Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Sunday, November 15, 2015

one last hike in the woods

Last Sunday afternoon we decided to go for a walk at the Mactaquac Provincial Park just 5 minutes from our house.  The park is closed for the season but we parked at one of the gates and headed in to find the trail that leads down to the creek and across to another area.  It was a beautiful sunny afternoon but the wind was very cold so we were bundled in parkas, toques and gloves.  Once in the shelter of the woods it wasn't as bad so we were cozy.  In the above photo you can see a 'walkway' above the ground.  It's part of TREEGO, an outdoor adventure walk through the treetops on all kinds of different swinging, wobbling, shaking walkways.  
It's not something I'd be doing as I have a great fear of heights but it is a very popular thing to do in the summer months.

We walked down this long staircase to the bottom of the ravine where Alex Creek flows through into the river at the sailboat marina.

I stopped part way down to take a picture of Murray at the bottom.

Here is the creek.  It was really dark in the woods so I used my flash...not the best thing to do but the sun wasn't shining down in there.

I love this birch tree.  I have taken photos of it before and have posed on it too.  You can see the ground is littered with fallen leaves.  There are a lot birch, poplar and beech trees on this hill which is the other side of the creek from where we came.

We trudged up the hill through the golden leaves to peek over the top at the Mactaquac Dam in the distance and a picnic shelter on the right.

Looking over the side hill to where the sailboat marina is.  A beaver was busy and 'cut' down a large poplar tree.

This is a very old Northern Red Oak tree.  It is huge.  I can't wrap my arms around it.  There used to be 2 of them on this spot that was once a farm before the dam was built.  

Looking across the water to the Mactaquac Dam.  

I love this hillside in the fall with the carpet of gold from the trees above.  Up at the top is one of the many campgrounds in the park.
We walked along a little road which I'll share with you next time as I have too many photos for one post.  So, you'll just have to come back OK?  

We could actually hike today too as it's not too bad out there except for the cold wind and temperature of 4C, but we're staying put.  Being lazy.  :)  The sun is streaming in the dining room window for the moment as I finish this post.  I see red berries in a white pitcher on the table in front of me and vintage tree ornaments in old mason jars on the hutch.  You can guess at what I might be doing this week.  :)

I hope you have had a great weekend and I wish you a blessed week ahead.  See you soon.

Praying for Paris, France, our World.  



  1. Lovely photos ! We love hiking in the woods as well . Pretty area there . The past few days were windy dull and cold but today is sunny and quite pleasant so we have been outside finishing up out door stuff . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  2. What a beautiful place to go for a walk! That really is lovely isn't it. I think that birch tree with the bent trunk is amazing, that would be a wonderful piece to build something with where you needed that shape, a very strong piece of wood indeed. I hope that the weather keeps for a while longer so that you can continue to enjoy your hikes and walks! xx

  3. The deep blue with the orange and brown leaves makes quite a color pallet for this post. IT looks like a wonderful walk!

  4. It looks like such a beautiful, tremendously appealing place for a hike!

  5. I know I would like this hiking spot and how handy it is for you, Pamela.
    I think the tree walk is so cool! I'm not sure I could do it either, but my grands would sure love it.
    The birch tree with the is a perfect place to pose for a photo, for sure.
    Have fun with your Christmas decorating this week!

  6. Wonderful looking place to go for a walk!

  7. Looked up Maqtaquac provincial Park on Google Maps (satellite view), and it was the first time i've ever seen a jet contrail - and the plane itself - on an air photo! Neat!

  8. Your walk in the woods is lovely. I could hardly see Murray at the bottom of the stairs. Good thing he was waving! The woods get dark so early these days, don't they? Have a great week!

  9. Lovely setting to walk, hike, climb the hills and walkways.
    What happens to you with heights?

  10. It looks like a lovely hike and yet I understand with the weather up there why you would want to stay in and be lazy. I hate to see Fall go. Carol

  11. Love that you and Murray go hiking together!
    I love forests....and...yours is fantastic!
    Doing some Christmas decorating, eh Pam?
    Think I'll pull out a few boxes this week...
    Gonna go very low key this year....I say that every year! Hahaha!
    I have already booked my son to put up my lights!
    Have a great week...
    Linda :o)

  12. What a lovely place for a hike.

  13. Really nice post, Pam! Sure is pretty there.

  14. Love your fall pic's in Mactaquac Park! Even nicer to have the park all to yourselves, right? I've been away from blogdom for I need to do some catching up here.

  15. Gorgeous photos! I love the birch, too! That's very unique!

  16. Those are such pretty Fall photos. I especially like the birch tree and the shots with the dam in the background. There is also just something very compelling about the linear look and materials used in the stairs. Hoping you have a great week. Hard to believe that before long (not too soon I hope) those leaves will be covered by snow.

  17. A very pretty place to enjoy the late season sunshine, Pam! Love that big oak tree and the many armed birch. I love the scent of fallen leaves and listening to them swish when walking through them :) So nice to get out for some fresh air. Hugs xo Karen

  18. It might have been chilly but it looked like a beautiful day to enjoy the park.

  19. This looks like a very nice hiking trail, Pam! That birch tree so unusual and the red oak must have looked spectacular in early autumn. We are getting snow tonight!

  20. Wonderful photos, Pam! Such lovely blue skies and I can almost feel the fresh, clean air. :)
    Thank you for sharing and have a blessed week!

  21. Oh, what lovely woods to walk through! I am missing my walks this year because of hip troubles but I sure enjoyed your photos. I haven't started my decorating yet although I did have the music on this morning. That birch tree is really neat! You do live in a wonderful area, Pam. As beautiful as the Island is, we don't have near the places to explore that 'home' has. I wish we could have gotten over to NB this Fall but it didn't work out. Meanwhile I will enjoy it all your eyes. I have been feeling rather nostalgic these days as I always seem to get this time of year. Which is why I shared about my grandmother's jug the other day. Most of my happy childhood memories come from my years in NB. Thanks for sharing and have a warm cozy day. Praying with you for Paris, France, and the world.

    Autumn blessings,

  22. What a beautiful hike through the woods! I don't know if I'd be able to take the walk in the trees either, I don't care for heights much myself! Your hike looked like so much fun, and the beautiful views of the dam amazing! We just got a lovely amount of snow yesterday here, and then the rain came in, and a horrible windstorm, and it is all gone. Winter keeps toying with us, but I'm sure it will be here to stay before long, lol! Hope you are having a beautiful and blessed day :)

  23. Such a beautiful spot and so close to home! I do remember that birch tree! Quite unique with its built-in bench. Do hunters hunt in those woods? Is that why you won't be taking more walks there for a while?

    It has been quite a week and it hasn't even been a week. =/


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