Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Monday, December 28, 2015


Christmas morning

Christmas has come and gone for another year.  We had a very enjoyable Christmas Eve and Day with family.  Our church's Christmas Eve service was so beautiful and well attended with about 600 people there.  The weather was perfect - mild (8C) and clear.
Christmas Day's weather was sunny and mild again (10C).  We had a green and white Christmas as you can see by the photo above.  The rain and fog ate most of the snow away before the big day so it was perfect for travelling.  Our son and his wife joined us at church for Christmas Eve then came to our house for a delicious meal.

Christmas morning shenanigans.  :)

Mark and Jenn came up for breakfast on Christmas morning before we opened our gifts.  We are not sports fans at all and may only watch hockey during the Stanley Cup Playoffs in the late winter if our team is winning.  Our team isn't Montreal Canadiens though. (it would be Toronto or Boston) But, it is our son and daughter-in-law's team so they thought Murray should have a Montreal Canadiens toque for the winter.  :-)  We enjoyed a Skype visit with our daughter and her family in Alberta while they ate their breakfast and the boys showed us their new super hero costumes.  They are so cute!!

Murray and I went to Hampton to his sister and brother-in-law's for dinner.  The drive was beautiful.  

The farther we drove along the highway the less snow there was.

Saint John - the port city.

Kayaking on the Kennebacasis River in Hampton on Christmas Day.  This would normally have ice in it and snow all around.  We also noticed walkers, runners and people on motorcycles along our way that day.

We had a great visit and dinner there and drove home in the dark.  When we got home the Full Cold Christmas Moon was up so I took a photo of it.  There was a skim of cloud over it for a while.

On Boxing Day we had a quiet day and visited good friends of ours for the evening.  When we got home I suddenly wasn't feeling great and next thing I knew I had the flu!  I was up and down most of the night and slept all day Sunday!  My side of the family was to gather at my niece's in Sussex but we decided to cancel due to the snow storm that was predicted on Sunday and in the end, my being sick would have prevented me from going anyway.  So disappointing!  I am feeling much better today (Monday) and have had a banana and toast.  Oh...we did get a snowstorm.  We got about 20 cm. of snow!!  And we have another storm coming tomorrow with another 20 cm. of snow!

One thing - snow we can deal with.  When I see on the news of the terrible destruction from tornadoes in the US my heart breaks for those who have suffered loss of life, home and possessions.  Such a tragedy!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and holiday.  Soon it will be a new year to start fresh and I wish you all a year of blessings, peace, joy, good health, and special moments.

I'm looking forward to trying these out soon!  A gift from Murray.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the rest of the holidays.
Be safe.



  1. Looks like you had a delightful Christmas! I hope you are on the mend. Happy Holidays!

  2. Such a beautiful area. I really enjoyed your pictures.
    I hope you are soon fully recovered.

  3. The drive down looks like beautiful countryside, and the snow is welcome!

    I've been sick over Christmas, and still am- sore throat and coughing.

  4. The snow looks beautiful. We have had rain every day for over a week with no break in sight. Just amazing. We've dealt with small floods around our house but nothing like the tornadoes so we have much to be thankful for. I hope you are back to normal soon. I too am "under the weather."

  5. Glad to hear you are feeling better. There's been a lot of flu in this area too. Thankfully I've avoided it.
    Beautiful shots! Happy New Year!

  6. sorry you got sick, but glad you had good travel weather for your trip. the snow sure looks pretty, though!

  7. Beautiful scenery on your drive, Pam and so nice to hear that you had a lovely Christmas. That is a lot of snow to get in one storm, but so pretty! Sorry you are not feeling so well and hope you are on the mend soon. I caught a bug, too. Thank you for the lovely New Year's wishes and hoping you and loved ones have a wonderful and blessed year, too. Hugs xo Karen

  8. Glad you had a good Christmas (except for getting sick). Hope you enjoy the snowshoes too; by tomorrow or the next day you may have enough snow to use them! We're getting ice pellets and freezing rain at the moment.

  9. Glad you had a great Christmas! Beautiful landscapes!

  10. Always enjoy a visit here Pamela! Wonderful to hear about your Christmas, and fun times with your kids and the joy of good laughter together! I loved your pictures of your travels to St. John and Hampton - incredible weather there, my goodness! And then catching a stomach bug, oh my. I can totally commiserate having just suffered through one recently myself. Banana and toast is good, and hopefully you are feeling back to yourself soon! And I agree... I would take snow any day over tornadoes! Such a sad thing to have to happen over Christmas. We have so much to be thankful for, indeed. My heart and prayers go out to those poor folks. Look forward to some great photo ops with your new snow-shoes :)

  11. Great pictures!
    Loved the first one with all the giggles!
    Great weather you had for your drive . . .
    It has been that way here until this past night . . .
    Icy Snow . . .
    Miserable . . .
    Supposed to be warmer tomorrow . . .
    First white we have seen for weeks . . .
    Short lived . . .
    Happy you are feeling better!

  12. At least you were able to enjoy what looks like a fabulous Christmas before the 'flu kicked in dear Pamela. Hope so much you are much better by now.
    A lot of snow but also some lovely sunshine - imagine kayaking one day snowshoeing the next - weather can be so unpredictable even in these days of technology!

    Take care dear and best wishes to you and your family for the coming year - hopefully a great one for all.
    Hugs - Mary (in still very warm Raleigh!)

  13. Sounds like a great Christmas!

  14. A perfect gift from Murray and just in time too!
    So glad you had a good time during the holidays
    and even more glad your flu was short lived for you.
    Happy New Year!

  15. So glad you are feeling better. Being sick at Christmas is just no fun at all. A green Christmas is certainly unusual for you. The after-Christmas snowfall is so pretty. You'll enjoy getting out and using your gift from Murray! Happy New Year.

  16. A very full and eventful Christmas, which would have been even more full if that flu hadn't hit. Disappointing for sure. (My son's boys were sick with it the week before Christmas and we just prayed that the adults there and here would stay vertical. It was rather comical that week watching my daughter-in-law pin all the health tips on Pinterest.)

    We have not caught up with you in the snow department, though we do now have some.

  17. It sounds like your Christmas weekend started out great...sorry you go sick over the weekend! Hope you are on the mend so you can get out try those...snow shoes? I guess that's what your gift was? You mean no "hover board" for you this year?? LOL!
    That moon was amazing, wasn't it? I hope you are keeping as snug as a bug in a rug in all of that beautiful snow!

  18. Sounds like you'll have plenty of snow for those snowshoes! Hope you're feeling much better. Happy 2016!

  19. The snowless Christmas sure made it great for travel, didn't it! And that drive does look beautiful. I laughed at the snow on the table. Looks like the storm made up for its lateness. We are thankful for Skype, aren't we. Although it would be nice to have the family together, it's better than the old ham radio communication. Many blessings in 2016.

  20. All the best to you Pamela. We have very little snow and are enjoying a winter with mild temperatures. Happy New Year!

  21. It sounds like a wonderful Christmas! On days like these we feel what it means to live far away from our family, so enjoy the closeness! We spent Christmas in Colorado where it was freezing cold, and Wyoming, where we ended up later, was even colder (-25C).
    I wish you a wonderful 2016 and hope you makes lots and lots of beautiful memories.

  22. Glad you had a great Christmas and just wanted to wish you a blessed and happy New Year...xo


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