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Monday, January 18, 2016

plodding along through January

Fresh PEI-grown tulips!

Well, we are past the half-way mark in January as it plods along and things are still pretty quiet. I haven't been snow shoeing the past week but I have been getting 'out' in the fresh air as we looked after our grand-dogs on the weekend.  And, I've been shovelling snow from the decks.  ;-)  We had about 2 cm of snow on Saturday from the 'big storm' that was supposed to hit but drifted east and hit Nova Scotia instead.  It is clear sailing for us the rest of this week with no snow in sight - just cold and sunshine.  

A sunrise last week the day after the 38cm. snowstorm.  Love the blue and coral together.

Future firewood.

While at our son's on Sunday we got a fire going in the wood stove to warm the house up for their return from snowmobiling.  

A pretty lane through the old orchard.

The "Wedding Trees" planted nearly 50 years ago by Murray's father and where our daughter and son-in-law were married in 2008.

I caught these three deer on the hill yesterday afternoon.  There are lots of deer tracks in our yard and I noticed yesterday, driving along our road, that every single yard and field had deer tracks through them.  Today I had to stop twice on one road near here to let deer cross.  Murray wondered aloud what time the deer pass through the yard in the night.  I don't always look out if I'm up in the night as it is too cold to roam around the house barefoot in the dark, but it has me curious too.  

What's been happening in your neck of the woods?  Are you snowed under or enjoying balmy temperatures and sunshine?  
Are you glued to Downton Abbey once a week?  I just finished season 4 on Netflix and will have to wait for season 5 then 6 to come out.  

Birds feeding during a snowstorm last week.

I've been bird watching in the backyard all winter.  We have had chickadees, goldfinches, American tree sparrows, blue jays and a red squirrel.  There have been lots of sightings of Snowy Owls along the Northumberland Strait coast recently and I've never ever seen an owl in the wild.  Have you? I did see this one at our son's yesterday.  It is perched on a fence post next to the garden to keep unwanted birds out.    LOL   

I don't think this is a rare owl.  
Do you?

Thanks so much for your visits and comments.  I'm spending less time on here blogging it seems but try to visit here and there when I can.  I hope you all have a beautiful week ahead.  Stay Warm!!



  1. Beautiful winter shots, particularly that sunrise. Since you're feeding the birds, the deer might well be coming by to lick up some of the fallen seed beneath the feeders.

  2. lovely winter scenes. loved the white flag on the deer!

  3. I bet there's another rare owl just like that somewhere. :-) Winter is beautiful, isn't it. And I like it so much better when I'm indoors and have a project. Beautiful sunrise!

  4. Your flowers are so pretty. I've felt a little low and may buy myself some flowers at the grocery store tomorrow. I think that might just be the ticket. It's supposed to be 72 here on Thursday so we are planning a hike that day. Come on down! Maybe we'll see one of those rare owls! heehee! Hugs, Diane

  5. Sort of plodding along through January here too. Reasonable snow for a bit of snowshoeing and xc skiing. I see deer tracks in the morning and figure we must have a small group of them that wander through at night, even though i never see them.

  6. It's been quiet in Blogdom this month with fewer people posting. Wonder what that's all about. There's a subdued mood or something. Yes, we got the storm that headed due east and missed you altogether. It's a good feeling, isn't it? Sometimes we expect a storm and it slips off south of us and I love it! Hope that you are soon off on an adventure over the trails. Dress warm! This is nasty cold that is coming in.

    Your posies will be so pretty. We won't see many here until February.

    Oh, as for the owl. I don't know, but he looks pretty rare to me.

  7. Lovely scenic views today Pamela - the 'wedding trees' are beautiful.
    No deer here but plenty of birds and squirrels hanging out. A light snow, our first, on Sat. but none stuck and there I was hoping to get birds in the snow. Still have Feb. and Mar. to go, they can be pretty awful months even here - like last year!
    Your header pix are lovely - and tulips, beautiful tulips, can't wait to get some later.
    Stay warm and safe.
    Hugs - Mary

  8. The wedding trees are so big! What a nice legacy to plant trees. My January has also been quiet. I am just about getting used to the bright screens of TV and computer again. Up to last week it hurt my eyes to look at either. I have been enjoying long walks as it has been sunny and not too cold. We might get snow again this week, but missed a big snowstorm the mountains got this past weekend. I think the deer are traveling far looking for food--I''ve had frequent ones in my backyard lately.

