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Saturday, January 17, 2015

winter cozy

Shelf in the entry stairwell.

Let's face it.   It's winter here in the northern hemisphere and this first 2 weeks of January have been very cold and snowy for many of us.  Once Christmas is put away for another year we turn to winter decor to help bring some cheer to our homes.

Sometimes a collection of snowmen bring a little cheer.

Cozy throws come in handy for TV watching, reading and napping.

I found the plate at Value Village.  It's by J & G Meakin.  I like the soft brown transfer ware and it's pretty rural scene.  The angels are Willow Tree.

A vignette on the china cabinet.  The old photo is of my aunt and my father as children in 1902.  In the foreground are 3 old leather bound daguerreotypes but I don't know who the people are other than some relatives from another era.  

The little tree in the dining room got decorated in crocheted snowflakes and silver tinsel garland.

The old platter on the coffee table has a collection of battery operated candles on it.  The pillar ones I bought at Costco last week and they are great!  They make the living room so cozy in the evening with their flickering glow.

I still have this wreath in the kitchen window.  It is a snow/winter theme so it will stay for a few more weeks.

The days are getting noticeably longer especially at sunset and that makes me happy.  At sunset on Wednesday I realized that the lights and the snowman on the deck came on at their usual set time of 5:30 and it was still light out!  I hadn't noticed this the past few nights but I do know that last week it was dark when they came on.  That makes me very happy.

sunset at 5:30

This is something that cheers me in January too.....tulips grown in Prince Edward Island and a nice Kalanchoe plant that will bloom for months.

The winter sun streams in the dining room window.  My Amaryllis has 4 blooms opened and a fifth bud yet to come.

We all need some sunshine in our lives whether it's with the actual sun or something cheerful that helps give us a sunny disposition.  

I'm linking with Karen's Sunlit Sunday.   Come on over to visit the other participants or join in.




  1. sweet little button snowman and i like the birdie wreath. keep the faith! spring will be there in...a few months. :)

  2. Your home does look lovely and cozy and those candles sure create an ambiance. I have some snowmen and winter trees out for January. I also made a twig tree and clipped all my little felt birds onto it. It is so nice to see the daylight hours stretching out bit by bit. I'm starting to dream of spring and warmer days.

  3. It is lovely to see shadows again isn't it. It may be cold outside but if the sun is streaming through the windows it makes things seem so much better. I love your snowmen and the wreath, they certainly fit the season. Have a wonderful weekend x

  4. Pamela, you winter vignettes are all so lovely, especially that tray of glowing candles. And those beautiful tulips and the the amarillys are just the perfect pops of color to brighten up any winter's day! I hope you are having a good weekend.

  5. How cheerful! You certainly know how to enjoy winter!

  6. Your home is so sunny and cheerful, yet cozy.

    i leave my snowmen out for decoration until about March.

  7. Everything is so cheery and cozy. We don't get the snow here - but plenty of rain. Another big storm is moving in off the Pacific tonight and winds to 65 mph through Monday morning - we are ready to stay in and be cozy too.

  8. I like the flowers that are blooming at your house! I have noticed the lengthening of daylight too, a welcome change...

  9. A lovely post Pamela - which takes us into your life.
    I love your snowman on the deck - sadly we never get snow in Auckland so we don't see them here!
    I have a sweet Willow angel too, she's quite tall and has outstretched hands as if presenting a gift.
    Yours collection of candles looks gorgeous on the tray. I often light one in the evening remembering my family in France. I haven't seen the battery ones here - sound great!
    A beautiful post full of sunshine and light.

  10. What lovely winter vignettes you have created and photographed in your home. Cozy and light are perfect words for January. On sunny days we are noticing the longer days, too. So very welcome.

  11. Whatabeautiful cozy home! I love the winter wreath! My amaryllis is still growing and has no signs of the flowers yet

  12. Wonderful photos, Pamela!
    I especially loved your snowman photo and the tulips.
    Thank you for sharing and have a great new week!

  13. Hi Pamela,
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who leaves the snowmen out and about! I love snowmen. They are "good" for the entire winter. You have a lovely home and cute snowmen! Cozy and warm! Happy Sun Lit Sunday!

  14. Those battery candles have come a long way haven't they? I enjoyed the glimpses into your home. I used to have that same cabinet/washstand. I wonder who's enjoying it now!

  15. Wonderful shots: warm; welcoming. I'm afraid all our decorations are away for another year now.

  16. Loved this . . .
    Especially the chalk board with . . ."In the meadow we will build a snowman" . . .
    Deck snowman
    Candle light by battery
    Brown transfer ware
    Small button snowman
    Lovely post Pamela . . .

  17. hello Pamela. hope you are well this day. i love the snowflake ornaments, the snowmen or women and finally those gorgeous tulips. i found some recently myself. it is amazing how cheerful they really are. i usually think of them or wanting them in February but they are available now. so we must enjoy them when ready i guess. have a lovely weekend. take care. ( :

  18. I just love the view from your back deck Pamela - it does make me continue to wish for a little snow here - meanwhile I'll enjoy yours from the warmth of home!
    Such pretty things around the house, love that wreath - hard to hide that one away later. The brown transferware plate is awesome and can be enjoyed year round, and your amaryllis is beautiful.
    I buy all my battery operated candles from Costco - great price for those boxes of mixed sizes - and love the recent ones (looks like you have them too) with the slightly brushed texture on the wax. I even have these in my outdoor lanterns now and set the timer - so much easier to deal with and really cheer the home in winter.

