Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Sunday, March 8, 2015

downtown Calgary ~ Stephen Ave. part deux

We are continuing our little tour of Stephen Ave. in downtown Calgary, Alberta today.  If you're Canadian, you will know that Molson is a Canadian beer and I'm wondering if they had a bank at one time.  Hm.  Anyone know?    Well, now I know.  Apparently 2 sons of the famous Molson Brewery family started a Molson Bank in Montreal in 1855 and operated until 1925 when it merged with the Bank of Montreal.  There were branches primarily in Quebec and Ontario but also across the country.  I never knew that and now you do too.  :)  The banner over the door says "James Joyce Irish Pub" so I'm assuming they must serve Molson's beer there along with other brews and spirits.  :)   There is also a pub by the same name at the Beaverbrook Hotel (now the Crowne Plaza) in downtown Fredericton.

Looking back from whence we came.

The Calgary Tower in the background and a very large rusty junk horse!

I thought this was an interesting piece of art and great use of old rusty parts.  Do you see things that you recognize?  So cool!

One of the C Train stations.

As we waited for the train I noticed this building across the street.  

Here comes the train.

The Bow River which flows through the city.  This is the river that flooded a lot of downtown Calgary in the summer of 2013, causing millions of dollars in damage.

Here we are back in Tuscany on the Crowchild Trail.  Not the Italian Tuscany.  Just the name of the station at the end of the line in the northwest of Calgary.

Now this sign is very interesting.  The current parking lot was the site of a restaurant (1952), gas bar and, 12 motel rooms (1955).  When the city decided to build the Tuscany train station here they tore everything down but preserved the wonderful vintage sign.  You can read the story HERE.  It really quite interesting.

That's the end of our little trip to downtown Calgary.  I hope you enjoyed seeing the photos.  It's hard to believe we were there a week ago.

You know how it is when you're behind the camera all the time and hardly ever get in pictures?  Well, I'm glad our daughter took this one of me with the 3 boys on my first day there!!  LOL  They have all been sick with this cold too.  Poor little dears.  


I have been very sick with this cold that's going around.  I've stayed home and in the house since Friday, missing the funeral of a friend yesterday and church this morning.  I have the feeling I'll be missing Bible study and my annual dentist appointment this week too.  Too much sneezing, blowing my nose and coughing going on....and no one wants that!!  Best to stay home.  Have you had this 'bug' that's going yet?

Well, even though I'm sick with a cold and sick and tired of winter, I had to add some spring decor to our home.  This is just a peek.  A pretty Campanula plant from the grocery store.  I hope I can keep it blooming until after Easter and maybe I'll plant it in the garden in June....if it survives.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments!  I hope you have a blessed week ahead.



  1. sorry you've been sick! and sorry for the loss of your friend, too. loved the photo of you with the cute boys. :) like the old buildings, vintage sign and the steampunk horse sculpture, too!

  2. In the next town over from us there is an old building with the Molson bank sign on it. It is very faded and hard to see and even more harder to get a photo as you drive by. I keep saying I'll stop and take a photo one day when the weather gets nicer.
    Hope you are feeling better Pam. How lovely to see a photo of you and the lovely little grandsons.

    1. I Googled Molson Bank and changed the info in my post to update what I learned. :)

  3. I love the tower and old buildings! The river is beautiful! The horse takes the cake...that is fantastic!

  4. Thanks for the tour of (part of) my old stomping grounds - from the days we lived in Springbank (just west of Calgary). I checked out your previous post too. Nice to see you had good weather while there, but too bad you picked up the nasty cold. Sure hope that disappears quickly as (somewhat) warmer weather makes it your way.

    Nice touch with the campanulas - I recall seeing lots of those growing wild along the Elbow River toward Bragg Creek.

  5. The photo with your boys is my very favourite. Someday I want to make it to Calgary looks pretty. Hug B

  6. I was a bit too pleased with myself, I managed to avoid the cold all winter... until Thursday, been miserable and only starting to feel ok today. I missed church and a baby shower, but it is wise to stay in and not pass these germs around.
    Love the photos of Calgary, especially the junk horse!!
    Your grandsons are adorable!
    Feel well soon <3

  7. Quite an interesting horse... Its great to see all the pictures of areas that we don't frequent.
    So sorry that you now have that nasty cold bug...fingers crossed that we don't get. it.
    My daughter just called and they were over last night and her the kids are now home sick with sore throats and a bad cough. I knew something was up when our grandson just layed around. he's very active.

  8. you look so happy with your grandboys. i love the horse ... that is very creative. so neat!! a bit of recycling ... you could call it. very cool!! our 3 snow is almost gone ... just a few piles here and there. it will be soon gone. i wonder if that means that spring is right around the corner?? take care. ( :

  9. Grandma looks so happy. I so enjoyed your tour of the city. As for the bank, I'll be they made a boatload of money with that bank, then merging it with another. As for the horse, I was first drawn to the tractor seat on the hip. Hope you have had a wonderful time with the boys. So cute.

  10. That's a great picture of you and the kids but sorry you got their cold. I think I am finally well but it's been weeks, it just lingers in bits and pieces. Hopefully not for you because sunshine and spring are on the way!

  11. Such an interesting town! The junk horse is... beautiful.
    The photo of you and your grandsons is lovely. I hope you all feel better by now.
    Have a great week ahead!

  12. Well, I found a few familiar sites among your Calgary pic's. We have been up the Calgary Tower...which apparently boasts the highest observation deck in the world. We have driven the Crowchild Trail and crossed the Bow River...but never been on the train. Thanks for sharing some of your Calgary experiences with us!

    Get well soon. :)

  13. Sorry to hear that you have been icky, I hope that you are feeling much better soon and can get back to normal life. Lovely to see the photo of you! The visit to Calgary was very interesting, that horse sculpture is amazing isn't it!! Those sort of things are so clever. I hope you enjoy your flower while you are stuck at home! xx

  14. Hope you get over that nasty cold soon. That is a pretty town.Love the photo of you and the boys. Grandchildren are the best medicine.

  15. I think I go more for the classic architecture over the more modern stuff.

  16. A lot of great pics (the horse), but the shot of you with your grandchildren is priceless.

  17. I love that shot of your cute self with those adorable grandchildren! The junk horse is interesting and made a great photo. Calgary looks like a wonderful place to visit. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  18. So sorry you are still feeling ill, Pam. I hope the nasty bug leaves you soon, for good. That is an absolutely beautiful photo of you with your three boys. Just sweet!!

  19. The architecture in Calgary is phenomenal. I hope you feel better soon. I am praying for Spring to show up. Carol

  20. I recognized a tractor seat as part of that fantastic horse creation!
    Great photos of the city Pamela - I was there once years and years ago - I don't think there were so many modern buildings then!
    So sorry you have a rotten cold - did those three cutie pies share their nasty germs with grandma? Worth it though to see them for a little while - lovely pic of you all together.

    Be well soon dear.
    Hugs - Mary

  21. The grandkids are so cute and obviously loved having you to play with. :)) That horse sculpture made of found parts is amazing!

  22. Hi Pam, I am catching up on some older posts here....Calgary is a beautiful city! My Mr. used to go there on business, but typically, when I would ask him what it was like there, he would give me vague descriptions. Now I wish I went with him a few times. Interesting about the brewing family, too. I love those old vintage signs - so glad they kept it. So nice that you have that very sweet photo of you and the boys, too. How adorable are they? The baby is just precious. Hope you are feeling better soon. I have escaped the flu this year....knock on wood. Hugs xo Karen


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