Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

the Easter weekend

Mellow yellow ~ late afternoon sun on the kitchen counter.

Easter weekend has come and gone.  It was both busy and blessed.  Our Good Friday and Easter Sunday church services were wonderful and such a blessing to take part in.  

I may as well talk about the weather just because that's what we do a lot.  So here goes....
Good Friday was gorgeous.  Sunny and warm at +15.  The snow softened and melted and ran streams through yards and along roads and streets.  The crocuses that had opened up a few days before were blooming in full on Friday.

Friday afternoon.

Crocuses in bloom.

Can you hear this blackbird singing?  Oh what music to my ears.  He was singing his heart out on Friday evening so I had to get a photo.

The tulips shot through the soil and the daffodils are up about 8 inches but there is still over 2 feet of snow around the yard yet.   I have seen or heard robins, sparrows, killdeer and blackbirds, grackles and Red-winged blackbirds and deer.....lots of deer.  One evening last week I counted up to 50 deer on the hill behind us.  They've been dining on the grain stubble on the neighbours farm all winter and gather between there and the fields behind us.  There are many large bare spots for them to eat off as the snow melts and they are very hungry. 

This was on Thursday at suppertime.  Part of the 50+ deer in 'our backyard'.  

Another group.

 Saturday was quite nice with above freezing temperatures then around 4:00 big fat wet flakes of snow started falling and accumulating....the wind picked up and the snow got heavier and became a blizzard for a few hours.  I did a 1st birthday photo shoot for a friend's baby in the afternoon and had a lot of fun with the little guy.  He wasn't too excited over the cake and preferred his peas and carrots.  :)  We were invited to my nephew's for dinner at 7:30 and thankfully the storm had let up by then.  My sister and her hubby were there along with my nieces so we had a lovely dinner and visit with them.

Late Saturday afternoon during the storm.

Sunday morning broke gloriously sunny but it was -18C (zero!!).  It was COLD!  We took part in our Easter Sunday worship service which was so beautiful with the illustrated sermon and special music.  

We spent a quiet afternoon and watching Foley's War on Netflix.  What a great BBC series that is!  Murray finds it a little slow but I love it.  Have you seen it?  It's about a police detective in the town of Hastings during World War 2 and touches on the lives of those involved in the conflict at home - a bit of history, drama, murder, mystery and romance - but no swearing or graphic violence or sex.  I find the historical aspect very interesting and, of course, the English towns, homes and countryside are beautiful.  

On Monday, Murray had the day off so we popped into town for errands.  I'm in the midst of redoing the wall above the living room sofa so had ordered some photo prints and, I'm looking for new frames to make a collage.  I'm at a standstill on that and hope to get to town again this week to visit a few more stores that carry frames and decor.  Sometimes it's just easier to do this kind of shopping on one's own.... if you know what I mean.  ;)  We had our son and his wife, Mark and Jenn,  over for supper - our Easter dinner - and didn't take one photo.  The table was simply set with a single tulip in 3 white milk glass vases and turquoise foil wrapped eggs scattered on the turquoise plaid tablecloth.   I had even made pink and green frosted cupcakes which we finished off last night - no photo!

Today it's back to 'normal' with laundry and perhaps I'll tackle some photos and frames and scrounge the house for some I can use.  I may have to get some paint out and redo the black frames as I want a lighter look.  And.  I must get around and visit some of you!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Did you do anything special?  Did it snow or was it  beautiful spring weather?
I see I have some new followers and would like to say welcome to them!

Have a great day and week ahead.  See you soon.



  1. wow, those DEER!!!! amazing! sorry about the wintery return! but the spring was lovely while it lasted!

  2. Oh my goodness! I've never seen that many deer together. We see a lot at our son's in Eastern Washington but not this many. You really have had the "weather". Glad you were able to get out and enjoy a wonderful service and then to go out shopping on Monday, too. I totally understand the going shopping alone to really get things done!!
    I think it's nice that people get an Easter Monday holiday. Nothing like that in the states!

  3. Wow. That is amazing...all those deer in your 'backyard'! Sorry that your Sunday weather was more appropriate for Christmas than Easter! You will always remember this as the year that winter stayed on...and on. Hope you ahd a wonderful and blessed Easter weekend...despite the weather.

    Thanks for the Netflix recommendation. I must check that out.

  4. Incredible that there were so many deer so close to your house! They must be very hungry. You went from so warm and then back to snow? UGH! I cannot believe the weather you've had this year!

