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Sunday, December 6, 2015

we got snow

Sunrise on Friday morning.

Hi Everyone!
I told you I'd be back if we got some snow didn't I?  ;)
We had our first snowstorm of the season on Thursday night and woke up to a winter wonderland on Friday.  It was calm on Friday so the snow stayed on the branches and trees all day making it a photographer's paradise.  I didn't go far as the roads were pretty snow packed so I took a little walk around the yard and along the road to get some pictures.

We have new neighbours on one side of us as of Saturday.  On Friday I snuck over to their yard after they 'closed' on the house and left (we had met them a few minutes before they left) to take a photo of the fence and the deer track through their yard.  Isn't it pretty?

It had rained for 2 days here before the cold front brought the snow in so the snow was wet and heavy at first.  Boughs and trees bent under the weight and thousands were without power due to trees on power lines, yet again.  The power utility in New Brunswick cut back trees all summer after the disastrous damage and power outages of the last few winter storms but I guess they have a lot more to do.  Some are still without power!

I'm hoping these lumps of grass all over this fields aren't ant hills!!

My favourite lane down in the field.  There were lots of deer tracks in there.

This is our road.  The plough went up the road early in the morning but didn't come down it until later.  

Our little corner cedar fence looks pretty with the fluffy bows I made last year and the snow on them.

A beautiful natural wreath I bought with fresh snow.  

Remember my dilemma of small tree vs. big tree this year?  Well the big tree won out....again.  I fought with the lights for 3 days, bought more, the new ones had several burnt out and one string keeps going off completely (nothing a little shake won't fix).  What a frustration!  Any who....it's up, lit and decorated and I'm enjoying it.  I went to town and got some shopping done and the wrapping will begin as I have a couple parcels to mail asap.  I dread the cost of mailing them.  Postage rates here are atrocious.  

Murray was away all weekend in Yarmouth, NS playing keyboard in the band for a local contemporary gospel group The LaPointes.  They are on the ferry crossing the Bay of Fundy as I type.  I hope it is as smooth a crossing as it was going over.  I spent some time with a friend yesterday and helped her decorate her new fireplace mantel then we went to the local diner for supper and back to her house to watch a Christmas movie.  After church today 2 friends and I went out to lunch.  I went to Walmart after and stocked up on chocolate and candy for the holidays.  (I hope they last until Christmas!)  Sometimes it's nice to be able to do these things (right ladies??).  :)


Today it was so warm and sunny it felt like spring.  The snow melted down a lot.  The week ahead looks pretty nice with temperatures above freezing every day.  

I hope you all are doing well and had a great week last week.  
And I wish you a blessed week ahead.
I have more photos to share so will be back in a few days, hopefully.  Take care my friends.



  1. Beautiful photos ! WOW ! you did get a lot of snow . It has been mild here and overcast for a few days I am wanting some sunshine hoping for that tomorrow ! We are to get up to 12C by next weekend and rain all weekend ! Your tree is lovely ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  2. The fresh snow looks so pretty with the sun shining. And I like your header. Your tree is pretty and hope the lights last for the month it's up! Your living room looks so warm and lovely!

  3. You really should be in charge of creating our Christmas cards this year...heehee! You have the most beautiful snow scenes. I love the snow on the big bows. And your tree is gorgeous! (I started a little holiday giveaway today if you would like to enter) Holiday hugs, Diane

  4. Beautiful landscapes! The wreath shot is really nice! Snow is definitely great for photography if not much else.

  5. You had snow? I guess so from the beautiful pics. And you had a really good time with your friends...lovely to do these fun things whenever possible. The tree is pretty as can be! Your home looks truly Christmas ready. Now for more fun!

  6. Pamela
    I just love photos of a fresh snow fall! Your wreath looks so pretty with a touch of the white stuff too.
    I love my hubby but I have to admit it's nice to have girl time for a day out shopping and chatting over dinner.
    So glad you had fun!

  7. Pam, the morning golden light glowing on your new snow is gorgeous! Your snowy world is just beautiful. I hope you get a bit more before Christmas. Your tree looks so full and beautiful.

