Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

we need a little Christmas

So this was our weather today.  The view out the front window was rain spattered due to a big nor'easter storm that is over the Maritime provinces, and southern Quebec and Ontario.  It's nasty out there.  The wind has been howling and the rain blowing against the front of the house all day.  The temperature hasn't budged above 2C (34F).  The schools were closed due to very icy roads and driveways.  The northern regions and Quebec were getting heavy snow from this instead of rain.   I'm thankful that we haven't lost power yet as thousands have in NB today.  This will continue into tomorrow morning but the temperature will rise then and maybe the icy driveways will melt down some.  

We need a little Christmas...

Inside though, it's cozy with the tree lights on and candles burning.  I took most of these photos of our Christmas decor over the past week.  I love vintage decorations so they are seen everywhere around the living/dining rooms and kitchen.  Enjoy.  There are lots of pictures. 

Our tree has a mix of new ornaments and vintage glass ones.  I use the underside of an old quilt for a tree skirt.  The brown and white transfer ware platter on the coffee table is old, the cloche new.  The silver candlesticks were my mother's.

A reflection of our tree looking in the vintage mirror.

Our house is a split entry so this is the view of the bookshelf next to the open stairwell.  I went with garland  after a break last year and this time added my vintage putz houses.  The shelf in the stairwell has vintage bottle brush trees, a Santa sleigh and reindeer, a new Santa and my childhood slate, which I guess is vintage too!  :)

This is a vignette on an antique drop leaf table.....all new things this year for a change and I love the sparkle.

Our dining room enjoys lovely sunshine all afternoon so it's nice and bright.  It's where I blog.  Most of the dishes in the hutch are vintage.  The ceramic tree was my mother's and was made for her by my mother-in-law.  One of those keepsakes that I enjoy.  ;)

Here is our hutch at night.

This is my second 'look' for the table centrepiece.  I didn't like the first one I'd done so I re-did it.  :)  We  use this table for all our meals as we don't have  an eat-in kitchen so I don't want anything big to move around.  I simply slide this over when we are eating.   Plus I have the option of setting out a new centrepiece when we have company....and a plaid tablecloth with our white and silver snowflake dishes.  

The vintage painted table in the corner with my favourite little medicine cabinet.

This is a wall space between the Kitchen and dining room.   The little shelf is filled with vintage dishes and ornaments.  I have two smaller trees in sitting on one of the kids red chairs and the other in the dining room.  The empty crock is where I keep our newspapers each week.

On the kitchen counter I put some artificial greens etc. in this vintage enamel teapot.

This vignette is on the peninsula next to the dining room.  I love these vintage Santa mugs and my white pitcher.  

The skate photo is the front of an old Christmas card that I liked.  I often save the pretty ones to set in different spots and it worked with the red and white theme here.

Well that is a tour of our little house.  I don't decorate the bedrooms or bathroom.   I know some of you do these rooms too and they look amazing.  I find it's just too much work and no one really sees them.  I have some decorations in our family room downstairs but nothing fancy.  I've cut back a lot on what I put out.  It is just too much effort and the thought of putting it all away in January.....just too overwhelming.  I've certainly enjoyed visiting all the beautifully decorated homes in blog land haven't you?  There is lots of inspiration out there.  

I've been writing this post by candlelight.  :)  And the soft lights of the Christmas trees too.  I bought this lace edged tin at IKEA in Calgary and just love it.  I may have to bring a few more home next trip.  At least the power stayed on!

Thank you for staying with me to the end.  I hope you enjoyed seeing our home decorated for Christmas.   I haven't been out taking photos of nature the past week so I thought this would be a good time to do this post and share it with you.  Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment.  A few of you have mentioned that you've had problems commenting the past week.  I am not sure what's going on with Blogger but for some reason they have put Word Verification on all blogs.  I didn't do that willingly!  But, I have been able to comment without putting in the numbers to 'prove I'm not a robot' without any issues.  Hopefully this will be changed soon.  Unless there's something I don't know about this.  Do you know?  If so please enlighten me/us.  Thanks.  :)




  1. Hi Pam, love all your decorations. It looks so cozy on such a day as you are having. I still have to finish my decorating.

