. I love the white church the best of all--so serene and looks like a Christmas picture. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas though I know it isn't easy when you have a fresh loss.

  30. Our days have been gray and dark too. It really does make your mood a bit gray as well! I wish it would snow but there is none in our forecast. Wishing you a Merry Christmas Pamela!


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