Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Christmas at the Train Station

Outside the McAdam Train Station.

The McAdam Train Station is a National Historic Site in the small village of McAdam, NB situated near the New Brunswick/Maine border.  This train station was a very busy place during the 1900's. 
If you want to see my previous post on this beautiful train station and it's history please go here. 

Last Thursday and all this weekend the train station is beautifully decorated for Christmas.  The volunteers and staff do a fantastic job and each year the themes are different.  This was my first visit for this event and I was amazed at all the work they do to raise money for the upkeep of this almost 115 year old building which is now a museum and tourist attraction.  Pour yourself a hot beverage and enjoy.  Lots of pictures!

Lets' go inside.  I'll take you through the station and share some of the beautiful things we saw.

When going through the station I couldn't help but note the beautiful woodwork and windows, and even the old radiators.

This room was really interesting and decorated for the men with a hunting/fishing/outdoor theme.  

Yes, those are bullet shell casings.  :)

And antlers.

Can you see who's taking a nap while camping?  :)

This was my favourite table.  

Take a look at this beautiful moose antler.  Someone has carved a moose and tree scene in it.  The pretty quilt is a lovely backdrop for it.

The 'ladies lounge' had handcrafts and collectibles for sale.

This was a stairwell between two rooms.  Beautifully done.

Look at those cute stocking shaped dinner napkins.

You've all seen this ladder idea on Pinterest.  Love it!

The tour ended in the old cafeteria with light refreshments of tea, coffee and sweets.  I love the old stools and counters.

At the counters there were these signs telling the story behind the 'wedding couple' in the photo below.  The bride's dress is 113 years old and the man's wedding suit is about 133 years old.  The suit is made of wool and the pant legs are lined with burlap!

And that is the end of the tour.  We are back outside of this beautiful building.  I hope you enjoyed the Christmas tour.  I know we did.  There was so much to see and take in and one could take their time and not feel rushed.

If you have time please check out the link to my other post about the train station at the top of this post.  

And if you're wondering if the station is still in use, sadly it's not.  But, there are trains that come in for commercial purposes.  The engines below were shunting back and forth and hooking up cars.  

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. How beautiful a tour. Thank you.

  2. It looks amazing, wonderful that it is decorated and open for the public. How sad that passenger trains have declined so much. We always try to take a train journey where ever we go. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous Pamela every single image. My favorite is the wagon and I love the table setting that you like too. Carol

  4. I love it!! Thanks for sharing.
    Someone put a lot of time and thought into the decorations.
    My favourites are the hat on top of the tree, the wagon, the bike (such patience to thread the lights through the spokes!) and the buffalo plaid table covering.
    Wish I lived handier :) Such fun.

  5. Losing comments so will say hi.

    1. ...and see if I can hold the line. Loved seeing the station all decked out for Christmas. I'm sending the link to a few folks who will love seeing it, too.

  6. Let me've really been looking forward to the season, huh?

  7. Pam thank you for the tour. it looks a beautiful station and love the decorations.

  8. How delightful it is Pam, certainly gets you in the Christmas mood

  9. These are wonderful pictures !! Thanks for the tour,,,I just finished watching The Paradise on Netflix and I could just imagine some of the characters bustling about this wonderful old building! Beautifully decorated for sure!

  10. What a beautiful place to visit , I love the themes of their Christmas rooms . Awesome post and photos and interesting about the station on the link . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  11. Quite the festive tour Pam with lots of great ideas. I haven't seen the ladder on Pinterest but do like the possibilities.

  12. That's a beautiful old train station!

  13. So nice to see photos of your tour, thank you. It was all so beautifully decorated. My husband would love the shell casing string of lights;-)
    blessings, jill

  14. What a beautifully decorated place to visit. That would help put one in the holiday spirit. I can't imagine burlap lined pants - how itchy they must have been! Santa's camping trip looks like a fun one for him!

  15. What a lovely place, Pam! When travelling, I would so much prefer to visit small, beautiful stations like that (even paying some extra), but perhaps they are too small for the needs of the present travellers.
    Wonderful, wonderful Christmas decorations - even though I wouldn't hang even a toy rifle on a Christmas tree. :)
    Thank you for sharing and have a blessed new week!

  16. Great decorating ideas! What a super train station!

  17. That's awesome! Somebody has a great imagination! Very nicely decorated!

  18. Such an amazing station Pamela - makes the old cold, damp and dreary British Rail stations I recall from that era so bleak and Dickensian! What a beautiful place to enjoy early (yes, very early!) Christmas decor - but then it seems to go up everywhere here now even prior to Thanksgiving which is this coming Thur. of course. After that holiday has passed I hope to get some Christmas spirit - it hasn't hit me yet!

    Hugs - Mary

  19. Really fun to see. I haven't seen much Christmas yet as I haven't been shopping much, so this is nice to see. Probably after this weekend we will see more--people tend to wait until after our Thanksgiving,

  20. What a beautiful building the old train station is and a wonderful time of year to visit it.

  21. i like the hunting/camping motifs and really like the stick tree!

  22. I enjoyed seeing all the creative Christmas decorations. Pam. The station is a gem.

  23. i love trains. i love Christmas. & you put 2 of them together ...what a match. love the bike. what a cool time, i would love it. thanks for sharing. we have taken a few train rides and they talk of train rides in the snow, i can not imagine how cold and snowy it would be, i bet it would be fun to see the shovel pushing the snow. they have dealt with moose too ... a bull moose thinking it is a lady friend, can you imagine? he it is train not a moose, you silly man moose. ha. ha!! weird??! it took them a while to get him of the tracks. have a great one. enjoy this so much. ( :

  24. I have to laugh - because I did exactly what you said - I ran down and made a tea before I continued on with the post LOL !
    What a beautiful old building Pam - we have an old one in our neighborhood that doesn't get decorated what a shame
    I just LOVE those radiators - used to have them in our houses growing up!
    Gorgeous pics as always :)

  25. That is beautiful, Pam - what a great outing!!


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