Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Saturday, April 11, 2015

playing in the yard

I wish!  I'm not playing in the yard as there is still lots of snow out there but....
something has been playing in the yard when we weren't looking.

Morning commute from one field to another.

I've told you about all the deer living in the fields around us all winter and are making their way around looking for food.   I counted as many as 50 one day but I think they have dispersed a lot in the past week in search of food elsewhere now that the snow is starting to melt.

I caught these two in our back yard one morning last week.

While I was intent on taking pictures of them I didn't even see the two eating our hemlock trees right behind the back deck!

They all looked at me and I shooed them away....high tailing it up the hill.

Another morning visitor last week.  The snow is slowly melting.

This is the 'damage' done to one of our cedar trees.  I feel sorry for the poor deer as it's been a very difficult winter for them.  They usually come at night or after dark in the evening.  They've been running all over the neighbours yards too.  A friend just up the road said 3 were killed in front of her house just last weekend after running into cars while trying to cross the road.  They don't just damage trees, shrubs and plants, they also do thousands of dollars of damage to vehicles.

I took these photos from our deck.

I'll end with this one of the morning commute last Wednesday.  Do you see the waning full moon?


We have a mix of sun and cloud here this morning and it's +6C although the wind is blowing strongly which makes it feel colder.  The next two days it will be warmer, so they say.  

 I have a little story to share with you.

I slipped and fell on Good Friday.  I jumped from a step and planted both feet onto a sheet of plywood which, unbeknownst to me, was laying over a slippery wet muddy mess.  It was like jumping onto a crazy carpet on the snow.  Can you picture it?  Oh yes.  I landed on my derriere with the plywood sliding out from under me and into the wet mud!  Murray was standing there with that look on his know the one.....trying to look concerned, shocked.... and also trying not to laugh.  He said he wished he had a camera and I said, my phone is in my pocket.  Sorry, no photos of this.   I'm glad I don't carry my phone in my back pocket as the young people do as it would be toast now I'm afraid.  
I did laugh at my predicament at first but I also was upset with myself for doing such a trick as I'm not as agile as I used to be!   It's amazing how jarring a fall can be on a - ahem - older person.  Not only was I wet and muddy and soaked through my clothes but I was very sore and Murray had to help me up.  We walked home after that which was probably good exercise but, the next morning I sure could feel it.  In fact I can still feel it today, a week later.  My right shoulder took the brunt as I landed on my bent arm too, but every joint in my body and back was affected and very sore all week.  Yesterday morning I woke with a muscle spasm in my chest that is still there and this morning my right knee is almost out of commission and walking is very painful.  

Now.  How am I supposed to get walking and exercising to lose my winter weight  fluff I ask you?  I just get to the point of having my left knee working well after physio last fall then this happens.  It's very frustrating.   I'm okay.  I'll get through this bump in the road.  I'm very thankful I didn't break anything and can still get about with care, but I hope I will soon be able to get out walking in the nice spring air and shed some of the winter 'fluff'.   It will soon be time to get into the yard and garden clean up too {I hope!} but, we still have lots of snow and ice to melt.  Maybe in a couple of weeks?

Thank you for all your kind comments on my previous post about my 'gallery' wall in the living room.  I appreciate it.  

I hope you have a great weekend and that you might be enjoying some spring sunshine.
Don't slip and fall in the mud!



  1. So sorry to hear about your sliding thump! That's a lot of aching you are enduring. I do hope your muscles forgive you real soon and you can move better without pain. The photos of the white tail deer hopping away are great. We have been seeing a lot of them here in Eastern Washington while we visit our son.

  2. Pamela, I hope very much that you have seen or will see a doctor ASAP! You obviously took a very bad tumble and I'm so sorry that you are in so much pain in different areas. Yes, falling at our age (well you're not as old as me I know but you aren't 18 either, ha ha!) is always very dangerous, we just don't bounce back as fast as a younger person after a fall. Please get a check of all those painful parts, especially your chest and knee - I know I'm playing the 'mom' here, but I care, I really do, and want you well and walking as soon as that darned snow is gone forever!!!

    Much love - be well soon.
    Hugs, Mary oxoxoxoxo

  3. wishing you get past your coco. Love deer sightings. Ahhh

  4. I know what you mean - falling is no fun once you pass 30 or so. I hope you're better real soon. I enjoyed seeing all your deer.

  5. Oh, Pamela my sister did the very same thing and just had knee surgery two weeks ago because her knee was in bad shape after her fall and had to have it repaired. And here's the weirder part it hurt her shoulder too so while she was under anesthesia the doctor gave her a cortisone shot in her shoulder which is really painful to give while awake so he took care of it while she was out. careful out there gal. We're all getting...older. Carol

  6. Ouch ouch ouch! I've had the occasional fall and did damage to myself from time to time. One always feels put out by it.

    The deer are so graceful.

  7. really sorry about the slide and fall! so glad you didn't break anything! i do love the caravan of deer!

  8. Pamela I'm so sorry that you fell and now are in sheer agony. I hope you will recover on your own soon without having to have more therapy. It sure is hard when we do get older and the body just doesn't react or recover the same way as when we were younger.

    I love the photos of the deer but yes they are so destructive and especially with so many coming out of the woods like you have. We only have two or three but they've sure done some major pruning on the ones in our back woods.