  2. I'm back to tell you that if you go to a blog that shows word verification just comment and try to submit it without putting in the crazy numbers. If the blog did not have it before you won't need to enter it now.

    Or like your comments....some bloggers are switching to embedded instead of pop up window.

  3. Thank-you for sharing. I enjoyed seeing your decor and how you create and display. Make me want to putter and fiddle and re-arrange my old stuff to a new look. Thank-you again for the inspiration. It has been dreary here too, but snow is in the forecast for tomorrow. HIGH winds right now. I hope our power stays on!!

    p.s. I switched to embedded option for comments. As far as i know it is okay..

  4. That hutch reminds me of one my parents had.

    As to blogger, even when you see captchas, you can just click publish without trying to decipher those nonsensical words. Embedded comments works well too.

    The weather is the same we're having. The snow started sometime last night and is still falling.

  5. So many pretty touches of Christmas around your home! I love all the sparkly decorations on our tree, and the little touches of red and white. I have the same little white jug in my collection. We had +9 for a temperature here,,,all the snow is gone and it is brown and yucky! I do miss having a good snow cover....Southern Ab is nice, but I do like the snow to stay during the winter months. Oh well,,,,we will be heading to Kelowna for Christmas,so hopefully will get a white Christmas through the mountains! Enjoy your cozy warm home!

  6. Pamela, what a beautiful job you've done of decorating your home for Christmas! I love red and white, and your display of this duo just warmed my heart and made me smile! Your tree is very pretty, as are all your festive touches. I must say, all the little fairy lights really give such a happy glow to the surroundings, don't they? Thank you for this lovely tour of your home at Christmas time; the history behind some of your decorations was very interesting to read, as well.

    Stay warm!


  7. All your decorations are beautiful! I love the picture of the tree reflected in the mirror. I hope that you enjoy looking around at your different decorations. xx

  8. It all looks very lovely - welcoming, warming, charming and, of course, full of Christmas! All we've managed so far is to drape some lights over a naked wisteria by the front door. I am advised that we get serious this weekend! If it's any consolation, the weather's only marginally better over here - not as cold as you, though.

  9. I enjoyed this very much . . .
    We have similar "touches" in our decorating. I like bringing in the heirlooms, some vintage, greens and berries too.
    Maybe it is a "Gordon" thing . . .
    I am missing snow about now, predictions are for a Green Christmas. If the warming trend continues we will have budding in January!

  10. Oh my... Pamela my jaw dropped open when I saw your tree. It is the stunning. Of all the visits I have done in blogland this Christmas, yours is the only one to stop me in my tracks. Wow.

  11. Beautiful decorations Pamela. I love vintage!! :)

  12. Oh THANK YOU I needed this I could not get into the mood you have put me in it as far as decorating and embracing the season. Beautiful beautiful. xo
    Oh yes must not forget be care stay safe and warm you are in a bit of a mess out there. Hug B

  13. Lovely shots. You have a beautiful home.

  14. Your ome looks so cozy and warm. Delightful!

  15. Oh Pamela! Your home is so warm and lovely! What a cozy spot to take refuge from all that cold winter weather! Thank you love, for sharing with all of your readers! Wishing you a lovely holiday season!

  16. Your weather outside does indeed look "frightful". Inside, on the other hand, looks so very warm and cozy. I really, really like your decorating style. Thanks so much for this tour of your holiday home. I love the vintage touches and that shot of the Christmas tree in the mirror is lovely.
    By the way, I'm glad I stayed to the end as I now know where to find that pretty white lace edged candle holder. I've seen them on a few other blogs and always think they are so pretty. Ikea... here I come :).

  17. The storm blew in overnight and is nasty out there here as well, schools all closed. You've created many festive displays around your home Pam which contribute to the cozy atmosphere. I miss having a big tree like yours but there isn't room and I'm fortunate to have a good sized kitchen.

  18. Your home is beautiful. I love your classic Christmas tree. All of your decorations looks simple, classic, and pretty. I saw on the news last night the bad weather in the Northeast. We are waiting on our snow storm coming from the west across California. Oh Joy. We have had lots of sunshine and warm days, but the weekend will be stormy--so they say. I enjoyed seeing your beautiful home.