    You sound very organized, Pam. I hope you will show us the photos on your wall when you have then all framed and up.

  5. I was so excited when you said it was warm and the flowers were coming through the melting snow, and then more snow!! So unfair for you. I do hope that this will stop soon, I guess you are used to it, but it must be hard. It is amazing though how the flowers get going when the warm weather does come, the crocuses are beautiful - I hope they survive the snow. We don't watch Foyles War, but I know what you mean about "nice" programmes, I don't do well with violence and so on! xx

  6. Lovely shots. Nice to see sun and snow.

  7. I am just so amazed at those deer...what a sight to behold! Poor babies are HUNGRY! They too are so over the snow, I am sure! The crocuses are lovely...and that first photo of the sun shining in on the fruit is stunning. All in all, it sound like a lovely weekend! :)

  8. I about got sun stroke on Easter Sunday. Sigh. It's gonna be a hot summer here. Loved your shots

  9. Wonderful photos ! Glad you had a nice Easter weekend to ! I to love the sound of the Red wing black birds .Yes we got snow on the weekend but all is gone now temps are 10C windy and rain for the next few days and temps to be warmer . No flowers here as of yet but April showers bring May flowers so hoping lol ! Yes I saw the series Foley's War when it first came out on PBS or also known as WNED TV . I watch a lot of UK shows on this station . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  10. Love pictures of the deer! We used to see the odd one but not in a very long time.
    Love all your crocus. I have only one that came up this year.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hi Pam....
    You have Crocus? Lucky you....
    I know exactly what you mean about doing things on your own....**wink wink**
    My boyfriend loves Foyles all the reruns on PBS!
    We had snow Saturday night and all day Sunday....
    It is gone now...but still darn nipply!
    Your pics of the deer are you have a photography business on the side?
    Enjoy your week...
    Linda :o)
    ps.....your table sounds lovely.....

  12. Your weather seems as variable as ours! Having said that it has been like summer this week with lots of sunshine! We are loving watching 'Poldark' on TV at the moment - do watch if you get a chance. Pleased you had a lovely Easter - we have a dog and cat as guests for the week as their family (son and family)has gone to Paris for the week. Something new for us!

  13. Pam sounds like you had a busy time. So many deers amazing.

  14. Beautiful photos! The crocuses are nice and I love the deer herd!

  15. Glad you had such a nice weekend despite the weather. Ours was that way too. It snowed off and on. Yesterday it warmed up and melted. This morning it was brown and bare and an hour later it was absolutely white. Two hours later it had started to melt again. Tomorrow it is supposed to be plus 14. Crazy weather! But at least the winter's accumulation has melted. so many deer in the yard. They must be very hungry with the amount of snow you've had this year! I hope spring is just around the corner for you!

  16. You do still have a lot of snow. Ours is all melted, unless we get a spring snow. We are well aquainted with the red-winged black birds, for they hog the bird feeders here. I used to love to hear their song as it reminded me of the lake on my father's farm when I was a child. I still enjoy their call, I just wish they weren't such bullies at the feeders. Beautiful corcuses. They are the true herolds of spring. Have a great week.

  17. It is so bitterly cold there but the deer look so beautiful grazing in the snow covered field. I know you are ready for it to warm up though. The weather was nice and we took a hike this weekend....very quiet and peaceful. Enjoy your week sweet friend. I love seeing your photos! Hugs, Diane

  18. The first photo of the deer on the hill is really wonderful. How hungry they must be. Are they a nuisance in your garden?
    Your Easter sounds both busy and relaxing. We enjoyed Foyle's War a lot and watched it on Netflix. It gives another glimpse of life in England during the war, doesn't it?
    We had company all weekend, then all the family over for Easter dinner. Today (Tuesday) was back to work and I took our house guests to the ferry after school. I'm looking forward to relaxing a little this evening. Enjoy your week, Pam.

  19. Pamela
    It's so wonderful to see your many signs of Spring there-the black bird, the flowers and the deer!
    We've watched all of Foyle's War and I was so sad to hear that this season was the last for the show.
    We really enjoyed it too. Do you ever watch, "Call the Midwife"? It's a British drama that I think you would like too.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your picture wall when you're finished and I thoroughly agree it works best to shop alone when you need time to think things through!
    Have a wonderful week, Pamela.

