Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

hiking the trails in Mactaquac

The beaver pond in Mactaquac Provincial Park.

We are in the dog days of summer here in New Brunswick this past week.  It is so hot and humid with temperatures hitting 33C with a humidex of 44C.  That's over 90F for my American friends.  I know it's not like you get for 2 or 3 months but when you're not used to it it's HOT!  We'll survive.  It won't last much longer and before too long we'll be complaining of the chill in the air.  I'm actually loving it as I don't like the cold at all.  

Anyway, a week ago my friend and I went for two different hikes on two beautiful summer days in the local Mactauqac Provincial Park.  The first day we did a lovely trail that has been repaired a lot after Tropical Storm Arthur blew through in July 2014 and knocked down thousands of trees in the park alone.  The trails were pretty well ruined in spots and had to be rebuilt which is very expensive and labour intensive.  

They have spread wood chips from the trees several inches deep all through this trail which has also been widened.  You still have to watch your footing for roots sticking up though.

This is a bridge built from some of the trees that were felled in the storm.  

The Little Mactaquac Stream.  

On our second day of hiking we decided to do another trail in the park and were warned that there were men working on it so we may not get through in certain spots.  We did get a short distance and the trail was blocked so we went back and tried another one called Alex Creek Trail.  Well, this is what we saw in that part of the woods.  Total destruction!  It looks like a tornado went through the trees.

This was part of the trail with the boardwalk blocked by fallen trees.

This footbridge over Alex Creek was just a bit tippy.  A large cedar tree on the other end blew down and the roots lifted that end right up.  

After climbing over trunks and roots and broken bridges we decided to head back.  There was no way we were going to get any farther on this trail.  So we drove back to the Beaver Pond trail and tried it from the other end.  We came across some men cutting the fallen trees for firewood for the park's campground and then some other men were rebuilding the trail with an excavator.  They've put in new boardwalks over the swampy wet areas but the walking was really rough and we could hardly look up as we had to watch every step we took so as not to fall.  

 The funny thing was we walked through and ended up on the other side of the spot where we had to turn around as it was blocked off due to the work going on.  We kind of chuckled that we had made it through the trail we weren't supposed to be on.  

After all that trudging over uneven ground we stopped here for a rest at the beaver pond.  The beaver lodge is on that little island in the middle.

This is what I would call a 'corduroy road' like the first settlers would have built over boggy areas.  The trees were cut and laid out with mud packed in.  They will eventually add a layer of wood chips on this whole trail like they did the one in the other part of the park.  This is a work in progress and I believe were were the first to venture through it.  We chatted with the men that were working and I think they were surprised we made it through and back again.  :)

This rock formation was rather interesting.  The work crews 'uncovered' it while they were cutting the fallen trees.  It was a very long rock - about 300 feet - like a heave in the earth no higher than what you see here and about 10 feet wide.  It almost looked like petrified wood.  I don't know if anyone knows how it came to be.  Perhaps  Furry Gnome of the blog Seasons in the Valley might know as he is somewhat of a geology expert who writes about the Beaver Valley where he lives in southern Ontario.  If you haven't visited his blog you should pop by as he shares beautiful photos and a wealth of information.  

An Eastern White Pine tree that has survived many a storm.

We arrived at the end of our hike quite tired but elated that we made it through the rough trail.

I see some fall colours in this view already and the cattails are formed.  

It was great to get out and do some hiking in our local park and also  great that the cleanup and restoration work is being done to the trails there.


We've had some wonderful sunsets and sunrises lately too.

Down at the Mactaquac Causeway one evening in late July. 
(I took this photo but there are power lines that drop about halfway down the photo.  I shared this one on Facebook and blogger Kathie MacPhee of PEI loved it so much she edited it for me and took out the wires.  Thank you Kathie!  I really need to learn how to do some editing like that as wires always get in the way as you can see by the sunrise photo below!)

A red rubber ball sunset on Sunday evening after a really hot day.

And a red rubber ball sunrise on Monday morning.

Murray and I got away to St. Andrews by the Sea on Saturday and I'll share those photos with you very soon.  It was an escape from the heat but it was quite hot there too.  Also, my friends and I took a trip to Fundy National Park on the Bay of Fundy yesterday to hike some trails and to escape the heat, and it was definitely cooler right on the coast that day.  Watch for posts on these two trips soon.

Now, I hope to get around and visit some of you.  I was sort of caught up last week but got behind the past few days again.

Take care and keep cool my friends.  Enjoy these summer days!