  19. Oh how lovely . Wonderful Christmas decor and photos of it all to ! Yes we are getting the nor eastern storm well the tail end of it farther up north from us they are getting it more . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  20. sweet decor. you have a LOT of christmas. :)

  21. You have a beautiful home! I'm in awe!

  22. Beautifully cozy with a vintage flair! Just lovely, Pamela. I'm oohing and ahhing all,over the place. Must pin one!

    This weather is foul and I can not wait to see the sun...seems like forever. Third day of driving rain and I have had enough.

  23. It looks beautiful, warm and inviting. I too love the old ornaments and some of ours are getting really old like us! I enjoyed looking at all your special touches. Looks like a wonderful place to be with the weather outside.

  24. It's just gorgeous Pamela - LOVE the photo with the tree in the mirror ( that I noticed you painted by the way !!! )
    And the enamel teapot filled with greenery - just stunning !
    Big hugs from snowy's a winter wonderland here today - warm and white - perfect!

  25. Pamela, I enjoyed seeing your home all decorated for Christmas. I like the use of old mixed with new.

  26. Absolutely gorgeous home and decorations, Pam. The weather outside might be frightful but inside it is truly DELIGHTFUL! :)

  27. Your tree is gorgeous! Wow! And so is your home!

  28. Your home is filled with the lovely glow of Christmas. Such pretty decorations help mitigate the nastiness outdoors.

  29. Pam....your home looks absolutely delightful!
    That tree is gorgeous! I bought an imitation one last week, but returned it as I was disappointed with the look....
    Wish I could find one like yours.....
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

  30. Beautiful! It's wet and mild here today, +12! The dog and I just got in from a wet, muddy walk :)

  31. Hi Pam, You have done a wonderful job of decorating your home--we have the same style. I especially love the icicles on your tree--where did you ever find them?

  32. Pam, all your vintage decorations are so beautiful and I'm am dying over your beautiful tree. Isn't it nice to have the house all clean and decorated when there is such nasty weather outside? We are sunny today after a few days of heavy rain but , burr, it is getting cold but no talk of snow so far. I don't know why the word verication thing is happening. Can you see it on mine too?. I learned from NanaDiana that you can just click publish and it will work so that is what I am doing too. If we don't have to use it why is it there??..Happy Weekend..Judy

  33. Hi Pam. What a beautiful home you have and I love love all your decorations. They give me inspirations as I have not decorated much yet. We need to go buy a tree today.
    We have had that storm and rain also and today it is the same again. Rain and storm But the temperatuur will be 10 degrees C. so it is not really cold.
    Have a nice week.

  34. I love your decor Pamela! I see lots of vintage things I love...from celluloid deer, mercury glass, Putz houses and your cloche display. The tree is gorgeous! With everything health wise with my Honey I'm not doing much decorating this year...just a few dear things I can't do without! It's a joy to see your home!

  35. Your house is looking beautiful for Christmas Pamela! I love all your thoughtful vignettes and I imagine each one has special meaning and memories for you!
    This is my favourite time of year, we always have a real pine tree, the fragrance takes me back to my childhood Christmases. Things were simple, we decorated the kitchen ceiling with crepe paper streamers yet there was still magic in the air!
    Will you spend Christmas with your grandies?
    Keep warm and cosy!
    Shane x

  36. Your post is full of beauty and delight, Pamela!
    Everything is lovely, and yet there is one ornament that more than the others makes me dream, it's the ceramic Christmas tree made by your mother-in-law...
    Thank you for sharing.
    Wishing you a very happy Christmas time!

  37. Yes, it looks like you had the kind of weather we did last week. Frightful! But inside your house is delightful! It looks so warm. What a wonderful decorating job you've done!! I was wondering about the verification thing. I do prefer the numbers as opposed to the letters but still!!!!

  38. Nice set! I changed my settings to embedded for now. I hope Blogger will fix this. Meanwhile, I think Google Earth is getting us to decipher street numbers for them.


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