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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

fall colours tour #1

I've been on two fall drives last week - one on Thursday with some girl friends and one on Saturday with Murray to visit my sister and her husband.  

Today I'm sharing Thursday's drive with my friends.  
We started in Fredericton and drove to Stanley through Tay Creek area, then on to Boiestown and Doaktown.  The colours were just starting to peak and in some areas there was not much colour at all. It's been a late season for the leaves changing this year which is kind of nice as the long the leaves stay on the trees the prettier it is. We stopped for tea and a sweet treat at the only eatery in the small village of Stanley, a diner with fine home cooking.  It was a cold and windy day so it was nice to have a break after getting out to view many pretty scenes on our route and getting lost at one point.  :)  We also stopped in Boisetown, Doaktown and Blissfield to shop and have a late lunch.  Enjoy the photos.

A pretty Anglican church on the hill.

The highway and the Nashwaak River in Stanley.

This century home is the home to a lovely country/primitive style home decor shop called "Candle in the Window" in Boiestown.  We all purchased something there!  Their front porches were so beautifully decorated.  I hope to get over for their Christmas Open House in November.

Beautiful Percheron horses in Carrolls Crossing.

This horse statue is in the farm yard across the road.

This little Anglican church will soon be torn down.  

The swinging bridge in McNamee that joins Priceville seen on the other side of the Miramichi River.  I shared photos of this bridge last year too.

The week before last this river was overflowing its banks after the huge rain we had.  It was still high and flowing fast this day.

These are cottages for rent along the river.  What a beautiful spot!

This driftwood tree is resting on the bridge abutment after the flood over a week ago.  

Some late season salmon fishing going on that day.

We had a lovely day and enjoyed the beautiful scenery, stops at country style diners and some shopping.  I'll be back in a couple days with another post.  The colours changed quickly this week and are so gorgeous right now.  Today's wind took a lot of leaves off though.  Soon, the trees will be bare.  :(  

Thank you so much for visiting and leaving a comment. 
Have a beautiful day. 



  1. Such wonderful photos, I always fell I am right along with you in your trips. Gorgeous scenery!
    Have a wonderful rest of the week,

  2. What a beautiful drive, Pamela, and the colours are lovely along the country roads.

  3. LOVELY pictures you show us...so beautiful!
    Have a great week, take care!

  4. Wonderful photos!I love autumn!

  5. Wonderful photos! It is surprising how quickly the foliage came on once it got started. It may have been peak here for two and a half hours. =D

    Why is the Anglican church being taken down? It is such a charming building. Hope that you gals all made an intention to get back to the darling prim shop for the Christmas Open House. We have a wonderful prim shop here in town housed in a refurbished hotel. I try not to visit too often for obvious reasons...I leave my wallet behind.

  6. very much enjoyed this visit with you. Wish we had this kind of fall color in Florida. Sigh

  7. You captured the fall colors beautifully.

  8. Love all the photo's. It was a repeat of our outing on the weekend except the ride was with you.
    No matter what province you are in the colours are spectacular. We didn't visit a cute store like that though.
    We might get some snow flurries Friday evening as the temps drop.

  9. That's what I have been looking for . . .
    Thanks for some color . . .
    Our trees seemed to literally "pop" over night yesterday . . .

  10. What fabulous colours and shots.

  11. What a beautiful set of fall photos, Pam! Isn't it glorious! I especially love the river shots, the river flanked by beautiful maples and oaks. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  12. I want to walk across the swinging bridge and see the beautiful horses in the pasture and shop at the great little shop you guys stopped at. My plane will land at 2 today. Just kidding. But I still want to. Carol

  13. So many nice ones that I can't pick a favorite!! I would love to stay in one of those cottages along the river for sure!! Have a wonderful day Pam!

  14. Your roads and byways you would think I lived in the same area. My pictures some of them look like yours and yours mine.

    Fall is a beautiful Season isnt it.

  15. Gorgeous autumn photos Pam and why we love this season so much!

  16. Beautiful autumn colours!!! That shop looks like a fascinating place to visit, I hope that you can get back there. Shame amount the church being taken down, I hope that it is perhaps being moved somewhere else? xx

  17. Beautiful autumn colors in your photos. I always enjoy seeing those white churches. When I think of our trip out east in June, white churches perched on hills or nestled into the trees is a sight that comes to mind.

  18. Pam, oh my such beauty!! Love those horses too. We haven't taken a drive up to the higher country yet so don't know how the foliage is, but it is being slow to turn down here (2400 feet)..Happy Weekend..Judy

  19. Pam, absolutely gorgeous! Looks a lot like New England. We were lucky that it was peak in New Hampshire, where we were staying. That shop looks like a fun place! I took photos of a couple churches too.

  20. Fantastic! I love the barn photo! The Percherons are handsome! I ride a Percheron cross myself.


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