Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Friday, January 29, 2016

a little redecorating

It's almost the end of January already.  Where did that month go??  In a couple weeks we'll be celebrating Valentine's Day and I thought it was time to do a little redecorating and put away the frosty snowy theme I've had out since the middle of November.  January has been kind to us weather-wise and the past week has been unseasonably mild so a fresh look was in order for the dining room hutch.  I blog at the dining table and when I look up this is what I see, so, you can see why I enjoy changing up this area often.  I like something pleasing to look at when I look up.  :)    

I added some pops of aqua with the white to give the hutch a fresh look for the season that can carry into spring too.  The aqua teapot was a gift from my husband for Christmas.  It's from David's Tea and has an infuser inside it for loose tea.  It has gotten a lot of use this month.  I love the aqua colour and stars on it which has a vintage look, I think.  The aqua plate is one of 5 that we found in the 'attic'.  It has no markings but looks like Fiesta Ware or Medicine Hat Pottery from Alberta.  

A mix of old and new.


A deer this morning with a hoar frost on the grasses and trees - sure sign of a warm up.


You may have noticed that I've added the email gadget at the top of my sidebar should you wish to follow me that way if you're not on blogger.  I'm not computer savvy so I hope I did it correctly.  I have lost a few followers this week to the new blogger format.  If you join me through the email please let me know.  Thanks!

Thanks for visiting.  Take care and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.



  1. Your new decorating arrangements look lovely and really suit the time of year with the different whites and aqua colours. Glad that the weather isn't causing you any problems at the moment. xx

  2. Hi from austria!
    But you also get one New follower. me.
    Nice greetings

  3. Nice shot of the deer!

    So Blogger did something to drain off followers? That's why I've lost a handful.

  4. I love those splashes of aqua and also the doily. The grasses look so pretty with frost on them.

  5. Hello Pamela, I think we are on the same wavelength today. I haven't started redecorating yet but have been thinking today about how I will change things around. The warmer weather is inspiring me. It has been above zero for the past few days which is a treat for January. I like the addition of Aqua to your pottery display. Keep smiling!

  6. Yeah me to I was wondering what was going on loosing some followers . I am not computer savvy either by no means Papa is though so if I need I will get him to help lol ! Lovely photos . I do like the touch of aqua very pretty ! I cant believe it is the end of January already either . Weather here has been a mix of all sorts . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  7. (I am losing more and more friends every day. It's pretty depressing.)

    Seeing your hutch subtly decorated for Valentine's makes me smile. Such a delicate, lovely shade of aqua. The teapot from Murray is darling! I received a teapot from John as well, but it is more decorative in nature...looks like a wee house.

    My puzzle is finished and packed away. I don't believe that there'll be another this winter.

    Hasn't January been pleasant. Can it continue to February and March? Hope so! Still, I hope that you have been having some winter fun.

  8. I'm thinking of adding a sideboard to my dining area. I like yours. Carol

  9. I've been doing a whole lot of organizing myself! It feels good to change things up a bit and spruce the house up, especially since winter time we spend so much time inside, lol! I love all your beautiful china, and the lovely touches of aqua, so fun! I follow you through my feedly reader, and so no problems with me :) Have a blessed and wonderful day!

  10. You have some really pretty pieces - it looks very nice!

  11. The teapot is sweet, Pamela. Just today in Murchie's I was looking a little teapots like that. Your winter views are lovely, with the frosted grass behind the deer - gorgeous.
    I am going to try to add the email gadget too. Wish me luck!

  12. I just love your beautiful hutch, Pam! I am partial to naturally finished wood. Your lovely aqua teapot and plate add such a soft and pretty touch! The deer in the frost is just so lovely. I always enjoy your amazing photos. The whole Google + thing is a bit disappointing, but what can you do.....Hope your weekend is sweet. Hugs xo Karen

  13. What pretty teapots! And the aqua of (what looks like) Fiestaware is a lovely color. I hope your good weather continues. Here they're talking about anywhere from an inch to several of snow in the next day or two. Have a good weekend. xo. PS I have never gone over to Google+ because although Google is constantly pestering me to do so, I have yet to find anyone, including Google, who will tell me why I should. Is there any benefit? So far all I've noticed is that many Google+ members are nearly impossible to respond to when they comment. Any info on that is appreciated.

  14. It seems to be the sign of the times. Many bloggers are either changing over to wordpress or
    they are changing their format to add ads to their sites. It's all about making $$$$.
    It used to be a girls get together and what's new with you type of blogging bit that has all changed. My motto is do what makes you happy!! I love reading your blog.

  15. Pretty

    This Floridian has to go look up hoar frost now. Off to Websters. ;O)

  16. Ohh, I love an old hutch to decorate! Yours look pretty all in white with just a touch of colour from your new tea pot. Murray has very good taste. I'd love to see a close up of it some day. I can't see those stars very well-maybe I need new glasses! Take care-Kimberly

  17. Very fresh and lovely!
    What new format? Did I miss something?
    Enjoy your weekend...gonna be 8c tomorrow!
    Linda :o)

  18. I like your decorating hints of spring . . .
    I think the light aqua is a LuRay Pastel . . .
    I collected them for years.
    Blue, Aqua, Pink and Yellow . . .
    Happy Days of Love as we move into February twenty sixteen . . .
    How fast the days fly by!

  19. Your new cabinet decor looks fresh and pretty. The aqua touches hint of spring! Did you know that you can follow blogs via sites like Feedly and Bloglovin as well? Those figures would have never shown up on the Blogger site, so you likely have more followers than you think. I follow you via Feedly.

  20. Looks lovely Pam, you have a wonderful eye for color and styling. Happy February..

  21. I would love to rummage through your storage closet. You have so many lovely things and you put them together so artfully!

  22. Lovely home with lovely thing´s...
    Always nice visiting your blog!
    Have a great week now and take care.

  23. A fresh new scene (or altered a bit) can brighten our day. I do like pretty things to look upon!


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