    I love your new header and even tho' we don't get to experience spring just yet .... yes we still have snow here too ... at least you have spring inside and I love your new decorating wall scheme ... it's really pretty.

    Be well and take care Pamela and I hope you're back to walking soon. Love and Hugs

  9. Oh so many amazing pictures and so much snow! Wow! Here on the island we have springtime now...
    Have a happy weekend, take care!

  10. I didn't know you still had all that snow. Beautiful photos of the deer! They can be quite destructive when they don't have enough natural browse. That will likely change soon. Sorry about your fall, but I'm glad you weren't more seriously hurt!

  11. Oh, Pam, I'm very sorry to hear about your slipping and falling. I hope you will recover very soon!
    Some species of deer are becoming more common where I live. It doesn't make me happy; as you write they (seriously) damage trees, shrubs and plants. However, your photos are wonderful, especially the one where they are running away. There is so much movement in that photo!
    Have a beautiful Sunday! Hugs!

  12. Deer are so pretty to look at and photograph but they can do so much damage to your garden. I hope you are feeling better after that fall and I am also glad that nothing got broken. How did I miss your post about your gallery wall ... ??? it does look lovely.

  13. Oh my goodness Pamela...I'm so sorry to hear about this fall you took! Believe me, I can relate...about 6 weeks or so ago, I slipped on brick steps covered with thick sleet and the edge of one was like a karate chop to my right buttock...even with all of the padding back there I had a really deep bruise and contusion...quite painful and felt ridiculous. Then just about a week later I fell again on icy deck steps...HIT THE EXACT SAME PLACE! I am fine now but still feel a hard-ish lump back there. You are right, it's not as easy to recuperate when we get a little ...uh...more mature :0 I hope you are healing up well from all of this! By the way, these photos are stunning...even if they do have snow in husband and son would be in heaven in your yard...(actually, I would be too)...enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  14. I would love deer in my backyard but not all that snow.
    Sorry about your fall but yes it is always funny when someone else falls .

  15. That is a lot of snow left still. We have had huge rains that helped wash away the last of the stubborn snow banks so just wet and muddy dead grass now. So sorry about your fall, and in mud no less! I hope you are soon back to feeling better and with dry roads to walk on too. Thanks for your kind comment on our basement stairs progress. Between working full time outside our home and hubby still struggling to find full time hours I am thankful for any progress we make.

  16. John says that we don't bounce as good as we used to. I read that very descriptive paragraph to him and we both could see it and feel it! We're praying for a restoration to good bone, muscle, and joint health very soon. Ouchie!

    All those deer have had it very rough this winter. They are beautiful critters, but not so lovely when they are eating the trees and shrubs on your property.

  17. I'm sorry you fell and are sore and bruised. please take time healing and visit a chiropractor if needed.

    I must go back and catch up on your posts'

  18. You still have a lot of snow! Ours is pretty well gone now. Sorry about the fall. I can easily relate to all the aches and pains after, sometimes they arrive with no apparent cause at all!

  19. Oh my are wreaking more havoc on your body then the deer are on your shrubs. A fall especially a unexpected one is so jarring. Are you going to try some Physio? And did you have it checked out to make sure that you are not hurt worse? Ouch...big big ouch!


  20. that fall was nasty So pleased you didn't break anything - phones or bones. Hope you get rid of your snow soon! We've just had a week of summer!

  21. Deer in your backyard!!! And I thought the snow was exotic.

  22. Oh dear...about that nasty fall! And 'Oh deer'...about the beautiful deer photos taken right in your back yard! Beautiful. Take care of yourself...and may your aches and pains soon be a distant memory!

  23. My heart be still! If I only had one in my wooded garden! What a feast for your eyes!! Man I would be overjoyed having these visitors! Times must be really tough for them if the ground still covered in has been a long winter for them. In my neck of the woods we have a provincial park call The Pinery. In oct. First Nations people were allowed to cull the deer for a week. I had to leave town as this park very near our home. I am an energy person and had to get away from this negative energy!!😔 you be careful Pam with your falls....yes we are older and heal as fast. I had knee surgery in Aug. And still have much discomfort even with 7 months of physio! Yesterday hubby and I were out with our rakes cleaning up the gardens wearing only T-shirts 😀

  24. Oh no, I'll be praying for your quick recovery. I find I try to be super cautious these days as I have imagined falling would be just as you have described it-painful!
    I have never seen that many (50) deer together before. That's got to be an amazing site. Poor deer. I hope Spring blooms pop soon to provide them with much needed food!
    Have a good week, Pamela.

  25. That's a lot of snow - so gorgeous!

  26. It must be tough and slim pickings for animals that endure long winters and food buried in snow.

    I emphasize with your fall. I recently hurt my back and it is taking quite some time to heal. They say “keep moving” so that is exactly what I am trying to do.

  27. Sorry about your slip, slide, plop . . . fall . . .
    (I smiled a little bit!)
    BUT . . .
    Sorry for the aches and pains from it all . . .
    The deer visits are outstanding . . .

  28. Oh dear, I hope you will be better soon. We have deer eating our trees too.

  29. Dear Pamela,
    afte all you wonderful photos it made me sad to read about your fall. What a luck you didn't break anything. Yes, we have to care for our - ahem - elder bodies. I hope you will recover soon. I am a bit shocked that you still have snow. Although it looks wonderful, I am happy to have spring weather here. Take care and best greetings,


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