  9. What beautiful wedding trees! I love that idea, that your FIL planted them, and your son got married under them! So the storm passed you by, eh! I enjoyed the snow pictures that you took of the snow you do have... so pretty.. and I have seen several owls here, but have not had my camera with me... you just never know though when you will see one! One time hubby and I were in the woods, and looked up, and saw a bald eagle in a tree right above us. It was just quietly watching us, so solemn. We stared at it for a minute, and then as I went to gently pull out my camera, it scared him, and he flew off. I was so sad. He was so magnificent! I see you have some PEI tulips... that will certainly brighten your room! Love it!

    Hope you have a blessed, and wonderful week... not too cold of course!

  10. Wow, this is proper winter, Pam. And so beautiful.

  11. You take the most amazing photo's Pamela! I love your header!

  12. Wonderful, soothing images, Pamela, and the tulips look very cheerful.
    The temperatures are definitely not balmy here; fortunately we finally received some snow.
    I have been lucky enough to see different species of owls in the woods near our home. Fascinating creatures, they are. Deer are animals I wouldn't like to see here, but they are becoming more common. At the moment, the worst enemies of our garden are the hares... :)
    Thank you for these beautiful photos and enjoy your week!

  13. Just such lovely photos, you capture the heart of it all.:)

  14. What great winter pictures, we have about 1cm of snow on Sunday, which in the SE of the UK is enough anymore and the country stops!, stay warm and enjoy your weekx

  15. I always love your photos . . .
    Themes and Clarity . . .
    We have an owl like your sons . . .
    Trying to keep the woodpecker from pecking on the cedar on our home . . .
    Happy Snowy Days Pamela!

  16. I enjoyed reading all about what you have been up to Pamela. Love the photos. The tulips are inspiring. So glad you didn't get slammed by snow. I wished we could get a couple inches here. We may have ice tomorrow. I watch Downton Abbey and love the show and hate to see it go this season. Stay warm and steer clear of the deer. Carol

  17. Glad to hear that you didn't get as much snow as was expected. Our northern Alberta winter has been much milder this year and we have very little snow. Spring doesn't seem so far away as a result. Keep warm!

  18. Hi Pam, I'm plodding through January too... we're over halfway now! :) I am not as inspired to get outside when it's cold though. It's mighty chilly this morning. I have to force myself out of the house on days like this.. I've been hibernating!
    I have seen an owl in the wild. Once while walking in Odell Park, one swooped down over us, it was magical. Then he perched high up in a tree and watched us for the longest time. Finally we continued on. I am hooked on Downton Abbey, look forward to it each week.
    Take care and stay warm... Love your tulip bouquet! And your sunrise shot is spectacular!

  19. Lovely photos ! We are plodding along to here , It is quiet and cold and not much snow on the ground here still can see grass . Oh I am on season 6 of Downton Abby they are playing it on PBS Masterpiece Theater , sadly it is the last season ever . http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/masterpiece/programs/series/downton-abbey-s6/ this is their website that you can watch all the seasons on . Thanks for sharing , lovely post and photos , Have a good day !

  20. The wedding trees are very special. We are Downton watchers as well, trying hard not to read spoilers about the last season. We had some snow on Sunday and it is really cold to start the week.I love the bench in your bird watching photo, would love one for our garden.

  21. Your snowy photos are just gorgeous...I love the texture of the wood pile and the colors in that sunrise are phenomenal! No balmy temps here anymore...it has been bone chilling cold and we just may get some snow by the end of this week! I do look forward to my Sunday nights when Downton comes on...I try not to think about this being the last season :(

  22. Beautiful snippets of your life! We have some owls right next to a beach near here. Apparently if there are voles they like hunting them

  23. Nice photos...love the deer shot.
    We are enjoying a good winter here as well.
    I love Downton Abbey and wouldn't want to miss it...too bad it is the last season.

    Take care,

  24. Beautiful subjects for us today, Pam! Hoping we get that Nor'easter this weekend!...:)JP

  25. Gorgeous sky! I love the firewood and deer photos!

  26. It all looks lovely and cool we are have a scorcher in Sydney, Australia today.

  27. Your snowy scenes are lovely. And thank goodness for tulips! I saw a huge bird take off last winter from our deck rail - I think it was an owl but can't be sure. We've had over 2' of snow here in the mountains of CO in 4 days - good for skiing.