    All lovely there dear - stay warm.
    Hugs - Mary

    P.S. Tulips already!!! Lucky you.

  19. Heartwarming and just plain warm looking and I'm sure you definitely need the warmth up north there. I have to say I'm happy to be further south. Yes, I got your commend you left me and thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am moving from Louisville, KY to Nashville, TN in order to save my job. At my age one does not walk away from a job making a good salary so it was easy to make the decision. But the hard part is the leaving. I will persevere and survive and be better for it. But I wanted to thank you for your wonderful words. God Bless, Carol

  20. You have managed to maintain some cheer in your home during the dullest part of the year and take really pretty pictures of you home. I like snowmen anytime of the year. Yes, the days are getting longer, thankfully, but we still have some bad weather ahead of us, but we will keep each company. Have a wonderful week.

  21. I loved seeing all of these glimpses into your home, Pam. You really have a knack for making things pretty and cozy. It has encouraged me to look around at my things and see how they might be arranged more nicely. I like the snowman area, the lamplight, the candles on a platter. Let's face it, I like it all! (I must learn to crochet snowflakes; I say that every year.)

    -Karen at ☀Sunlit Sunday


  22. I do like your touches of Winter, Pam....
    It makes things feel fuzzy and warm...
    I also believe that Snowmen are more wintry than Christmasy....boyfriend disagrees! Hahaha!
    Good that you found your white Kalanchoe...and the tulips are lovely....
    I bought some Roses and Tulips myself last Friday....
    Makes everything seem fresher....oh...and a very fragrant Primula too!
    Enjoy your Sunday
    Linda :o)

  23. Those are such pretty touches. The tulips remind me of how much I love them -I will have to get some soon.

  24. Your home looks so warm and cozy, Pamela. This winter it seems as though we're getting more rain than snow. :-(
    Mary Alice

  25. A little sunlight goes a long way these days, doesn't it? I'm glad I'm not the only one who continues to have wintry snowflake and snowman decor until well after Christmas.
    Your potted plants and pitcher of tulips also help to make this time of year more bearable.
    Have a good week!

  26. Wonderful sunny things. Your new Kalanchoe is beautiful, you know I love them! How great that you are noticing the light so much later, we really noticed it today and both commented on it. So nice to see isn't it. xx

  27. It looks very cosy at your place, and being winter we all need to do that to keep warm. Lots of snow at both of our parts of the world...bbbrrr more where you live then here. We seem to be above the average...but lots more snow.

    Keep warm, and enjoy your winter.


  28. I love your little touches of winter here and there! It is a very windy day here and some of the snow is chinooking away! Makes for drab, muddy roads and fields. I do miss a heavy snowfall that sticks around, here we seem to get snow and then a chinook! Oh well,,,,, a good day to curl up and read a book or something.

  29. My mother loved putting out snowmen decorations after the Christmas decorations were put away.

  30. Oh I very much enjoyed seeing your winter decor, especially the snowflake tree and the candles on your coffee table. I smiled to read how you notice the day lengthening. Your five-thirty is our four-thirty. It is dark as midnight by five here. Five becomes my benchmark...if we can make it to five and still have daylight, I begin to feel brighter. Wonder how much longer that will be. I should note such things on a calendar some year.

  31. We have had a very cold January thus far but no real snow other than a dusting here and there. It's been nice this week but I know we will get plenty of snow soon enough. As much as I like puttering around in my house I love getting out of doors and am looking forward to snowshoeing soon.

  32. Beautiful pictures! What a lovely place to photograph. I love the Maritimes!

  33. Hi Pamela,

    My word you and I were as one brain with our posts - same ideas exactly for decor and snow and cold and being north and keeping up the snowmen and snowflake and white decor and All Things Winter, and candles - and I didn't post it but just yesterday mentioned to hubs how long the days are getting, well longer, not LONG.....love your post. You beat me to it though by days, haha! Hugs! Stay warm, spring will eventually come, and frankly I am in never a hurry to rush my days, they're too short as it is! Hugs.

  34. I'm all for longer days and more light. Your flowers are lovely...makes me think that spring is right around the corner. And I LOVE your wreath. That is so my style!
    Farmhouse hugs,

  35. Hi Pam,

    Winter cozy, indeed! I keep scrolling up to have just one more look at all your pretty seasonal vignettes. Snowmen, are my sweethearts of the season, and yours are adorable, each snugly dressed for those days that can be bitterly cold! And those snowflakes, (another beloved motif of mine), crocheted and covering your little mini tree are charming! Your candle display is extra cozy and soothing and I can imagine, completely relaxing, adding a soft glow to late afternoon and early evening teatimes.

    Wishing you a lovely Thursday!


  36. Since I am so late, I will answer quickly. Your amaryllis!!!!!!! Just beautiful! Oh, how I miss one this year. I am enjoying yours though! Your new J and G Meakin plate is perfect behind your angels. Perfect color to set off the other things, too. Great choice. You know...I am beginning to really like brown in my house. So many snowmen and snowflakes for your house this year. Very nice. January and February....all about snow! Talk to you soon!


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