Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Thursday, April 9, 2015

gallery wall reveal in the living room

December 2014  I forgot to take a photo the other day before I removed these photos.

It was time for a change in our living room.  I wanted to change this wall behind our sofa as I wasn't liking the black frames or the 'strict' order of the arrangement.

The first photos when I did this in June of 2012.  I would change out the top frame with the seasons and this past winter I changed out the multi-frames with wintery photos.

I wanted a mixed collage of things on the wall that had dimension, texture and shape.  I wanted photos that I have taken and other items too.  So, I started with a photo I took of sheep in the barn at Kings Landing Historical Settlement last fall.  I wanted to kind of pick up on the greys, browns, hints of green in the photo.  I picked up a couple of frames at the craft store on sale but they didn't work so I shopped the house and found an old frame that wasn't in use and it turned out to be perfect.  The walls are Hepplewhite Ivory by Benjamin Moore and the sofa, even though it looks grey in some light, is a soft green.  (Green Tea is the fabric colour).   Here is the photo below.

The frame is perfect for this photo.

This is what the photo looks like.  I LOVE it!

That was my inspiration.   

I called my friend Lois who is a great decorator in her own home.  She happened to be free so came up to visit on Wednesday.  We spent almost 5 hours 'shopping the house', laying things on the floor in a pattern, changing frames/photos, painting mats, etc.  We took time for lunch too.  We measured and re-measured putting pencil marks on the wall and trying to hide previous nail holes.  Now there are about 15 holes in the wall!!   LOL

Are you ready for the reveal??

Ta Da!!

 The mirror was already hanging in this spot on the left.  We tried a different dark brown framed one but it was too heavy looking.  We changed out the frame on the right above the TV as well.  The one there before was ivory and didn't stand out.  I may paint or stain it and use it again.  This room can be very bright in the morning so the light and colouring is hard to capture properly.

Here is a list of the items that make up our gallery wall:
The tulip print in the burnished gold frame was given to us for our 25th wedding anniversary. 
The black iron trivet with the "G" was my mother's (it's a 'sad iron' rest from the old days).
The soft green square tin is something my daughter bought me many years ago.
Below it are two bunches of antique keys on a ring.
The plate was my mother's and is from the 1800's, a beautiful painted hydrangea bloom with a soft gold rim.  It's marked Made in Germany.
The white framed photo to the right is of the Anglican church at Kings Landing Historical Settlement.
Bottom left was something we added as an afterthought.  There needed to be something there to balance that row and I had this old rusty black iron hinge hanging in the family room.  Perfect fit!
The framed photo is of a vine covered porch on an old house in New York state.
My sheep photo.  ;)
A painting that my mother had by Morris Scovil of Nova Scotia in a barn wood frame which was grey but my mother spray painted it gold at one time.  I sanded off some of the gold which gave it a nice mix of colour. 
The only 'new to me' item on the wall is the galvanized metal "G" which I bought at Michael's in March.

There you have it.  What do you think?  Is it too much?  

Late afternoon light.

Morning light with the woven blind down as it's bright and sunny.  

I am liking it a lot.  It adds interest to the living room, some items are conversation pieces, and the wall provides a focal point when entering from across the room.  

Lois and I had fun doing this.  I was going to go to town and look around for more frames or items to add to this project but didn't really have to.  I did go to town today to check around but didn't see anything that I liked any better than what I have.  Thank goodness.  I would have been in a pickle then, trying to decide what to do!  ;-)  

I am glad to have this project complete.  I really like it and do a double take when I look up from my computer at the dining room table or when I walk into the room.  It feels like a new space.

Thanks for visiting.  Let me know what you think.  please be kind  :)



  1. Looks wonderful, Pam.. I so love your sheep print ... The frame is perfect and you have such a talent for photography... Your room looks really lovely.. xo

  2. i like the eclectic collection of shapes and materials. the sheep photo is adorable!

  3. Oh I love it - and love the green/white quilt on the sofa too. I like a collection of interesting items on a wall, gives it so much character.

  4. Two thumbs WAY up :). Love it and love the way you and Lois worked together to create it. You have included such pretty and meaningful pieces.
    A couple years ago I saw a gallery wall in one of my favorite local shops. I asked the sales lady how she went about creating it and she spent a lot of time showing me how she did it by laying things out on the floor. I bought a few of the pieces and came home and re-created it. I am now a huge fan of gallery walls. They are so interesting and tell a story of the homeowners likes and interests.