  1. Lovely post Pam. Would you believe I have never done any of the trails at Mactaquac! For shame! Good to know they are removing storm debris and re-doing some trails. Glad you got down to St. Andrews. I am hoping to get to Fundy in the next few weeks. It's been too long since I visited... Your sunsets and sunrise are gorgeous. I too must learn how to "remove wires" and other "detritus"... lol

  2. That certainly was some hike! Truly a very lovely place...just wanted to sit and have me a picnic lunch on that table on the trail! (pic #2) There certainly was a lot of devastation due to the glad they are getting it all fixed up. Beautiful sunsets!

  3. How sad the trails have suffered so much damage. The park will be beautiful once the trails are cleared! I love the orange skies you photographed.

  4. I do find it sad to see fallen trees and this trail certainly had a lot of damage. I wouldn't have crossed that bridge though! Your sunsets are truly beautiful and I do hope you have cooler air soon xx

  5. What stunning sunrises and sunsets!!! So incredible and such wonderful colours. There has been a lot of storm damage on those trails hasn't there. They are doing amazing work in repairing them and you can see from the damage how much work has been done on the repaired areas cant you. Lots more to do, but it is good that they are doing it! xx

  6. A beautiful area for hiking!

    The humidity's supposed to last here through Thursday, so likely Friday for you before there's any relief.

  7. It is amazing how nature can bring us such beautiful places and then a storm can cause so much damage. Great photos of your hike. I'm trying to not complain about the heat even though humidity really bothers mel. It will be gone soon enough.

  8. That's some gorgeous country! Beautiful photos!

  9. I'm in awe of so many great photos. (I want to go hiking, I whine)

  10. Some very beautiful photos must have been exhilarating!
    Love the outdoors!
    Have a great week...
    Linda :o)

  11. Those are our kinds of hikes Pam, love wooded areas and boardwalks. Still hot here but perhaps not quite as hot as it was a day or so ago. Stay cool.

  12. You guys had a go of it getting around all of the downed trees. Amazing you did so much hiking in spite of that. Love all of the photos. Carol

  13. Wow. What an adventure! You two are obviously in great shape. Hasn't it been hot?! Phew. I tried to sit outside a few minutes ago and had to come in...too muggy for me. And I found my first yellow maple leaf on the ground today. Quite a contrast between the hottest days of summer and coming fall. Beautiful pictures here as those beautiful sunsets without the wires.

  14. The photo that Kathie edited for you is so beautiful. I'm glad the power lines are gone! Looks like quite the hike...

  15. I'm afraid that the Furry Gnome is going to disappoint you. That does look like a very interesting geological outcrop, but without knowing the geology of that region I can't help you identify it. Still, maybe there's some interesting New Brunswick geology to read about. I'm not really a geology expert; I've just read a lot about different aspects of the valley here.

  16. A beautiful and rugged hike, Pam! It looks like those work crews have their hands full repairing those trails. The sunset and sunrise are just gorgeous. Love that beautiful old pine tree !

  17. So many tree fallen, but good to know that the beautiful countryside around you is being looked after. In 2000 we had a storm which did so much damage to the area and in parts there are still paths that are blocked by fallen trees After the Napoleonic era In France everyone has to look after their own land and over the centuries family owned land has been divided up into what is called parcels and rifts occur between members of the family, so consequently not all land is looked after ever , So your forest area being managed is a joy to see. Lovely photos as always. Maybe sometime you can let us into the secret of how touch up our photos .

  18. So interesting to see what's going on in other parts of the world! We've just had a few days in Scotland and going again for a week in September. Take a gamble with the weather there!

  19. Oh, what beautiful pics...feels like I was right there walking along with you! Such destruction....awesome to see they are working so hard to make repairs. Enjoy the summer weather!!

  20. I'm really behind in blog reading, too. It was fun to see the wonderful photos from your walk. My favorites were of the stream and the first sunset. It was sad to see the fallen trees, the men have their work cut out for them! No pun intended.
    Have a great week!

  21. How sad to see a place that suffered so much destruction. But still so much natural beauty. How do you pronounce Mactacque? Muh TACK ik?? or Matta queue or MackTack? or...? The first sunset photo especially is wonderful!

  22. Looks and sounds like you both had a fun time ! I love going on trail hikes ! Wonderful photos .
    ! Very windy here right now dark clouds and it is raining heavily ! Hope it cools it down some here it has been very humid here to ! Thanks for sharing Have a good evening .

  23. You have been lovely outing after another. And always so well documented right here! Kathie did a great job of 'deleting' the wires in your sunset pic!

    Looking forward to being in your neighbourhood...soon!

  24. Lovely scenery and some great sky shots.


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