Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Friday, October 30, 2015

a bit of this and that

I am loving my $1.00 yard sale trike. It's very photogenic don't you think?

Well, it's almost Oct. 31st.  Where did this month go to already??

We got through the big storm yesterday.  Lots of rain and wind, power outages (we were ok) and, along the coasts of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, extremely high tides and waves crashing over beaches, wharves and roads.  Today it's very windy and much colder.  Yesterday it was 17C and so balmy and warm, and today it's only 10C but the gusting wind makes it feel colder.  At least it's not snowing!
The leaves are blowing off the trees and most are bare now.

After the rain and wind yesterday.

From the inside looking out.

I've hung the bird feeders out again from our clothesline, out of reach of the squirrels.  There have been lots of chickadees and this female downey woodpecker along with a male.  I was standing on the ground when I took this photo and the bird was less than 4 feet above me.  She wasn't the least bit timid.

Our front deck.  I'm not sure how much longer those mums will last as they have been touched by frost already.  I'll soon be putting all these things away until next spring and will make a winter arrangement in the milk can and an old graniteware container.  

The sunrise this morning was breathtaking.   The sun has moved  about half way to it's lowest spot in the sky.  Winter's coming.

A scarecrow at Kings Landing Historical Settlement. 2013

Our kids at Halloween a 'few' years back.

Are you expecting lots of 'visitors' for Halloween?  We usually only get about 7-10 which means we have lots of treats left over for us.   Not that I buy a lot either as I usually just get a couple small bags of candy and a box of chips. (which are already partly gone!)  :)

Thanks for visiting!  I hope you all have a good and safe weekend.



  1. Hi Pam, love your photos today, was the old trike your $1.00 find? Good one.. Hoping you will have a calm, rain free weekend.

  2. Hi Pam! Love the sweet look on your porch. That little trike is darling! I would love to have a little wagon so I keep looking. The leaves look pretty at your house. They have turned golden here and are just beautiful and our yard is full! What a darling snap of your children! Hope you're doing well and Happy Halloween!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. The trike does come in handy. We had the storm come through here on Wednesday, with the high winds yesterday. Clear skies now.

  4. Your fall time porch is sure pretty. And your children where cuties, Pamela.
    This is my first year that we have been home for Halloween and living in town so I'm hoping we will get some Trick or Treaters!

  5. rain and rough winds here today. the storm that hit central texas is heading to us, now. glad you made it fine thru yours. and i do like your tricycle.

  6. Pam the bike is a great prop looks great. Love the picture of your children and the pumpkin so super cute. We do not really celebrate halloween much here now. Daughter will be back at Uni and will go to Uni Halloween party.
    Son home but more interested in games....Will not get any trick or treaters knocking because we have a long drive in complete darkness and our front door is behind a gate all in complete darknes. They would have to be very brave .

  7. Your mums are still so pretty, Pamela. I actually was able to keep a lovely yellow begonia on my front deck until last week. Somehow, it was protected from the cold until then. When the snow hit, it was kaput! We get no Halloweeners because we're too isolated, and no children live near us. I used to buy candy, but I stopped many years ago. I think most of the children in our town go to organized events. I love that old trike!

  8. Hope that you don't get too many callers so you have some candy left. That is a beautiful sunrise, the most stunning in fact!!!! xx

  9. Wonderful photos ! After the winds and rain we had just a day or so before you we now have no leaves left on the trees . We don't have any trick or treaters here as our area is older folk and Mennonites but that doesn't stop Papa from having Halloween candy lol . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  10. Beautiful! glad to see the storm wasn't too destructive!. love the one of your kids and the jack'o-lantern:)

  11. Glad to hear that you were safe from the storm. Always hate to see the end of the beautiful autumn leaves.
    Your trike is absolutely adorable and what a great deal you got. I think you will have lots of fun "playing" with it.
    Your sunrise is amazing and makes me think I need to make a better point of getting outside in the morning. I now think I'm missing a lot out there.
    Love the picture of your kids. Those old photos become more precious each year, don't they.
    We are expecting hundreds of kids tomorrow. We live in a large neighborhood and the trick or treating takes place on the trail behind our home. It's fun, but a bit exhausting too.

  12. Love the kiddos from year's past. Hope the weather clears up and calms down. Finally had a nice day here in Nashville. Carol

  13. That's such a cute photo of your kids :) We had some wild leftover hurricane weather this week too,and we've been sitting between 0 - 10C. I'm glad my trees are still intact from the high winds ... lots! of rain too! You can certainly tell from which direction the wind came in from your before/after tree photos. What a gorgeous sunrise shot, makes you appreciate it even more after the storm. Enjoy your evening of dishing out the treats! Happy Halloween :)

  14. Gorgeous sunrise . . .
    Gloom here so I REALLY enjoyed the golden colors!
    Winter is in the air . . . no doubt about it!
    (Although they are predicting 60-70 for next week . . . )
    Great weather for leaf pick up.
    Love the "pic from the past!"
    Happy Halloween Pam . . .

  15. Hi Pam, I'm back after a much-needed break. LOVE this post, and you are right, that sunrise is truly a prize winner!! Happy Halloween to you!!!

  16. What a beautiful end-of-October post! It's interesting to compare the same view in photos taken only some days one after another. It still looks so beautiful there! (We have seen a thin layer of snow this morning, but it soon disappeared.)
    The last photo is adorable.
    Have a blessed weekend!

  17. Bet it feels like just yesterday...those "kids" are so cute! No tricksters here except for two. Seems that there are many events that keep the children busy.

    Stunning sunrise... Yes, the sun is so low in the sky...the days are so short already and about to seem shorter!

  18. What a difference four days (and a storm) makes! And to be able to see a sunrise like that from my window--what a gift!

  19. That trike is wonderful!! I would have bought that, too! Yes, it is photogenic.
    I love the look of your front deck. Please show us what your winter arrangements look like. Here in my corner of the world it's still hot. It may sound very spoiled, but I am a bit tired of it. It's almost November, for Pete's sake! I want to work in the garden (mainly clean up) without breaking out in stinky sweat after only a few minutes...

  20. A lot of our leaves have fallen off as well after the wind and rain we have had the last few days. The beautiful colours don't seem to last a long time but they are sure enjoyable while they last.

  21. Hi Pamela,
    Beautiful photos, as always. Love the Halloween photo of your kids "back then"!

  22. PlayingWithMyCamera has been included in our A Sunday Drive for this week. Be assured that we hope this helps to point even more new visitors in your direction.

  23. The year is winding down and like you, we've had rain and wind remove most of the leaves from the tree. Hubby has been busy gathering the leaves for the compost bins.

  24. Beautiful photos! Great one of the woodpecker! It's very difficult to keep the squirrels away from our feeders. They eventually get to them. I do like the tricycle!

  25. I'll not get tired of your fall colors.

    Love that twilight

  26. Love the pic of your kids!!

    The leaves are pretty well gone, my mums are done, the time change has happened, and now it's November, oh, no!!!

  27. Take care and be safe. Beautiful pictures. The colorful sky looks amazing!

  28. What lovely autumnal colours! That scarecrow is amazing.

  29. love have u have dated shots great idea. love the bike, do u have a sled for winter? can't recall if that was u or another blogger? great decor. have a nice week. November is here so wild. on the 6th, the hubby & i will b married 11yrs. buzzing by so quick. ( ;


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