  8. the light in these set off an already beautiful view!

  9. truly a winterwonderland.....just beautiful. love the light in your first image.

  10. The snow looks beautiful! That first snowfall is always so nice (at least if it isn't a bad storm).

  11. Yep. You're ready for Christmas. Warm up the cocoa.

  12. Oh wow...a winter wonderland, indeed! Postcard perfect photos...especially that Christmas wreath covered in snow! Your tree is just stunning and your room is so warm and inviting. Now, keep your fingers out of that chocolate!

  13. Your snow is so pretty, Pamela. And what a great area you live in, with such beauty just outside your doorstep. Your tree is looking beautiful in spite of all the battles with lights. Enjoy that chocolate (a wee bit at a time). You are so right about the atrocious postal rates. Yikes!

  14. Beautiful scenery! Lucky you, no snow here. I really want a white Christmas.

  15. Oh so beautiful - I'm happy for you - and happy for me that we don't have snow. Been there done that. LOL Your tree is fabulous. Oh, and the bows on your fence are so sweet. Happy week ahead.

  16. Such lovely photos of your snow, untrodden snow is a childs delight, and we all have a child hidden in us. Your tree looks beautiful even though you had to fight with the fairy lights. I swore I wouldn't go through that hassle again this year, as I undressed the tree I threw the sparse string of lights away . which meant I had to buy new set. I haven't put my tree up yet. Maybe if we had a flutter of snow I'd get myself into the Christmas mode. The sun is shining it's 13 deg so I'll go for a walk and gather things for my wreath.

  17. Pam, the photos of the snow are absolutely beautiful. Looks like there might have been a little wind as well from the looks of the field. Snow is lovely when it is untouched.

  18. Truly a winter wonderland!
    Love the sparkle on the snow...
    Still waiting for our first snow fall...
    Christmas creeping in so quickly!
    Have a great week,Pam...
    Linda :o)

  19. This prairie girl is wanting some snow!! Just doesn't seem like the Christmas season to me without it! Nothing prettier than the soft, fluffy , clean landscape you shared with your pictures. So glad you had some time with friends ...what we do without them!! Take care and have a great week!

  20. You got snow! we got your hydro crew over on the Island as so many of us were without power. I think it was from the rain before however the snow was very heavy (and beautiful) as your bows from last year look so nice again this year. I took the plunge last year and said "no more fighting with lights" when in NC for Christmas the 70 to 90% off sales sent us home with a whopping pre-light tree and all the new ornaments I could hang. This is the first year since 1982 that my tree hasn't had popcorn and macaroni and homemade ornaments on it. Love your wreath, wish I had a week to myself!!! although I don't know what I'd do. Time with friends is nice, yup but not sure if you mean eating all the chocolate is a good thing, lol. have a good week

  21. Gorgeous shots! Still waiting on the snow here.

  22. Oh wow - what wonderful shots.

  23. Glorious snow . . . how wonderful for you . . .
    I am missing snow SO MUCH . . .
    We are as green as can be . . . in fact tomorrow I may run the tractor mower one more time to pick up some leaves that have blown our way . . .
    Key words . . . I May!
    So keep sending your beautuful snow, deer track, field and hill photos.
    I love your snow photo artistry . . .

  24. Sunshine and snow. So beautiful!!! And it's looking mighty fine indoors as well!

  25. Such a pretty first snowfall. I love all your photos with everything fresh, white and those clear blue skies are gorgeous! We've been stuck for quite a while now in dreary grey days and no sun. Your tree looks beautiful! What a lovely sight to see when you come into the house.

  26. Everything looks beautiful with the lovely frosting of snow! Your tree is lovely, too. So nice to have some 'girl-time' while hubby was away. Hope his ferry crossing went smoothly. Hugs xo Karen

  27. Pam, you have been playing with your camera again and captured such wonderful moments in time. I love your snowy scenes! Looks like Christmas at your home. I hope you have a wonderful week.


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