  5. I love it! Perfect mix of interesting items, personal choices that are meaningful to you, all so nicely balanced. You gals do great work! Thank you for the before and after, too.

  6. Looks fabulous Pam. I love it! I love the sheep pic too! Maybe I can hire you to come and spruce up my walls!! :)

  7. I think what I like the most, is that it is made up of things that are important to you....
    Things with memories....sentimental value......perfect!
    And....I love your sheep photograph!
    Enjoy the upcoming weekend!
    Linda :o)

  8. I like it a lot. You found such great things while shopping your house. A wonderful mix of memories and treasures. You inspire me to get a few of my own photos printed and framed.

  9. Hi Pam, I am LOVING this! It looks wonderful! I love that you used sentimental pieces that tell a little story of your life! The colors are wonderful together and look so nice with your furniture and other pieces. Great job and so nice to spend the day with a good friend, too. Hugs xo Karen

  10. Your wall looks lovely! And what a great shot of the sheep.

  11. Pamela, so pretty, and I love the surrounding variety of wall art around the beautifully framed featured photo of the sheep!! You and Lois did a fantastic job; kudos!

    Happy weekend from a blustery and rainy Crete!


  12. What a beautiful wall of wonderful prints. I like how you have them placed. Your room looks very warm and comfortable too~

  13. Isn't that fun to play "decorator" with a decorator friend . . .
    I like your wall you created . . . tells a story . . .
    And the photo of the sheep . . . when and if you ever "retire" it . . . May I be first in line!

  14. I'm not even close to being a decorator, but I do enjoy the looks of your pictures on the wall. The sheep one is very cute.

  15. Pamela, it's perfect because the items you are displaying are personal and hold memories, not just items purchased new, real history of family is woven into the display. I love everything, and with your friend's assistance the two of you came up with a really lovely gallery wall which you'll enjoy . . . .and can always tweak it when you may want to subtract/add something else, or something seasonal.

    Your sheep pic is awesome - would look great on a canvas print - perhaps use the nice discount I'm offering from canvaspop - they would do a fabulous job for you. Sorry everyone who entered the Giveaway couldn't win the 'freebie' - posted the winner today.

    Happy weekend ahead dear friend - hope it's greening up there now!
    Hugs - Mary

  16. Very nice Pam. I wouldn't have thought to put all those items together but what an area of interest they make!
    My walls look like your before picture - very minimal but I must say the collection idea is inspiring.
    Have a good weekend.

  17. I love it! And that picture of the sheep is award winning! I live the colors and the texture in that shot! Good eye! I like groupings of things amongst pictures. Interesting and great change.

  18. It looks really great! I like the combination of pictures and other things. Sounds as though you and your friend had a lot of fun designing this! xx

  19. Hi Pamela. I really like what you did with the wall. Not that it wasn't nice before, but it now has much more interest with the various photos, and other items...You two did a very nice job!!

  20. It's perfect Pamela - I LOVE that you added other items to it ( note to self - remember to add other items LOL )
    And what a great way to showcase your photography skills - that sheep photo is AMAZING !!!
    Beautiful job - your living room is gorgeous - I love the corner table with the curtain !

  21. Thanks for visiting me at Delights of the Heart earlier today. I absolutely love your sheep photo and the new arrangement.

  22. I think it's great! Getting a group of wall hangings together to look right is so difficult to me. I love that you hung the keys and the hinge.

  23. Oh, and by the way, your inspiration piece, the photo of the sheep, is terrific!

  24. Pamela
    It's wonderful! What makes it even more special is that almost all of your gallery items have personal value to you.
    Your sheep photo looks like one you would find in an art gallery.

  25. Change can be so very refreshing. Enjoy your new wall.

  26. You all did a fantastic job on your gallery wall, Pam! It can be tricky to get everything just right, which usually means hiding holes...scares me to think how many I have lurking behind pictures on the wall.
    Mary Alice

  27. Wonderful arrangement. I simply love your sheep photo!! Perfect lighting!!
    You could sell that image, I'd buy it :)

  28. Well you changed up quite a few things! I love it! That sheep photo is just stunning and is a wonderful inspiration piece for the new arrangement! Angie, above is right on...the lighting is what makes it so perfect :)

  29. I LOVE it Pamela. It all fits so well and I also love your sheep print.


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