  20. Hi Pam - oh my goodness - that is a lot of deer! I hope they don't get into your gardens! We had a mother deer with two fawns one year and we had to let her eat all of the roses because we didn't want her to move her fawns - the roses did recover, but it took a couple of years. I am sorry about all of your snow - I hope this is the last of it! It is so nice to see the signs of spring. I have forgotten to take photos sometimes, too. It just means that you had a wonderful time.......Your photo wall sounds so nice - don't forget to share when you are done. I have never watched Foyle's War, but hopefully they will rerun it sometime. I do watch 'Call the Midwife' and I love it. There are so few shows on these days that are worth watching anymore....Hope you have a lovely week and that the snow is melting again! Hugs xo Karen

  21. It sounds like you had a very Happy Easter!

    That is so many hungry deer, Pam! We usually have many deer in our neighborhood this time of year but lately I have not seen very many and I'm wondering why? We surrounded every shrub in our garden with chicken wire to give them a chance to grow, so that may be the answer--nothing to eat in our yard! :) We have had many beautiful days but we also still get occasional snow days--we can get frost till late May. It was the same in NY so I don't mind that much as I'm used to it.

  22. It sounds like a lovely weekend Pam. The crocus are gorgeous and a sign of better days to come. Such pretty little plants that have grown and bloomed through some nasty weather. The red wings are back here too and we have a smaller herd of deer out in the farm fields across from us. Enjoy the week.

  23. I was waiting for you to say "more snow"--and sure enough. But at least not a blizzard. Amazing the herd of deer in your yard. I shouldn't complain with our five or six. They are beautiful, but they eat our plants.

  24. Great pictures and post . . .
    Winter was certainly YOURS. this year! WOW . . .
    And the deer . . . amazing, I am sending your post on to my husband he can see . . .
    Happy Spring and melting Pam . . .

  25. I haven't watched Foyle's War, but your description has be interested in it now. Easter sounds like it was a lovely time for you and full of activity. I headed to my step-niece's home and enjoyed a delicious dinner there. I have yet to see any crocuses in my garden, but the snowdrops are plentiful; it will be a treat to see more colour in the garden. Good luck with your new wall arrangement. I gather the new photos are ones take by you?

    Enjoy your week, Pam.

  26. Loved reading this post. Oh my that snow just won't leave you alone. Unbelievable deer in your yard. Hopefully the snow will begin to melt and by May you will have a beautiful carpet of green. It's full blown Spring here except for the rain. Carol

  27. -18C sounds horrible!!! OMG! And we were complaining about a cold spell here... we are such wimps.
    I haven't heard abouyt "Foley's War" but I will look for it. I generally enjoy the British TV series so much more than the crap here in the US. We are watching "Mr. Selfridge" at the moment, and I also enjoyed "Grantchester".

  28. I am surprised by the blooming crocuses and the daffodils well up. We have none of that here. The daffodils are up, but the leaves are a ghastly shade of yellow...they get no sun behind their snowbanks. As you know, it snowed and snowed and snowed here and we are expecting more snow overnight. Will it never end? I did go out and cut forsythia branches today for some color in the house. Hope that you get your new project worked through. I am sure that it will turn out well and we want to see it!

  29. Your weather seems to be like ours: warm, cold, sunshine, snowing, changing rapidly, but you seem to have beautiful crocuses already... and lovely blackbirds singing!
    I haven't watched "Foyle's war", but I know it's one of the popular British series so much appreciated also here. "Father Brown" is my favourite detective drama at the moment. :)
    Have a lovely week!

  30. One of your FB photos showed the deer frolicking about, or perhaps something scared them. Let's hope they stay in the distance and don't venture towards your gardens. I didn't get that book in the mail for you yet - I will leave myself a note to do it tomorrow. :-)

  31. What chaotic weather! This winter won't be forgotten in the Atlantic provinces.

  32. Oh my Pam, you still do look like a winter wonderland and the deer are loving it! Can't believe how much snow you still have. I swear there is spring time hiding in there somewhere. lol!

  33. So glad you had a blessed weekend.. What a lot of deer, eh? Your photos are lovely, Pam and yes, Spring is almost here in reality ... smile.. ox

  34. What a wonderful post! Those Crocuses are just gorgeous - love the color; and there's just nothing like the song of Red-winged Blackbird! Thank you for sharing these.

  35. Pam, what a beautiful sight of the sun coming into your kitchen. There is nothing prettier than when that happens as everything comes together at the right time. Also I can't believe the amount of deer that are close to your house. What a beautiful part of the world you live in..Would love to hear that blackbird!..Happy Thursday..Judy

  36. glad you had a wonderful Easter. The poor deer are probably so hungry.


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