  28. Hi Pam, I love the sky shot, the snow scenes and the firewood reminds me of when we had a wood stove. I miss having one this time of year! We have snow, our first significant snow fall this year of more than an inch. The tulips look so pretty and spring-like, I can't wait to see them growing! Take care and stay warm!

  29. Such beautiful snowy scenes, Pam! Love the deer on the ridge. Your tulips are so pretty and such a lovely way to bring a little cheer to a cold winter day. We have not had any snow in a while, except in the mountains. We have lots of owls here, but it is always a thrill to see one. Hope you have a lovely week. xo Karen

  30. Lovely to see those Tulips!
    We are not as snowy as you....but definitely cold!
    Love Downton Abbey...you can also watch Doc Martin on Netflix...you might enjoy that one!
    Enjoy your day Pam...
    Linda :o)

  31. Oh my gosh Pamela...this was just lovely! Your photos are just prize winning. Reminds me so much of our winters in Maine. Stay warm and be careful in all that snow....SO COLD!!!!

  32. We have very little snow, but very, very cold temps! (Upper NE of US) And a possible big storm coming, this weekend. Snow has to come eventually, but.... -sigh-

    I'm not a winter person. :-) I try to be content, in whatever season, I am in at present. But with winter, I just want to watch it, from the snugness of inside.

    You who go out, have many more photo ops of course!!!! And you take wonderful advantage of that. The B&W future fire wood, is beautiful.

    Gentle hugs...

  33. We had the one solitary snowstorm 'event' and so far, that's been it. I really would welcome another foot or more, skiing is good but icy at the moment and with the cold snap what we do have on the ground is hard as a rock. No deer tracks here at all, but lots of coyote and fox. I so enjoy your photography, always peaceful and gorgeously framed. The tulips are lovely, too.

  34. Good Morning, Pam. We are cold here today but no more snow since Christmas Eve. Rain is expected later on this week. I can't believe it won't snow. It certainly feels cold enough. Your pictures are stunning. You really do live in a beautiful area. Those tulips will bring a bit of spring into your world..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  35. I especially like that photo of the firewood. It sounds like you are having a quiet, restful January..Maybe that's good. Yes we are enjoying DA and it seems especially good, probably because its the last season.

  36. January is a rather plodding month. Your photos of snow and the bare landscape are beautiful, but cold looking. A wood stove is such a warming thing - your son must enjoy it a lot. Tulips are a way to brighten things up!

  37. Stay warm Pam I see you are once again in for a big snow storm You easterners sure are a tough bunch:) It is so pretty there though I can see why you love it so much. Almost Feb so not too much longer to plod through:) HUGS B

  38. Thank you Pam for sharing your "snow photos" with us today.
    A beautiful sunrise heralding a clear cold but sunny day.
    The deer on the top of the hill searching for food and the wood stacked close by to add to the fire to keep you warm and cozy.
    It must be Winter!!!!
    You'll probably think I'm mad but I would love to live in the south of our country where it actually snows in Winter! Such landscapes are inspiration for a keen photographer like me!
    We never will as my husband loathes the cold - I'll just have to be content with seeing yours Pam!

    Warm hugs
    Shane x

  39. Actually we are being "rained over" today with a pineapple express coming our way. Warm and wet. : )

  40. I've been plodding along myself Pam, blogging has been taking a back seat to reading and an on-line photography course. Lots of snow here but we leave in a week for Florida, hope it's warmer this year.

  41. What a beautiful place you live in, Pamela. I love the shot of the future firewood and the one of the very rare owl!
    Over here I am slogging through the rain in the Fraser Valley. Tomorrow I go home to slog through the rain on the island. Rain all winter long! The early blossoms are starting to make a showing though, and that makes up for it!

  42. snowshoeing sounds like fun. love your sunrise colors and I really like the textures of your woodpile images.

  43. Hi Pamela,

    Nice to get back to visiting some blogs once again. And also nice to see your great winter shots. We've been enjoying southern warmth and sunshine for the past 6 winters now (although we do get a 3-week 'fix' of winter around Christmas time). The deer seem to know we're not around and when the snow piles up they do a great pruning job on my rose bushes and the buds on my chestnut tree.

    I hope you escape the latest 'storm of the century' that's rumoured to be bearing down on the northeast. Stay warm and dry !


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